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Blue-cheese-dressing t1_j9wuu19 wrote

He’s done so many things in his career, but every time I think of him in a TV role it’s: “Chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot pie!”


MItrwaway t1_j9xwoql wrote

For me it's always, "OH MY GOD! WE'RE HAVING A FIRE... sale"


bob1689321 t1_ja3x5ad wrote

That's the first thing I ever saw from Arrested Development in a fuckin gif on Tumblr. Even in shitty gif form it was still entertaining.


DessertStorm1 t1_j9x2z5j wrote

Donnie thinks it's a VACUUM.


mdeezel t1_j9xnv9z wrote


This is one of those random quotes I still say every now then, to absolutely no recognition.


horseren0ir t1_j9xf6u6 wrote

I loved that episode, that was the first time I noticed David Cross, I was so excited to see him in arrested development after that


matt4542 t1_j9ydsmb wrote

We shant be telling your mother about this shant we?


TootyFroots t1_j9zhhu4 wrote

This for me too. This scene is the biggest laugh I have ever had watching TV.


unlikedemon t1_j9ybnkp wrote

I always think of his banter with the caretaker in Scary Movie 2

"How about I give you a hand?"


FizzgigsRevenge t1_j9yloim wrote

Ronnie Dobbs. He'll forever be that redneck from Doraville, GA running from the cops.


hb1290 t1_j9yc2ja wrote

As young as it makes me sound, he will always be “That guy from the chipmunks movies” to me.


Ninja-Ginge t1_j9yfl3p wrote

Oh my god, thank you. As an older Gen Z, that's all I know him from.


Procrastanaseum t1_j9y5kt0 wrote

I finally got to see the entire last season that didn't even have every episode make it to air and there's a 3rd Donnie appearance in the last season that I'd never seen before. Such a great character, probably wouldn't fly today.


MJDooiney t1_j9zuady wrote

For me it’s, “I know you’re the big marriage expert… oh, I’m sorry, I forgot! Your wife is dead.”


StarWaas t1_j9yrqez wrote

"See that guy? He's got a FIVE INCH taint."


HoldThePao t1_j9yqdrd wrote

Dude I say that every single time I have chicken pot pie and me and my dad are the only ones who get it.


dubbleplusgood t1_j9yjgfb wrote

I know of him but so far only seen him in The Last of Us. What's the show those quotes are from?

E:oops, was thinking of Offerman, not Cross. Derp.


OffBeatAssassin t1_j9yq2sl wrote

Wrong actor. Nick offerman was in the last of us. David cross is on the far right.


dubbleplusgood t1_ja0f2db wrote

Yeah, my mistake. I was still stuck on another comment about Offerman who is also cast alongside Cross.

Sure be nice if someone blurted out the name of the show lol.


Thor_pool t1_ja0m6ra wrote

For a second I thought you meant he'd went the same way as James Woods


JohnnyDarkside t1_j9yo13w wrote

Ha, ditto. I've seen (and heard) I'm in so many things but that's what always pops into my head. It's just such a silly line and role.


BandsOfCyttorak t1_j9yskv0 wrote

No Vacuum!!!! Wow just shoot me episode I thought I only saw/remember.


arsehole2mods t1_j9yttmk wrote

I dont know why but it's the scene in small soldiers where he shouts out his password lmfao.


tripdaisies t1_ja0c3o9 wrote

Classic “Just Shoot Me” episode, loved that one as well. He played such a great grifter/brother to Enrico Colantoni!


J_A_R_U t1_ja0e8xq wrote

For me it's him as Zero from GTA San Andreas and his lines from those 3 missions that you have to do for him against Berkley.