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Skyconic t1_jd25idt wrote

The perfect example of this is Riverdale. It's absolute madness


bngarland t1_jd2qtbu wrote

Is anybody still watching that? 😂 They lost me after season 4


trubs12 t1_jd3jnt9 wrote

I stopped watching it during season5. But apparently
there are time travels, alternate universe and super powers in the show.


AKAkorm t1_jd3ysve wrote

I don't watch it but I do check in on the plots and man are they wild. >!Last year they all got superpowers apparently and this year they all traveled back in time to the 50s when the original Archie comics were set. There was also a multiverse story at one point that involved Sabrina and witches.!<

The sheer ridiculousness makes me consider watching it a lot but reading the Wiki recaps works just as well I've found.


bngarland t1_jd45cgi wrote

After reading all that I might consider finishing it 😂😂 sounds ridiculous


Palmerstroll t1_jd2cmk0 wrote

The handmaid's tale should have ended after the first season.


earhere t1_jd2up4e wrote

Season 1 is the end of the book's story. S2 and after they're just making shit up and it shows.


Palmerstroll t1_jd2xt8k wrote

Ah that makes so much sense! The quality is indeed in such a decline after S2


Sayena08 t1_jd2k7fu wrote

Second season was very good but agree it should have ended early.


Varekai79 t1_jd32km0 wrote

True Blood. By the time the witches show up, I was like, "yeah I'm out."

Star Trek: TNG's final season 7 was bonkers as well. There are some amazing episodes in there and an incredible series finale, but some of the stuff in between was truly off the rails where you can tell the writers had just run out of ideas.


SirFritz t1_jd3omeo wrote

Almost the whole season is full of episodes centered around the main characters family members. It's just bizarre. And then there's that troi/riker/worf love triangle..


Varekai79 t1_jd3p7gk wrote

Oh yeah, all these rando family members that we had never heard of before suddenly came out of the woodwork. Even a fake long-lost son for Picard, which is kind of hilarious that we now have his real long-lost son on Star Trek: Picard.


ElectricPeterTork t1_jd3htta wrote

They were spread too thin.

At the same time, essentially the same crew were producing TNG S7, DS9 S2, Creating Voyager and gearing up for its first season, and writing Generations. IIRC, it was so hectic, while they were concentrating on Generations, they forgot to write a finale for TNG, so All Good Things was knocked out as an afterthought.

They had also stopped taking outside submissions by that time, so that cut a source of ideas.


twbrn t1_jd52e9r wrote

DS9 had the benefit of a separate showrunner and writers IIRC, but yes, the TNG crew were essentially trying to double-up handling both TNG and Generations at the same time.

That said though, the writers have also talked about how after seven seasons they were basically running out of plotlines, finding it increasingly difficult to come up with something that they either hadn't already done, or it had been decided previously that they weren't going to do.


wujo444 t1_jd2c0kj wrote

Nip/Tuck, and later seasons is from S2.


Mattyzooks t1_jd3213p wrote

Search Party seemed to intentionally go off the rails in its final season.


I_am_INTJ t1_jd2978n wrote

SyFy's Battlestar Galactica.

There was no plan.


BruceChameleon t1_jd3m1a5 wrote

BSG gets so much love but that show was a mess.


I_am_INTJ t1_jd3q3fi wrote

I love what the showrunners set out to do, but they admitted their critical mistake was not having a bible that mapped everything out coherently till the end of the series and it definitely shows as the series progressed.


jayz93j t1_jd6rmh4 wrote

Vince Gilligian has mentioned many teams that Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul didn’t have a full plan as they were writing it. The best TV can be organic, live and grow with its characters

I love BSG, Lost and shows like that which take the risk.


I_am_INTJ t1_jd6trbi wrote

Completely agree with you, but when your show intro promises they have a plan, well... It's probably for the best if they actually have a plan.


elgrangordito t1_jde5of7 wrote

Well, Vince Gilligan could pull that off. Others, not so much.


jayz93j t1_jde9gai wrote

He’s one of the GOATs but I think it happens more often than people realize


Cockapoo17 t1_jd2eto1 wrote

Most shows that go on past eight seasons.


mattysmwift t1_jd2z0c9 wrote

A good version of this is the last season of The OC. It’s full of non-linear storytelling, alternate realities, countless fantasy sequences and vision quests, french talk shows, groundhog heists and maybe aliens?? (Not really but almost.) After a messy S2 and awful S3, S4 just goes buckwild as fuck and it’s insanely entertaining imo. I know there’s a lot of fans who don’t like that season but they’re wrong.


admiralvic t1_jd265du wrote

'Til Death.

It starts as a fairly generic sitcom. Newlywed couple buys a home in a new city with their neighbors being an older couple that is kind of over things. Eventually the show drops the newlywed couple, focuses on the older couple, and becomes a sitcom about the older couple dealing with their still at home kid and their loser boyfriend. By the end the loser boyfriend thinks he is in a sitcom, frequently comments on his wife being played by a different actress, which was played by multiple actresses by that point, and it just goes from there.


evildave_666 t1_jd2kqgh wrote

Unpopular opinion which will probably be downvoted into oblivion: Twin Peaks after the brilliant first season.


RayPingHeaux t1_jd2t282 wrote

The Boys was cool season 1 then I got so bored of whatever they got going on


Yelebear t1_jd3s095 wrote

I think The Boys is a wrong answer here, because it didn't go off the rails.

My complaint is actually the opposite- everything always just resets to the status quo.

It's a one gimmick show that is quickly being overused.


bluerose297 t1_jd4d87f wrote

You have to establish a status quo before you break it; otherwise, change loses its impact. The show’s got a planned 5 season arc, so my guess is that Homelander fully snaps in season 4 and takes over most of the world, followed by the Boys finally killing him in season 5. Or maybe they take down Homelander at the end of season 4, and the fifth season is all about the Boys turning on each other from within.

I do agree that the season 3 finale was sloppy as hell though, but as long as they do permanently shake up the status quo in season 4 (which seems extremely likely to me), most of the flaws of season 3 will be very forgivable for me.


rssslll t1_jd57htd wrote

I've heard showrunners say "we have 5 seasons planned" about various shows and half the time it isn't true

Not saying that's the case for The Boys but it's a weirdly common thing they say. Not sure why


mickeyflinn t1_jd2v1cv wrote

I got bored of it in the third season. I wouldn't say it went off the rails, it just kept doing the same thing over and over again and it got boring.


earhere t1_jd2ux6p wrote

Seasons 1 and 2 of Atlanta are pretty straightforward slice of life. When they go to europe in s3 is kind of when it starts getting wacky and surreal.


ThrowingChicken t1_jdgd8mv wrote

I think the Teddy Perkins episode in season two is where they realized they could bust things open.


visitorzeta t1_jd3cvuz wrote

Supernatural - The original creator planned for 5 seasons, but the show kept going up until season 15.

They went from fighting the Devil and stopping the apocalypse to having to fight God's sister, then God himself, who is also the writer of Supernatural (a series of books within the show). Some people loved the whole meta concept, I hated it.


ruledoutbyVAR t1_jd25n05 wrote

Gravity Falls in the last few episodes was utter pandemonium


Calm_Memories t1_jd59y54 wrote

It really is a shame it couldn't have been paced differently. I love the ending but it needed a few more episodes to breathe. We meet Ford and bam it's all over.


brademerika t1_jd2d9f0 wrote



StarChild413 t1_jd2fvz7 wrote

I agree some plot points of the later seasons could have been better (e.g. why would >!it be necessary to, even if she'd eventually get them back/be able to recover them, erase all of Holly's memories of Eureka instead of just those of the Astraeus mission!<) but imho it's better than you think and not the worst decline of that kind of show (looking at you last two seasons of The Librarians, at least Eureka managed to (as much as it could with the Weird Time Shit) remain internally consistent)


CoolIceCreamCone t1_jd2fpny wrote

Drew Carey Show. It started off as a down to earth sitcom about an unattractive middle management guy, almost like the live action Dilbert, but became very insane with just no real sense to it and just throwing everything at the kitchen sink. Probably killed the show for syndication


RayPingHeaux t1_jd2t72h wrote

its a sitcom


DCAbloob t1_jd4gmx0 wrote

A sitcom that way overstayed its welcome thanks to a multiyear renewal that extended its shelf life long past the point it stopped being popular.


juantxorena t1_jd3gcc5 wrote

What we do in the shadows. It went from the perfect continuation of the perfect movie in the first two seasons, to a below average standard sitcom in the last two.


Calm_Memories t1_jd5abfc wrote

Orphan Black lost me near the end but I was sticking with it out of a sense of loyalty, not because I was still invested. I think a different pace or cutting it down by a season would have helped.

Obligatory Game of Thrones.

I also wanna saw SVU. Honestly it's such a disaster right now. It doesn't feel like it used to, even 4 seasons ago. It's the Benson show and the writing/characters are soulless.

Survivor isn't what it is used to be either and them sticking to the shortened season/number of days really suuuuuucks. So yeah, I think it's going off the rails.

Part of me wants to say The Good Place because like Orphan Black, I think it got jumbled and too side-tracked along the way. Like the finale but it just didn't hold the charm it once did.


Atlastitsok t1_jd5zobd wrote

Prison Break - went from a well orchestrated, albeit unbelievable escape from prison to these nut jobs working for the government or some shit. Not to mention all the “dead but not dead”.


Benny-Harvey t1_jdaxsc9 wrote

Three seasons of coma dreams in Archer

Interesting idea but I prefer the spy-jinks of the earlier seasons


Confident_Basil_2213 t1_jdcauzz wrote

Suits. Started off as a compelling law drama with a great hook and genuinely interesting TV legal cases in a bustling law office.

By the end it looked like a show where only 5 people worked in the building and they tried to make episodes about ridiculous things like AI.


ThrowingChicken t1_jdgdhcj wrote

The Affair went from murder mystery drama to soft sci-fi.


PhillySkunk t1_jdjfio0 wrote

Rescue Me went from a fire house dramady and stretched into this poorly written drivel with odd storylines dropped after one episode. FX network has always been patient with shows letting them develop but this stuck around a few seasons too long. That being said, the last few episodes ended the series on the right note. I felt rewarded for having stuck through it!


LockdownBoy t1_jd6iyd3 wrote

There's only one season out so far but I think the Last Of Us is like Game of Thrones in miniature. it started off really strong and then fell off a cliff by the last episode.


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bluerose297 t1_jd4dpnm wrote

You mean the spin-off show that doesn’t count? Yes, definitely