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Calm_Memories t1_jd5abfc wrote

Orphan Black lost me near the end but I was sticking with it out of a sense of loyalty, not because I was still invested. I think a different pace or cutting it down by a season would have helped.

Obligatory Game of Thrones.

I also wanna saw SVU. Honestly it's such a disaster right now. It doesn't feel like it used to, even 4 seasons ago. It's the Benson show and the writing/characters are soulless.

Survivor isn't what it is used to be either and them sticking to the shortened season/number of days really suuuuuucks. So yeah, I think it's going off the rails.

Part of me wants to say The Good Place because like Orphan Black, I think it got jumbled and too side-tracked along the way. Like the finale but it just didn't hold the charm it once did.