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Fanfootie t1_jdo2l1o wrote

Yeah that’s how to draw me back. Include the character who was the reason I finally stopped watching.


hoxxxxx t1_jdr4xm2 wrote

it feels like it was another lifetime ago when my friends and i were getting together to watch this on sunday nights

as a former huge fan of twd i gotta say i'm not interested in this in the slightest.


TooSpicyforyoWifey t1_jdrkj3p wrote

just let this ip die already.


Awkward_Silence- t1_jdrqqf4 wrote

AMC doesnt have the rights to anything else nearly as popular. So they'll milk it until it's bone dry

Most of their hits people credit them with (Breaking Bad universe, Mad Men) are all made by external studios. So AMC's cut of the profits and legacy isn't nearly as huge


ThePopeofHell t1_jdsuojc wrote

The real problem here is that people are watching it and buying the merchandise. It’s basically at the same state as Facebook though in my mind the only ones looking forward to it are your parents.


Pilpus t1_jdo2s86 wrote

I will not be there no matter what


smackythefrog t1_jdq61yj wrote

I like Negan but they're milking the shit out of TWD universe.


Lost_Hunter3601 t1_jdo3hfs wrote

I mean if that photos the cast of dead city what’s even the point of stopping fear the walking dead?


jsalad t1_jdp9k10 wrote

Didn't even bother to read the article...


TapedeckNinja t1_jdtau4f wrote

Lauren Cohan (Maggie) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) are starring.

I don't think anyone else from the announced cast is from any prior TWD show.


Razzler1973 t1_jduh0y7 wrote

I stopped watching 'Fear ....' pretty quickly. I wanted a show set around the actual outbreak, leading up to it, just after. I thought that would be it but within a few episodes it was all done

I just stuck with the original show and I think I am ok with no more

I am going to need to see some incredible reviews for me to be tempted to check this out


smindymix t1_jdse9y3 wrote

It’s not even sad anymore, I don’t know what it is. I’d rather AMC keep repeating marathons of The Godfather 1&2 and Goodfellas over and over. MUCH less embarrassing.