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Sisiwakanamaru OP t1_j87laov wrote

> Hong is not the only new addition to the Disney+ miniseries adaptation of Gene Luen Yang’s graphic novel. Ronny Chieng (The Daily Show), Jimmy O. Yang (80 For Brady), Leonard Wu (Alita: Battle Angel), Lisa Lu (Crazy Rich Asians), and Rosalie Chiang (Turning Red) have also been announced as additional guest stars, joining Poppy Liu (Hacks).

Wow, this is stacked.


stanthemanchan t1_j88pkv8 wrote

Holy shit. Daniel Wu is also in the main cast.


Barabus33 t1_j88zugh wrote

I've never heard of him, is there something I should check him out in?


Genericwood t1_j892qha wrote

Badlands but I think the series got worse after season 1 or 2


Toidal t1_j89avu5 wrote

There's only 3 seasons. I really liked it despite its faults. The first main bad's storyline finished at the end of s2 instead of dragging on, the most annoying character in the show got offed at the end of s3, Nick Frost joined the cast and did a lot of big guy Sammo Hung esque Kung Fu and they were gearing up to introduce gun fu it seemed in S4 before it got cancelled.

I'm also really into that ruins of the old world vibe like in Fallout, and Horizon.


Worthyness t1_j8bhipd wrote

worth watching just for the fight choreography. Absolutely incredible


tway2241 t1_j8covau wrote

The over the top wuxia style fight scenes were so fun to watch. The costume design also stood out to me, everyone is just so snappily dressed (shout out to whoever did Emily Beecham's wardrobe).

Unfortunately the story's pace wasn't great and the acting ranged from just okay (where the actors own the cheesiness and just chew scenery) to kind of bad (looking at you MK).


Raptorheart t1_j898cmk wrote

I don't think Badlands was ever good, the first episode was just almost good to me. I think it was just slightly too far past the silly line.


stanthemanchan t1_j89rvux wrote

It was a fun but dumb show. Cheesy over the top wire-fu action, like Xena Warrior Princess or Hercules. Maybe it wasn't "good" but I still enjoyed it for what it was.


GhandisFlipFlop t1_j8b1ual wrote

He had some small parts recently in the last season of Westworld..not saying to watch it all but just pointing out where I saw him


MadCritic t1_j88ohw0 wrote

Can’t believe they didn’t cast MrZeral. Smh what is even the point of watching then


uggsandstarbux t1_j8c7tfq wrote

Damn they did Jimmy dirty by calling him out for 80 for Brady


spyson t1_j895vsh wrote

Everyone else is great, but not a fan of Ronny after his set on Indian people no being Asian.


your_mind_aches t1_j8asq1e wrote

I'm Indian and it was funny. It was mostly humour about East Asians, it wasn't negative against Indians.


xenolingual t1_j89gl81 wrote

This opinion isn't uncommon in Chinese and Chinese diaspora communities throughout East/Southeast Asia. In Malaysia, where Chiang is from, Indians are the next largest ethnic minority group after Chinese, but don't hold nearly the economic power that the Chinese community does, though there's definitely an Indian elite/professional class. Usually this comes with a dollop of Han-centricism (the only cultures which matter are touched culturally or politically by the various dynasties of the Middle Kingdom [minus the non-Han ones, save when they Hanified]).

Not excusing it, just saying that it's consistent with where he's from, as well as really disappointing if that's an indication of his beliefs rather than something put on for a joke.


spyson t1_j89iqff wrote

Even if it's consistent with where he's from, that doesn't mean it's not closed to being criticized. People can have a lot of closeminded views back where they're from, but that doesn't mean it should be acceptable here.

You brought more context to the issue so thank you for that.


MrZeral t1_j87rnqu wrote

I dont know a single of those names -,-'


AgainstDisingenuity t1_j88b1z8 wrote

You don't know Hong?

Bullshit. Check IMDb.


Chaser_Swaggotry t1_j88gl80 wrote

Every time we hear his voice or see him in something my gf and I do the DiCaprio pointing meme lol it’s crazy how prolific of an actor he is


AgainstDisingenuity t1_j88gs8n wrote

I'll plug Totally Awesome here again.

80s movies spoof movie... made in early 00's with SNL people. Day, Katan, and more.

I believe Hong plays the spoof of Mr. Miyagi.


anonypony1 t1_j88ckpk wrote

Nobody gives a shit


MrZeral t1_j8aexs4 wrote

Somebody had too salty soup today, sad, sad, brain dead idiot boy


obamarulesit t1_j88pb5v wrote

James Hong still acting at 93, amazing.


Ponchorello7 t1_j88zg1m wrote

And he's till good is the crazy part.


BillFireCrotchWalton t1_j89d4j2 wrote

Saw an interview of him recently, and he literally got up and started jovially dancing. And he's still very sharp mentally. Like he's at least as sharp as the average person half his age.


314Piepurr t1_j8ay5f8 wrote

the fuck else is he supposed to do? hahahaha. he and chriis walken are gonna be rockin til they dead


obamarulesit t1_j8aykuu wrote

It’s shocking he’s coherent enough and capable enough to keep doing it. I’m impressed!


RoboticXCavalier t1_j87xc8m wrote

Somebody get this man a Lifetime Achievement Award!


FoxOntheRun99 t1_j87yjr2 wrote

"Cartright? Cartright?!!"



stickyscooter600 t1_j88qb5g wrote

She called. He yelled “Cartwright”.


Hollow_Rant t1_j87xrg3 wrote

James Hong is just the best.

No one else could ever even think about playing Lo 0amPan.


pack_howitzer t1_j88wpmj wrote

Lo 0am? Which Lo 0am?!?


JuicyChickenNipples t1_j890104 wrote

The little old basket case on wheels or the ten foot tall roadblock?


pack_howitzer t1_j890d1u wrote

Side note: try this fun drinking game- every time Jack Burton asks a question, take a swig of your drink.


JuicyChickenNipples t1_j890ku7 wrote

Challenge accepted! I’ll have to plan my 537th viewing next weekend


pack_howitzer t1_j890s06 wrote

Good luck. It’s no walk in the park. As you well know, Jack Burton spends the majority of the movie a few steps behind whatever is happening.


ishouldbeworking85 t1_j88qb8j wrote

I looked up James Hong career on IMDB and was in awe of his history. Could he be the longest-working actor? I had thought he was someone who started acting later in life and that was not the case at all!

Edit: adding a link incase anyone else wants to check it out!


SkreksterLawrance t1_j88s0x9 wrote

I think he has to be the most prolific actor that is both alive and active in the industry, he's an absolute legend


mdavis360 t1_j8ailgh wrote

And he’s absolutely beloved.


SkreksterLawrance t1_j8ale7c wrote

I watched Turning Red last week and was reminded how great of a voice actor he is as well. He's great in Kung Fu Panda and Mulan of course, but apparently he has uncredited voice work in the first american dub of the original Godzilla! What a career!


ShadowVulcan t1_j88ey6l wrote

Oh god that cast!!!! Everything I could ever dream of, fuuuuck


sincethenes t1_j88wpjm wrote

Amazing! James has been old my entire life, and is still acting.


teachertraveler1 t1_j8927hr wrote

So thrilled for the author/illustrator Gene Luen Yang. What a dream to see this cast come together for this project. He also wrote the fabulous Dragon Hoops as well as several Marvel comics.


jetstobrazil t1_j88otqw wrote

What is this casual gigantic hand in front of him??


LegendaryOutlaw t1_j88q2u8 wrote

Go watch Everything Everywhere All At Once.


jetstobrazil t1_j88qn6q wrote

Right, but, let’s say I haven’t seen it. What is it?


LegendaryOutlaw t1_j88qwvz wrote

The movie will answer your question, I’m not going to spoil it. Just go watch it, it amazing


SkreksterLawrance t1_j88r5hk wrote

Obviously spoilers for EEAAO:

They travel the multiverse into many "wacky" and "zany" universes and get to a hilarious universe where, get this, people have HOT DOGS for FINGERS 🤪


[deleted] t1_j89d9t7 wrote



SkreksterLawrance t1_j89df7b wrote

They seemed fine with it, I think not answering their question and saying "it amazing" is a worse answer


aSpookyScarySkeleton t1_j891v4k wrote

He’s one of those actors that I get excited about when he unexpectedly pops up in something im watching. Might not sound like much but those are my favorite actors, much more than any leading people.

Those “holy shit they’re in this too?” moments are always so good.


AgainstDisingenuity t1_j89552h wrote

I started watching watching White Lotus this week, and had this reaction to Steve Zahn.

Tons of people who I like in movies even if/especially if, they aren't the main character.


CDavis10717 t1_j89bl5k wrote

I want James Hong to live forever and be in every movie and tv show!


NoOutlandishness1133 t1_j899m1l wrote

James Hong is a national treasure! Talented, humble, sincere and kind.


devingr33n t1_j88rs3c wrote




MajCassiusStarbuckle t1_j89ncrw wrote

My life can always use more Stephanie Hsu. She was so good in EEAAO

Bonus: Monkey King is always chaotic fun


ThatFisherBoyy t1_j88vg12 wrote

They did so well together that the whole cast got hired for another film lol


Ilovegoodnugz t1_j892vcw wrote

I want to know who is playing the racist kid with the Justin Timberlake hair


robertoandred t1_j89zxx0 wrote

Doesn’t that title need a hyphen?


Glittering_Cup3842 t1_j8bv9i8 wrote

Can we get Robert Downey Jr. to play Chin-Kee please?

Tropic Thunder was not enough


JohnBsGhost t1_j8d8c6s wrote

James deserves it. The man has given DECADES of his life to this job.


Aevum1 t1_j8e1hw7 wrote

just to clear up a small doubt.

has everything everywhere all at once been out for enough time to justify the use of the term "reunion" ?

the movie has only been out for a few months.


[deleted] t1_j88rqq8 wrote

Shit movie