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WeDriftEternal t1_j8zj6j9 wrote

Current Market Cap: $6.5B

So its a 38% premium. Thats on the extreme edge of valuation for taking it private. I suspect it may go for a nice premium but that seems a little much to ask, especially with the recent stock increase and a buyout already being factored in.


903tyler t1_j91e4f9 wrote

Until a Saudi buys it for bragging rights


lord_pizzabird t1_j933057 wrote

They don't buy anything for bragging rights. This is all about diversifying the kingdom's revenue, so that in 100 years they aren't left broke.

They're basically acquiring anything that has longterm value.


PZinger6 t1_j91frk8 wrote

Manchester United Market Cap: $4.3B with $1B of debt

Multiple offers of $6B+

Rare assets are going for a premium these days


SFHalfling t1_j91nixr wrote

Yeah but Manchester United is a world wide known brand in the highest level of the world's most popular sport and it's a great purchase for sports washing a company/country.

WWE is just not on the same level.


NaRaGaMo t1_j91rbaw wrote

And you are saying WWE isn't known worldwide? WWE still manages like 2-3mill viewers despite running year around unlike other sports and that's just US who knows what are its international numbers.


SFHalfling t1_j91sy62 wrote


LlewelynMoss1 t1_j95xthq wrote

Your really sourcing the daily mail lol

You're right in some senses though. I'd take a soccer team for longevity over WWE. The WWE has a lot of merchandising, tv deals, theyve diversified their assets, and generally are a well run company. It's a bit more complex it how it can grow compared to a soccer team, which will always retain value. The WWE could grow more valuable if you continue to run it well, or go to shit if it's poorly run and be worth much less. Most soccer teams, especially like Manchester United, is only to go up in value. But I think the expansion past a team is a lot rarer than what the WWE grew into.


dpjg t1_j91u48h wrote

And wrestling fans aren't exactly advertisers most sought after targets. The poor and the stupid, mostly.


East_Pianist9042 t1_j9275or wrote

I've met plenty of poor and down right stupid pitch fans. More so than the redneck demographics that watch wrasslin. Just because it's popular doesn't mean the fans aren't just as stupid or more so.


dpjg t1_j927w09 wrote

In England EPL fans tend to encompass the demographic as a whole, but EPL fans in USA, CA, Japan, SK, etc skew middle class or higher. It's a very valuable world-wide product, and WWE isn't close to it.


East_Pianist9042 t1_j92d82m wrote

So is wrasslin, just not to you, just like I haven't watched a futbol match since the US women's team started protesting after losing to a team of teenagers. Same with baseball. Sports in general are beginning to experience a plateau with more and more becoming a social protest venue. It's really sad but sports is just a soap opera now that is mostly scripted.


Hawklet98 t1_j92qe5m wrote

I honestly can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic and writing stuff a typical American MAGA idiot might believe or if you’re just being yourself. If it’s the former that’s a spot on impression. And if it’s the latter you’re inadvertently supporting dpjg’s argument.


East_Pianist9042 t1_j945g54 wrote

Nah just when sports are scripted because why not be greedy and make terrible calls that change the entire game and create profit for people. It's why more and more players are getting caught betting. Futbol is the worst offender. Now throw in protesting to the corruption and it's a no brainer to tune out and go cheer on the kids and collegiate level. I'm just not dumb enough to keep supporting it like y'all dumbasses. Trillions of dollars wasted on all the major sport organizations scamming you for their million dollar salaries. Support your local sports not the trash organizations like all of fifa.


SFHalfling t1_j91ufc0 wrote

I wouldn't go that far, even if the one I replied to thinks 3,000,000 is a bigger number than 3,000,000,000.

They are apparently all very upset that the average person doesn't give a fuck about wrestling though.


[deleted] t1_j929n5n wrote



chainmailbill t1_j92qeyf wrote

The WWE is much better known than Manchester in the world’s largest economy, which probably counts for something


DM_ME_UR_AREOLAS t1_j92asjw wrote

Oof, dude, no. You just angered the yankees thinking their sports actually compare to something like football.


chainmailbill t1_j92qo68 wrote

Nah the “sport” of wrestling is a joke, but it’s far more popular (and therefore profitable) than association football in the US, which is the world’s largest economy.


LlewelynMoss1 t1_j95xrls wrote

Nfl football is more watched, a better sport overall, more entertaining, and more valuable. The nfl is more valuable than all the big soccer leagues combined, and for good reason.


DM_ME_UR_AREOLAS t1_j95yc04 wrote

Nobody cares about american football outside of the US. It brings money because it's the pride of your country and it's the biggest economy in the world. NOBODY cares about it outside the US, nobody plays it outside of some minor amateur groups here and there. The European league failed because nobody cares about it.

You saying it's more entertaining or "a better sport overall" just shows you're just stubborn and subjective as fuck. Better how? For the brain damage? Entertaining how? With the 50 pauses per minute after every single play?

Nah dude lol.


LlewelynMoss1 t1_j960civ wrote

I know it's hard to accept "the greatest game" isn't really the greatest game. But soccer currently has many flaws in the way it is run that devalues its entertainment value for most people. Soccer/football is easier to understand since it's such a basic game compared to the NFL it just feels a bit shallow watching something with such little strategy.

Since it's a big thing for your brain to accept, I included ample evidence below.

Soccer is actually losing popularity while the NFL is growing. It's not in a healthy spot due to super teams, lack of entertainment in most games, poor or lacking post seasons, and a lack of parity. It's in a hard position and I'm not sure (nor are a lot of people), how it gets out of it in Europe. As it declines there be ready for a down period where the NFL will likely expand and take more of the Market in a Europe.

On Soccers issues:

> "Football is facing problems which won't resolve on their own," he said.

> European football is losing its undisputed leadership in global sports. European club football is not living up to its potential by not offering week after week the best sport on a global stage

Or how football/soccer is struggling in Australia

Why NFL is more entertaining:

Nfl has much more parity than soccer/football ever could. Parity makes each game more exciting. Any team can get better within a couple of years. Seeing so much variety in success marks a healthy league. The domination you see in soccer/football makes the leagues feel stagnant and predictable.

The short season of the nfl also adds to the entertainment value of each game as every game matters. Every moment of every game is hung onto.

Not the mention that the game of American football is much more varied and difficult than soccer is. There is so little strategy in soccer compared to American football. In between each snap in American football is a game of chess that is then played out by incredible athletes.

In America football you can have a big play with a fumble, interception, long pass, td, sack etc. this variation within the game compared to soccer makes each more more entertaining per minute played. I think this is common sense compared to the simple game of soccer

In the NFL some rich person can't just spend billions to buy stars. The cap in the NFL prevents making a team overpowered though money. You see some real issues with parity and interest with the lack of competition between lower football/soccer teams compared to the NFL.

You really like seeing people win by points in a season instead of a post season? Soccer leagues that do that, and lack a post season in general are just weak. Not a huge fan of consistent draws.

The NFL is the most valuable league in the world, with the NFL being worth more than all of the major soccer leagues combined. I know this is somewhat irrelevant to the watcher, but the amount of money into makes the production value high quality and consistently evolving.

Evidence you are very wrong about people not caring outside of the US

Nfl is extremely dominant in America. I don't have to go into those numbers. however, below is some hard data of how the NFL continues to grow in world markets. It is popular in Mexico and has been for a long time. Europe has been hosting games that sell out in 24 hours since 2007. Because of the popularity they added game's internationally, recently in Germany which has a fast growing NFL fandom. I expect that to continue and rival football due to the above issues. If you don't believe me I included a lot of hard data showing the NFLs growth. If it is this popular in America, imagine how popular it will continue to grow. Meanwhile soccer has peaked with its saturation and the generally low quality of play across leagues makes the lesser teams have interest drawing people.

> Up until some years ago, London was the biggest ‘hub’ of NFL fans in Europe. Lately, Germany has long surpassed Britain and has eventually become the largest market in the region. A recent study showed that both countries have nearly 3.3 million avid fans and as much as 17 million casual fans. Amongst those fans, a very large percentage is actively showing interest by consuming branded products, purchasing subscriptions to TV broadcasts, placing wagers on their favorite teams and so on.

> As mentioned earlier, general sale tickets for the NFL London Games sell out immediately. Hospitality is the best way to secure your seats when this happens, as well as being a good treat to give you an absolutely unforgettable day!

> 69,811 fans attended the sold-out game live in the Allianz Arena, home to Bundesliga side FC Bayern Munich

> The game was NFL Network's most-watched international game on record in the United States with more than 5.8 million viewers (does not count OTA viewing in Tampa and Seattle)

> German broadcaster ProSieben saw a record-breaking 2.7 million viewers watch the game, making it the most-watched NFL regular season or playoff game ever in Germany -- only trailing the last three Super Bowls as the most-watched NFL game of all-time

> DAZN Germany confirmed the game was the most viewed single NFL broadcast, after Super Bowl, on their streaming platform

> Fanatics, the NFL's exclusive event retail operator for Europe, has confirmed that game day merchandise sales at the Allianz Arena were the highest-ever recorded for an NFL game outside of the US

> NFL Germany's social media channels during the Munich game week saw 20 million video views (up 360% vs. an average week), 3.4 million fan interactions (up 717% vs. an average week) and 30,000 new followers across channels (up 526% vs. an average week)

> The NFL's International Home Marketing Area program saw all four clubs with rights in Germany activate in Munich throughout game weekend, with the Carolina Panthers, Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers each hosting their own "Brauhaus" (bar) in Munich for fans, along with other fan activities

> The NFL partnered with 21 "Brauhäuser" (bars) within the Munich city center, hosting tens of thousands of fans at these team and NFL-themed experiences

> Thousands of fans visited the NFL's takeover of the city's Odeonsplatz, a free fan activation open from Thursday, Nov. 10 until Saturday, Nov. 12, complete with an NFL Shop and 32 giant NFL helmets on display


DM_ME_UR_AREOLAS t1_j962q2t wrote

I ain't reading all that lmao, good luck tho!


LlewelynMoss1 t1_j962x7j wrote

It's okay. It's the truth whether you read it or not. I get it's hard to accept being wrong especially when you believed something to be absolutely true and then find out it's so off the mark

It is funny though that you said i was subjective and stubborn and then refuse to read objective evidence disputing your point.


Razzler1973 t1_j99bb12 wrote

> Soccer/football is easier to understand since it's such a basic game compared to the NFL it just feels a bit shallow watching something with such little strategy.

Hahaha, what stupidity


LlewelynMoss1 t1_j99broj wrote

> The game of soccer is simple, this is true, but this is not to say that playing soccer is easy. Johan Cruyff once said something that I have always found very interesting: "Playing football is very simple, but playing simple football is the hardest thing there is.” It’s true, soccer is also a game of skillful art, and only few get to master it.


Razzler1973 t1_j99cjyy wrote

You don't need to link 10 articles about football, mate. I have watched it my entire life

To say there's no strategy is idiotic and shows someone with zero understanding of the game


LlewelynMoss1 t1_j99e5nm wrote

There is less strategy than NFL/American football. I was leading into how NFL's variety and complexity lead to it being a more compelling and entertaining sport moment by moment compared to football/soccer.

There is a lot of strategy in football, but by comparison to American football it is a lot more simple.


Cappy2020 t1_j91r63k wrote

Are you kidding? WWE has similar, if not greater, reach and popularity in the world versus Man Utd. And this coming from a Brit who has supported the club ever since I was a kid.


SFHalfling t1_j91ti8b wrote

3.2Billion people watched at least some of the premier league in 2019/2020.

Of those the vast majority are going to know a team that has been in the top 5 for 26 of the 30 years its been running and won it 13 times.


Cappy2020 t1_j91yc3x wrote

It’s a massive and illogical leap to go from 3.2bn people watched at least some of the Premier League (so certainly not even a whole game and no guarantee it was a Man Utd game at that), and then deduce from that the majority of those people know about Man Utd, let alone support it financially (through ticket or merchandise purchases etc), which is what accrues such big value to these brands.

Moreover, albeit according to WWE themselves, their programming reaches over 1.2bn people a year worldwide.

> According to WWE's own statistics, its programming reaches over 1.2 billion homes globally in over 28 languages.


Rulebreaker15 t1_j91k6ba wrote

So Elon Musk will make an offer, he can’t resist overpaying for companies.


WR810 t1_j9419tj wrote

Generally corporate buyouts run a 30% premium. It's certainly high but not as unreasonable as some are saying. It's a basic sales technique to start the conversation high as an anchoring device and let the counterparty talk you down to something more reasonable.


R0LL0T0MAS1 t1_j8zjqcj wrote

I think that’s 2 b more than what Lucas sold Star Wars for


merelyadoptedthedark t1_j8znte8 wrote

I think Disney bought Lucasfilm for $4b.

Which also included Indiana Jones.


Couldnotbehelpd t1_j90hb4q wrote

To be fair, I think they got an extreme deal on Star Wars. They made back the money in merch before the first movie was out, or something insane like that.


HunterXxX360 t1_j90m77n wrote

Yeah it was a steal! But I think the state of Star Wars back then was a burden for Lucas, who knew something bigger than Clone Wars had to be done in the next decade and he just wasn’t able to endure another trilogy (and seeing how difficult it seems to „just“ make a good trilogy and the hate that follows a bod one, I can see what his difficulties were). And he didn’t need to share with anyone, how many billions does one guy need in the latter half of his life?


Particular_Sun8377 t1_j944aq1 wrote

He was getting old and I don't think any of his kids were interested in running his company.


deathmouse t1_j90j251 wrote

In cash and stock. Lucas has made over $10 billion from the deal.


no_name_left_to_give t1_j91pn5n wrote

Yeah, I think he's Disney's second largest shareholder after Steve Jobs' widow.


Worthyness t1_j93cup5 wrote

I believe Steve's widow cashed put. Unfortunately I think Murdoch is now up there due to the fox sale


bronxct1 t1_j94b3ts wrote

Murdoch doesn’t have a large Disney holding. Outside of the institutions which now have the biggest positions in Disney, the largest individual shareholders are now Iger, the CFO and board members.


plaidtattoos t1_j91k2h4 wrote

And the company that made Candy Crush was bought for just under $6 billion, so I've definitely accepted the fact that I don't know how any of this works.


smokeyjay t1_j9216ni wrote

The game pulled in 1-1.2 billion annual revenues. 6 billion is super reasonable considering the game likely has high margins.


Khend81 t1_j92tzbm wrote

I don’t think anybody is questioning that it has made that much, as much as they are trying to question how the hell something so simple and useless can be worth so much money


smokeyjay t1_j92uh8n wrote

Because an investment is judged by how quickly someone can get a return on their investment. Candy crush made 1.2 billion this year alone and is still growing. It turned out to be a great investment as they investment has paid back well over 6 billion.

I could sell a literal piece of shit but if ppl are willing to pay $100 for it, then thats how much its worth.


Khend81 t1_j92urnh wrote

Nah I get it, I just can’t put myself in the minds of the people who contributed in 2022 to making candy crush 1.2 billion dollars.

It lost my interest after about a day or two over a decade ago. It’s wild that people are still shelling this ridiculous amount of cash out to a game that is basically identical to a multitude of free alternatives


AmberDuke05 t1_j91vbdn wrote

People must understand this every time. Lucas didn’t get $4 billion in cash, he got $4 billion in Disney Stock. It only has gone up in value but also gave him stake at Disney.


likwitsnake t1_j91uca6 wrote

That was 11 years ago, it would go for much more if it were to happen today.


merelyadoptedthedark t1_j923pmk wrote

If Disney didn't buy it back then and pump loads of marketing into the brand and create new content, why would it be worth more now, aside from inflationary reasons, that is.


Jasperbeardly11 t1_j92fpar wrote

Well that was 11 years ago so it would probably have another movie or two which would probably increase its value. It probably would actually be going for about 9 billion today and I say that haven't done no actual math and not standing behind my evaluation


cmlucas1865 t1_j921p2v wrote

Yeah but all of that sale is assets & IPs.

WWE is assets, IPs, live broadcast, ticketing & a fan culture that still engages in pay-per-view.

Honestly, for the right leader with the right strategy, WWE is a Lucasfilm level asset with millions in ticket sales in any given week, with millions in residuals. From a pure revenue/cash flow perspective, WWE is one helluva business. It has an almost guaranteed weekly, monthly & annual cash flow regardless of whether or not the current storylines stick. Much easier for WWE to recover quickly from a Solo- or ROS-situation with no brand damage than for Star Wars to be exiled to TV with no box office revenue for 5 years while they figure out what to do with it.


merelyadoptedthedark t1_j923fpb wrote

>that still engages in pay-per-view.

WWE hasn't done proper PPVs in ages. That strategy went away with the WWE Network, and they are no longer even called pay-per-views, they are now officially called premium live events.

Buying Lucasfilm also included Industrial Light and Magic and Skywalker Sound, so there were still tangible money generating assets included completely outside of the Star Wars brand.


ElectricJunglePig t1_j920gfq wrote

Disney bought both Star Wars and Marvel combined for roughly this… Unless WWE has the patent on some cancer drug, this is a wild overvaluation.


rougepenguin t1_j93da6t wrote

This might not sound like a huge deal, but one of the big consistent things Vince McMahon has done over the years is buying up the tape libraries of just about any rival or defunct wrestling promotion you can imagine. At least US ones. So you aren't just getting the rights to WWE's massive well of their own content, it's basically buying the rights to decades of wrestling history to boot.

That plus the fact they have a lot of investment in things like their own film production arm, stuff like that...even if Star Wars is more popular than WWE today that doesn't always translate to being worth more as a whole bundle.


ElectricJunglePig t1_j9c1x67 wrote

That's really interesting 🤔 Ah, but I was only talking about a return on investment.


user_736 t1_j91qhjq wrote

$9 billion is Vince's asking price but if you beat him in a steel cage match he will be forced to accept a lower offer.


SoMantAltsLol t1_j8zgo8h wrote

i got $5 on it


Gh0stMan0nThird t1_j8zyird wrote

Grab your 40, let's get keyed


MoonSpawn12 t1_j90vde7 wrote

Was that a Jordan Peele’s “US” reference?!?


mapletree23 t1_j90vap2 wrote

there was a time where i believe there could've been a future where that might've been possible

wrestling was ABSURDLY big in the attitude area, like people in different countries and friends would talk about shit, it was starting to get eveyrwhere on a crazy level

i don't know if the pg13 era or whatever fucked it up or just the writers got bad but i feel like a lot of people who knew wrestling back then can probably attest it was insanely popular


AnkurTri27 t1_j91rli5 wrote

I think that at that time there was a mystery around the wrestlers and we almost never saw them out of character, as it was the era of no Internet, so all those wrestlers felt larger than life, something out of a comic book. And many kids actually believed thst Undertaker was resurrected and feared him. Such was the mystery engulfing those wrestlers. Then came social media, and wrestlers started being accessable 24*7 instead of weekly nights, they showed their human side and things kind of dwindled down.


RunALittleWild t1_j9e6hji wrote

aren't you off by 5-10 years for the attitude era? one still believed it was real during that spot...I think?


GarlVinland4Astrea t1_j92kivk wrote

It’s actually worth dramatically more now than it was in the Attitude Era. WWE has a global reach now that it didn’t have back then and has diversified a lot. Metrics like ratings are down, but WWE as a company is much stronger


rougepenguin t1_j93dve8 wrote

People vastly underestimate how much WWE's popularity has reached out worldwide.

It's bordering on transcending being a banner American wrestling show. Getting into territory like say, Cirque du Soliei or something. It doesn't matter that much anymore if it's a niche thing back home, they can go just about anywhere in the world and draw humongous crowds just because it's an attraction in and of itself.


Lil_Mcgee t1_j95ijy2 wrote

People on this site have a tendency to assume something is no longer popular just because they're not in the target demographic anymore.

Like obviously you heard more buzz about wrestling in the 90s, you were probably a kid and so were all your friends.


bronxct1 t1_j94cdbx wrote

WWE’s market cap is 6.5 billion right now. The company is worth more than 10x what it was during the attitude era. Their reach is massive now. 9 billion is a little high but I’d bet 8.5 is around the price that makes sense given a normal buyout premium.


Dennyisthepisslord t1_j903yl0 wrote

Although it's not a sport it has a lot of similarities. This would be double the price of the biggest sale of any sporting side. Crazy money.


quettil t1_j9072dq wrote

But you're not buying a team, you're buying an entire sport.


Dennyisthepisslord t1_j9081hj wrote

Your buying the strongest brand in a "sport" but you can't buy the concept of wrestling. I guess it's like buying a league in a sport rather than a side or entire sport. Either way it's a lot.


osmlol t1_j909uqh wrote

The entire history of the sport comes with the sale. WWE own pretty much all previous wrestling entities video libraries. Vince bought uo everyone over the year. It's basically everything other then AEW.


quettil t1_j9088qp wrote

It's dominant enough that it may as well be the entire sport, like UFC.


starsandbribes t1_j90hixz wrote

Theres another pro-wrestling company that has a primetime slot on cable during the week. Pro-wrestling in general does surprisingly well for such a niche product.


quettil t1_j90hr60 wrote

Most people have only heard of WWE.


dingo596 t1_j90qlv9 wrote

Not if you watch it. I'd be amazed if anyone that currently watches wrestling even at the most casual level that doesn't know about AEW. Even in my rual UK town I can find AEW merch right next to the WWE stuff.


TorsoPanties t1_j90ywjh wrote



dingo596 t1_j90zhl1 wrote

Not a link to the site but.

It's an old post but I did see them this year as well.


VroomDream12 t1_j910l7l wrote

Something being in home bargains is practically confirmation that no one cares about it.


dingo596 t1_j914cwc wrote

Well they sell WWE stuff right along side.


erv4 t1_j91frsc wrote

No one cares about the WWE anymore


erv4 t1_j91foye wrote

I grew up in the 90s/2000s watching a ton of wrestling, still see random clips of it now and I have no idea what AEW is. Is that the league Pat Mcafee fought in for the memes? Pretty sure that was still the WWE though.


Monster-Zero t1_j927wjp wrote

McMahon is looking to take that money to pivot back into the XFL, but this time it'll be an all-steroid league


The_River_Is_Still t1_j915vpa wrote

I come from the era of The Ultimate Warrior. Haven't watched it since.

Isn't there a wrestling brand where they actually do insane flips and acrobatic style moves much more often?


YeaSpiderman t1_j91a2uo wrote

Lucha libre style my man. New Japan does a lot of that style. Or transport yourself back to late 90s wcw cruiserwelt matches. Those were the days. The hurricanrana is one of my favorite moves. So graceful.


The_River_Is_Still t1_j91krlj wrote

>Lucha libre style

Man, I'm so out of the loop with this. Decades my dude, lol.

If you were going to show someone new to a great intro video of this style/new japan (i think thats the brand? lol), toss me the link you would use.

Even though I don't watch modern wrestling, i fully get how athletic those guys are. I remember seeing a match a long time ago and I was like, Holy shit wrestling has gone to the next damn level apparently. It was not WWE (almost typed WWF, thats how long ago it is for me.....) type stuff. But i never looked into it much, so I have no idea. If you could give me a good starting window video, i'd appreciate it. I think it might awake the nostalgia in me.


BurroCrata t1_j8ztl4t wrote

Qatar/SA will buy


Josiesumday t1_j9072wc wrote

With Comcast not being interested and Disney looking to offload ESPN, might be SA wether people like it nor not. At this point rooting for Endeavor they bought UFC and kept Dana White if they buy WWE they’ll more then likely not meddle and keep team there.


Shrekt115 t1_j90908p wrote

Curious who would be willing to buy it, I assume Comcast or Saudi


KarimErik t1_j909zth wrote

Saudi definitely they are buying the sports industry


Wolventec t1_j91rsr3 wrote

And video game they have decided to spend 37.8 billion this year on buying video game companies


frostbitten42 t1_j90h1bv wrote

Would you accept one Twitter for it? Asking for a fiend.


Sks44 t1_j90ihjp wrote

Saudis will pay it.


NerdyGerdy t1_j9253q1 wrote

Saudi's carry almost 9 billion in their pockets.


BigDaddyCoolDeisel t1_j917vg9 wrote

Anyone else think 'WWE' sucks as a company name/initials? It's so weak. I know they lost the rights to WWF and it's been 20 years lol.


Aliki26 t1_j93nyzk wrote

Iron Sheik is about to be your new WWE Champ


jerflash t1_j911rws wrote

I think he will get it


Memphisrexjr t1_j91wmq8 wrote

I'll be nice and round up to 10 billion.


WR810 t1_j9377db wrote

Not saying McMahon will get it but a ~30% premium is about right for buyouts.


WileyQuixote42 t1_j90yjbh wrote

You can wish in one hand, and crap in the other, and see which one gets filled first.


ButtforCaliphate t1_j9173qm wrote

Even trade with Dan Snyder for the Washington Commanders.


Tommah t1_j941all wrote

Hey, don't compare a complete joke of a sports franchise with WWE.


RedSonja_ t1_j91pm25 wrote

tree fiddy is best I can do


flower4000 t1_j92n0bo wrote

This is a better investment than what Elon spent to kill twitter


I_Said_I_Say t1_j937qn6 wrote

No chance… no chance in hell.


Lt_Jonson t1_j93a4vh wrote

I have a feeling he overvalued it so only the Saudis are realistically interested. They’d want to keep him on, too. Saudis would think $9b is a bargain.


CLEHts216 t1_j93enio wrote

Is this the guy that makes all the performers be independent contractors so they don’t get health care?


WilliamEmmerson t1_j93k3ec wrote

I don't think anyone is going to buy for that price, except for maybe the Saudi's.

$6B-$7B seems more realistic.


Stache- t1_j949bkv wrote

After Vince bought WCW, wrestling entertainment went way down hill.


LeoIrish t1_j94kx9k wrote

And he will most likely get it - or at least very close. There is even a chance it could go for more than the $9B. There are few companies out there with the ability to get the eyeballs but not be too expensive for multiple companies to acquire.


CoolIceCreamCone t1_j91arfy wrote

Best of luck with that Vinnie, maybe they'll throw in another billion for the World Bodybuilding Federation 🤣


TheDukeOfHurl t1_j92dova wrote

And people in hell want ice water.


wrath_of_bong902 t1_j95ttg5 wrote

Who knew the homoerotic entertainment industry was worth 9 billion?


LawrencevanNiekerk t1_j92fuoc wrote

Can’t you just pretend to pay him the money? Isn’t that how wrestling works?


JasonGryphon t1_j90nhn7 wrote

It’s not worth that much and no one will pay it.


DamnGoodOwls t1_j93hz7t wrote

Saudi Arabia 100% will. They want anything that has longevity to keep making them money, and WWE has got that


gszr89 t1_j912kd0 wrote

2.5B seems fine


CLAU- t1_j90z7nq wrote

They just bid 4b for manchester fucking united. This fake low tier entertainment for rednecks aint worth 9b lmaoo


PolarBeaver t1_j91bi9r wrote

WWE worth more than man U and you are malding, love it


DamnGoodOwls t1_j93hr6u wrote

I'm sure you're only into the most high brow of entertainment


AnonMthrFkr t1_j8zj4f4 wrote

No one has Vince McMahon's drive to make WWE the success it was. The company will die with him. Sadly, the glory days are over/have been over for sometime.

Besides, the biggest warning sign that the WWE isn't worth $9 billion is the fact that he wants to sell it.


merelyadoptedthedark t1_j8zo4u3 wrote

WWE is more profitable now than at any point in its history.

He likely wants to sell it because it seems he doesn't want to leave it to his kids anymore.

Shane was fired a couple years ago, and Stephanie was kicked out this past year.

Shane also sold all his stocks years ago.


AnonMthrFkr t1_j8zoz1g wrote

>WWE is more profitable now than at any point in its history.

I've seen the metrics, the broadcast rights are big. But, that doesn't mean the wrestlers are as exciting as they used to be.

When McMahon's out, whoever buys it, most likely a corporation, we're going to see that pointed arrow pointing downward.

That's my prediction, not my wish.


merelyadoptedthedark t1_j8zshw8 wrote

>that doesn't mean the wrestlers are as exciting as they used to be.

Sounds like you haven't watched wrestling in 20 years.


AnonMthrFkr t1_j8ztr9e wrote

I haven't.

The Rock and Austin was my last. Since then, everyone I know who watched wrestling slowly gave it up, telling me what I said, "The new guys just aren't as exciting as the old guys."

I don't want wrestling to fail; I don't gain anything from it. Vince had the passion and vision to make it what it was and is today. Whoever comes after will only see numbers, and that'll kill a show.


merelyadoptedthedark t1_j8zwj5z wrote

So you are 20 years out of touch on a product, have no idea about the current state of the industry, but you still feel qualified to offer an opinion?

The fact is that wrestling shows are usually in the top five for whatever night they are on, be it cable or broadcast.


AnonMthrFkr t1_j9014td wrote

Remember my prediction, and after Vince is through, when the WWE is making a slow descent into oblivion, look me up.


osmlol t1_j90a0yn wrote

WWE product arguably improved leaps and bounds during his recent exit. HHH behind the creative team was kicking ass. Vince is out of touch with what the fans want now.


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oh yeah anything men likes must be because we are dumb-

like all those incredibly stupid men who must be watching 'Dancing Moms' , 'Keeping up with Kim K' and 'Real Housewives of...'


wabbitproductions t1_j8zhy9h wrote

LOL I mean a huge chunk of what we watch on TV is fake and yet people always want to pick on wrestling.


The_Vampire_Barlow t1_j90gwcm wrote

Seriously. I don't watch wrestling, but what's basically a sports themed live soap opera stunt show is a weird thing to pick apart.

Let people have fun.


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reddit has a real issue with man hating and hating on things we love


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I'm a huge wrestling fan, and I always find that, if people happen to come over when wrestling is on, they get into it. It's a lot of fun if you don't pay attention to the haters