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Doc_coletti t1_jec5ipj wrote

I’ll never forgive him.


DisneyDreams7 t1_jecoqk5 wrote

I’ll never forgive him for what he did to the X-Men. He’s the guy responsible for House of M and wiping out the Mutant population


Worthyness t1_jed9mb0 wrote

Thanks Quesada!

Thankfully it looks like Marvel is letting Hickman go wild and hickman's Xmen/mutant revival story is fantastic.


DisneyDreams7 t1_jeer4fd wrote

The only thing I’m mad at is that he messed up Franklin Richards who was a mutant on the Fantastic Four


s3rila t1_jeewc7t wrote

while they did let him go wild and what he set up is still the current statue quo, he stopped working on it for more than a year now.


traceitalian t1_jegfqr9 wrote

That story line was when I stopped buying comics, I just couldn't get over how insultingly stupid the retcon was. Not the fact it happened just how little thought went into it.

I just wait for collected stuff or digital now, I have no interest in getting invested in runs.


nshady t1_jee47p6 wrote

I’m out of the loop, why do people here dislike his work?


Doc_coletti t1_jee4d6u wrote

Nuked mj and peters marriage and retconned it out of existence basically, because he didn’t like it. Also house of m and the depowermen, which I liked when I thought it was temporary


BS16tillIdie t1_jecnmm4 wrote

Guy’s a hack.

EDIT: I wonder if this will work out worse than Netflix’s Mark Millar deal.


Coolman_Rosso t1_jecwkyy wrote

I nearly forgot Netflix spent all that money buying Millarworld then barely did dick with it.


NeoNoireWerewolf t1_jedgaz4 wrote

Most of the Millarworld stuff is in active development or even some level of production. They are releasing American Jesus this year, though the new title is “The Chosen One.”


robreddity t1_jedbuhh wrote

Hey that's great, maybe he can destroy some other things people like.


Covetous1 t1_jeder8j wrote

Tbf he is responsible for the resurgence of marvel. It was his run with Kevin Smith on daredevil that led to the formation of the marvel knights line


jwick89 t1_jeefuqc wrote

He definitely helped with the event-based element of Marvel (House of M, Civil War, World War Hulk) but his decision with Brand New Day is pretty maddening.


Darklord_Bravo t1_jecy949 wrote

Hard pass on anything that comes from this jerk.


[deleted] t1_jecix91 wrote

Quesada: "Okay, what's better than a superhero tv show? A firefighter superhero tv show. Say hello to the world's first firefighting superhero, New York's bravest, Ashley Quinn. Or, as I like to call him, Ash. He doesn't just fight crime, he fights-"

Bezos: "Who gave you my home number?"


dornwolf t1_jedi3r7 wrote

Well no marriage is safe now


DMike82 t1_jecbtn6 wrote

Ugh. Thought we were rid of him for good.


Kalse1229 t1_jeccax8 wrote

I wonder if Colbert still has him "On Notice."