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Captain_-H t1_j9ie6oc wrote

Not dead yet is cute and I like it, but the gimmick it’s based on I worry means it will fizzle. Abbott is incredible and has some staying power


Sisiwakanamaru OP t1_j9igtuv wrote

Yeah, I didn't expect to like as much as I expected.

I am so glad Hannah Simone is back on TV since she had pilots that didn't get pick up in recent years.


AsanoSokato t1_j9j6l6t wrote

Hoping it doesn't go the will they/won't they romance plot it has hinted at, which will definitely make it fizzle.


reeeallycoolusername t1_j9irwa5 wrote

Really enjoying this one, I've always been fond of the Pushing Daisies/Ghosts genre sitcom


Calm_Memories t1_j9igoex wrote

I really like it. Bummed that Martin Mull wasn't reoccurring as I assumed based on the promos. Curious to see how it progresses.


JohnnySkynets t1_j9l7rlr wrote

I think he might come back. Possibly as an angel. I think that’s why the wife is a regular.


Jerrymoviefan3 t1_j9mstir wrote

How did anyone make it through the truly dreadful first episode?


Janius t1_j9k253s wrote

We are really enjoying it so far. They're doing a good job of fleshing out the supporting cast so far and typically sitcoms shine through the ensemble.


bros402 t1_j9k2b2h wrote

Not Dead Yet is cute - totally carried by Rodriguez and Simone, but it is cute. I am shocked I like it as much as I do, especially after that autism joke in the first episode.

I am hoping we get a recurring ghost at some point.


1Land_1Keep t1_j9kf7c9 wrote

Are autistic people not allowed to joke about/make light of their autism now?

It was akin to Michael J Fox shaking Larry's soda on Curb.


bros402 t1_j9kgqsl wrote

If it was him, sure - but it was Gina Rodriguez making it.


1Land_1Keep t1_j9kivyg wrote

I guess I don't remember the joke then. I only remember the bit where he was kinda fucking with her so I thought you were just another "well meaning" person infantilizing us.


bros402 t1_j9knvdh wrote

She said "What are you, autistic or something?"

Don't worry, not infantilizing - i'm autistic too.


1Land_1Keep t1_j9ko5nq wrote

That... wasn't the joke. I mean, it was part of it, I suppose, but it wasn't the punchline. It was the setup to his line. Him saying yes is the punchline, which puts her in her place for saying the offensive thing.


AnchorofHope t1_j9r3tw7 wrote

The three main cast are all from shows I already love. But I don't see how the gimmick can last long term. I wish it was just about them being friends and journalists and I wonder if it could work better long term. But I'll stick with it.


SnooDingos316 t1_j9k4y9g wrote

I am glad. I was thinking it might get cancelled.


Lost_Hunter3601 t1_j9isfn4 wrote

It’s crappier than cbs ghosts imo. I wish there was at least an episode exploring why she’s the only one that can see them. It’s weird she just accepts this is her life now without any inquiries.


BroadInfluence4013 t1_j9jxsn1 wrote

Oh, it’s worse than that good show? That’s really informative there, bud!