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I personally noticed a big negative change in quality and tone from the very first episode onwards, as the Protect Grogu Arc was over I felt like nothing was being developed in a way that is dramatically interesting, even though the potential is right there. Instead stuff just sort of happens, our protagonists barely do or say anything, in the most recent episode a pretty core element to the story and source of conflict is resolved in a matter of seconds, just like that out of nowhere, the plot seems to be heading in the direction of the sequels too.

Friends didn't agree initially but have come over now. On r/starwars and r/mandaloriantv people are discussing the big moments or making references as per usual. imdb shows a significant drop in episode scores and overall ratings (from an average high 8.something to a high 7.something), the audience score on RottenTomatoes is at a 71% whereas Seasons 1 and 2 sit at 91% and 92%.



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visitorzeta t1_je9xq11 wrote

If you strip away the Star Wars paint....This show would be considered terrible. Dialogue is mostly just exposition, there's barely anything resembling character to any of the characters.

Everything is shot in a compact environment, surrounded by digital screens, there's no depth to any of the environments. Then there's these weird moments, that feel like it's an amateur, fan film production, like in the most recent episode when the pirates are overtaking the town and one of the pirates is roughing up a citizen...I swear he pushes him over in the most gentlest way possible.

It's just a bit laughable....How do we display these new pirate characters reprehensible behavior without them harming any civilians??? Oh, I got it...They wanna drink in a school.


PartyxAnimal t1_jeajgtn wrote

Agree 100%. Everything feels very fan made. It’s very goofy watching Iike 15 extras which are supposed to represent the whole city’s population. Everything is just so small and cheap.


Vuiz t1_jeby1nm wrote

That scene with him doing a speech to his citizens.. and they would make up 1/2 of your average high school class..

Another pet peeve I had with that section, it's a big city - How the hell do you evacuate an entire city? Especially from a ship directly above said city?

Their crayon show, the bad batch has much stronger story than s3 mandalorian.


spyson t1_jebp7do wrote

It feels like if the clone wars was live action and that doesn't translate well.


MeatTornado25 t1_jec5izt wrote

> If you strip away the Star Wars paint....

I've been banging that drum since Season 1.


MadeByTango t1_jec1cw4 wrote

> Everything is shot in a compact environment, surrounded by digital screens, there's no depth to any of the environments.

That new “volume” tech is making everything look like cheap trash; the art direction around the orb is abysmal and obvious in every set design

Not just a Star Wars problem, but it’s the most obvious in Disney stuff


inthearticleuidiot t1_jeakkjn wrote

What I've seen of the new season is making my opinion of Mandalorian and the Halo show converge in my mind. Though I didn't even finish Halo and it had more interesting plot and character shit going on at least.

I may just wait for the Ahsoka show. That was the best episode of Mandalorian anyway. Mandalorian should have been a limited series not two much less three seasons.


marioquartz t1_jeazsbz wrote

Maybe my version of the episodes is a better version, because in mine I dont see any problem with depth or image.


NotmejusaBEe t1_jeb6707 wrote

I like you. Most accurate description of Star Wars post Lucas


DeficiencyOfGravitas t1_jeb8tea wrote

> Most accurate description of Star Wars post Lucas

Did you not watch the Prequels? If you strip away Star Wars from those, they're The Room level terrible.

Star Wars being bad is the norm, not the exception.


NotmejusaBEe t1_jeb94u3 wrote

The prequels are at least an attempt at something different. They are ok, not as great as 4,5,6 but after the Disney stuff, it was at least an attempt to do more with the story. Disney has been real bad imo


DeficiencyOfGravitas t1_jebc1gs wrote

> The prequels are at least an attempt at something different.

Did they? The Phantom Menace is about a boy from the desert who leaves home with a wizard, falls in with a group of people rebelling against an oppressive enemy, flies a starfighter with no experience, and then blows up a giant orb in space which saves the day.


NotmejusaBEe t1_jebi0k7 wrote

Lol, oversimplified garbage take. Can't even be fair with the criticism. Everything is based offeverything since the begin of time


JohnCavil01 t1_jebsuir wrote

Is it?

I think the onus is on you here to explain how that take is garbage and over-simplified.


ZsaFreigh t1_jecetpm wrote

It's a 136 minute long movie that you summarized in like 3 sentences. Of course it's oversimplified.


JohnCavil01 t1_jeeju6i wrote

George Lucas himself said “it’s like poetry, it rhymes” - criticizing The Phantom Menace for being a rehash of many of the same plot elements as A New Hope is not off-base. After all people complained about that endlessly when it happened again in The Force Awakens.

I know it’s fashionable to argue that the Star Wars prequels are somehow good actually but that doesn’t change the fact that it retreads a lot of repeated ground. Evidently George Lucas wants us to believe that was artistic and intentional but if even he can admit it I don’t really think this oversimplification critique holds much water.

And that’s to say nothing of the fact that I wasn’t the one who said it but instead was responding to the shitty reply which simply called it an “oversimplified garbage take” as if that goes without saying.


NotmejusaBEe t1_jec1txo wrote

I mean lion king is a rip off of Hamlet. And you can't rip off yourself. The prequel had to meet a point so some of the tones have to be similar but to say that compared to the Disney stuff minus the under cover boss spoof has been really broad and boring. Lucas was making choices and Disney is having focus groups.


LutherJustice t1_jedoj2r wrote

Well yeah, but Lucas himself confirmed that he was basically going for a redo of A New Hope. He might have even said that it rhymes, like poetry.


Starline88 t1_jeeofmh wrote

> The prequels are at least an attempt at something different.

And they failed. The writing is on par with Sequel Trilogy.


NotmejusaBEe t1_jeesjsz wrote

I'm not saying they are good but I would say the Disney trilogy is the worst piece of Starwars media ever produced including the universally panned The Star Wars Holiday Special. Just saying they were attempting something and most of it did not land but the new thing was just a bigger mess. Both are not great, I'm with you but the new one is the worst piece of media with the name Star Wars and what they did to Luke is the worst single decision ever.


Starline88 t1_jef124y wrote

Yeah i can agree that Sequel Trilogy was not good. As for what happened with Luke, yeah it was dumb decision. I can see what they were going for but the execution sucked.


Hatfullofsky t1_je9yvrr wrote

I watched the first three or four episodes and just have very little desire to finish watching. I received no real idea where the series was going, what the overarching plot was, or why I should care. Grogu has no real role anymore, and his presence is becoming sort of weird. And was the Krait Dragon episode really popular enough that we need a constant barrage of monster attacks now?

The show is still beautiful, acting is good. It just sort of lost its way at some point. And yes, as others point out, coming out after Andor is a hard act to follow.


DeficiencyOfGravitas t1_jeb93mz wrote

> Grogu has no real role anymore, and his presence is becoming sort of weird

That's why I think that he truly was written out and then was forced back in after some focus testing/producer meddling.


VirtualFox2873 t1_jecg0po wrote

This is the way. The episode with the lowest rating this season is the one which does not feature this green rubber chihuahua.


DisneyDreams7 t1_jecp6nj wrote

Kathleen Kennedy meddling. That’s the 800 pound elephant in the room


MeatTornado25 t1_jec5xf0 wrote

> or why I should care.

I've been asking that question about Mandalore and their culture for like a decade now.

Especially where we are now. I don't understand why we should care about Mandalorians re-uniting to take back their broken, deserted homeworld.


himynameiszck t1_jea7zpf wrote

I was feeling the same way, but honestly the show is back on track after yesterday's episode.


Thanks-Basil t1_jedsdqg wrote

> I received no real idea where the series was going, what the overarching plot was, or why I should care

I really don’t get this take and there are several people saying this in the thread.

By a) bringing Bo Katan back in to the fold as a regular and b) actually going to mandalore, is it not incredibly obvious that the series is going to now focus on retaking mandalore?

That’s been explicitly laid out now at the end of this weeks episode, but blind Freddy could see that was going to be the case in episode 1.


ForsakenKrios t1_jebb1zt wrote

The series has taken a huge dip in quality, and any perceived flaws or/quibbles some might have with the previous seasons can’t be ignored or forgiven anymore.

In the latest episode I had to laugh at the plan to run into the open flat land when the pirates bombard the city. We’ve already established there are tunnels and a sewer system under the city. They couldn’t hole up there?

That example is just a minor one with the laziness this episode, and this season, have shown us.


Owasso_Landman t1_jeehywl wrote

It’s absolutely turned into Power Rangers. I only watch it because my daughter wants to


AhhBisto t1_je9rfza wrote

I'm enjoying it, the bid to reunite the clans and retake Mandalore is really interesting to me and I can see the massive issues that will arise from it eventually and how Din will likely be forced from his own clan too.

The Grogu situation feels like it has reached an impasse currently but that's fine as the show doesn't have to be solely about unearthing the mysteries of Baby Yoda.

I do wonder though given the cameo in the new episode and the bit in the first episode with Grogu if they may alienate people who haven't seen Rebels but that's probably the only thing that occurs to me.


Worthyness t1_jea7ixv wrote

Mandalore stuff is great. Grogu stuff is whatever- honestly wish they had the balls to keep him with jedi training as it doesn't add much to the story anymore. I do enjoy seeing the new republic being incompetent with bureaucracy as well. They've set up quite a bit of runway for the rise of the first order.


AgentElman t1_jea2hc5 wrote

I think it has been very good, it just has been different from the first seasons. It is a Mandalorian show now instead of a bounty hunter show.


Strange1130 t1_jeaimfs wrote

I'm still enjoying it but definitely feel like the quality has gone down a bit. The battle scenes in the latest episode were a bit clowney at times. Felt like Book of Boba Fett (well, not THAT bad)


coolbrandon101 t1_jeatwmo wrote

At least someone else agrees with me. Had to walk away from the TV first time sitting through that. Felt really campy to me for some reason


Strange1130 t1_jeax58w wrote

Yeah, like among other things the big dude’s gun just having absolutely no recoil? That was super silly. Idk the whole fight scene was a bit lackluster/off for me (as with basically every fight scene in BOBF besides the train assault which I loved) but I still enjoyed it overall


tealcandtrip t1_je9u23g wrote

They either need to go much heavier on Grogu as an independent person from Mando with his own tAsks and needs, or drop him altogether. He doesn’t need to talk, but develop his personality and skills beyond just being cute. The bit where he rescued Din was great. Lets have more of that.

I’ve never been that interested in the Mandalorian civilization, but I wish they would give Din some sort of conflict or real stake in it. It feels like he is just hanging out helping his buddies instead of driving the action.

I do like the action and the imperial subplot, though I hated what they did the new republic in general. I guess I am just resigned.


Pigs_in_the_Porridge t1_jecbar1 wrote

Sorry Grogu will be a babbling baby for another 150 years. Lol. And I agree keeping him in the show just for cute shots is tedious and gross.


SetentaeBolg t1_je9syos wrote

It's a bit down compared to series one. Personally, I think Grogu shouldn't be in it any more - it's absurd that he lugs around essentially a baby on risky combat missions, although I recognise this is just part of the show I need to accept to engage with it.

I found the Empire infiltration plot interesting - best sequence for me so far was the plight of the Imperial scientist working for the New Republic now. It was at least interesting and new.

I also like the general Mandalorian rebuilding plot - we'll see where they go with that.

Weak plots have been everything involving giant monsters attacking foundlings, an overused idea. I found them boring and also kind of dumb.


esran7 OP t1_je9u2pa wrote

The monster attacks could have at least been presented in a way that doesn't make the Mandalorians look like the most useless incapable bunch in the universe.


SetentaeBolg t1_je9uc0x wrote

I agree completely. There were points during the Mandalorian city liberation too where I thought they looked the exact opposite of a seasoned fighting force. But this isn't Andor - we shouldn't expect realistic drama. It's much broader than that.


GamingFly t1_jeaimqq wrote

Awful. Especially coming off Andor, which was one of the best shows of a stacked 2022.

Mando has never been a good show. Seasons 1 and 2 were not good TV if you take out the Star Wars paint. This season, the Star Wars paint has been spread so thin (Boba and Obi-Wan being dogshit doesn't help), that the lack of production quality, fan film dialogue and acting, and absence of story depth is more apparent than ever. This show is directionless and I hope it continues to fade from public consciousness. Bringing Grogu and Mando back together in a spinoff show wiped away what little this string of shows had going for them.

Just counting down the days til Andor S2. And more Bad Batch, I really liked Season 2.


DeLarge93 t1_jeaw8jd wrote

Looks cheap and story isn’t propelling forward at all, very very disappointed with it so far


Im_bad_at_commenting t1_jee2n3g wrote

First season was amazing. 2nd was mediocre. 3rd is trash. Thank god for Andor.


SurturOfMuspelheim t1_jefaapo wrote

How do you find the first season amazing but the rest bad? They're all the same level of bad. Everything Disney has made has been bad or trash except for rogue one and Andor.


Im_bad_at_commenting t1_jefdf95 wrote

Grogu was full of mysteries and his bonding with Mando was adorable. 2nd season didn't answer shit and 3rd season Grogu is just in the back seat to sell toys.


Delicious-Tachyons t1_jec4v6l wrote

It's so rudderless.

When one of the showrunners said there's no plan for it i knew it would just going to meander.

It's so directionless that when Bo-Katan shows up at Mando-Land or whatever they called their hideout she automatically took control and noone complained. it was fucking bizarre.

Couple that with Pedro not being there on set at all (he's a voice in a helmet worn by another actor) and it's just a fricken cartoon. I mean it always was kind of just a cartoon in 'live action' but it's worse without any overarching plot.


Pigs_in_the_Porridge t1_jecccpw wrote

A show where the protagonist never shows their face.

Awesome idea!!!


Delicious-Tachyons t1_jeccy02 wrote

that's why they changed Starship Troopers from the book with those power armor suits..... because the actors LIKE to show their face.

Unless of course they're just collecting a paycheque from a middling show. I would love to get paid to do like 20 minutes of work a day.


Pigs_in_the_Porridge t1_jecd3nw wrote

I didn't realize Pedro had been replaced by a body double. Hilarious.


Delicious-Tachyons t1_jeceab4 wrote

yeah if you don't see his helmet off it's another guy.

kind of pathetic. I get the idea of these helmets being badass but the show got BETTER when he started to explore life outside this stupid cult


dow366 t1_jea73y6 wrote

how should we feel when the protagonist is no longer the protagonist in this own show?


Pigs_in_the_Porridge t1_jecbv4l wrote

Yeah I just want to watch the converted Imperial cloning scientist and the intrigue on Coruscant. The rest of the show is a total snoozefest.


coolbrandon101 t1_jeat1d0 wrote

Complete let down to me. Terrible writing, horrible pacing. I miss when the show had Din Djarin as a lead instead now its (just like Book of boba fett was) a star wars multiverse show even more than what they did to Season 2, they should have made the episodes longer so it didnt feel like the main character was sidelined, this is without even mentioning how they reverted the season 2 finale in Book of Boba Fett. Theres some well done scenes (like the Coruscant part or the last scene from ep 5) but the rest seems to be rushed. Feels like Im watching book of boba fett again with the cheap sets and cheap production. Episode 5 watching the mandalorians fight the pirates while the 30-40 people (apparantly the whole town) sat watching felt like I was watching Power Rangers. Really makes me miss how well done Andor was, a show that actually was good beyond the Star Wars elements.


Competitive_Area1414 t1_je9t58a wrote

I think it's maybe suffering from coming off the back of Andor, I also think the pacing of the season has been a bit off for some reason but hopefully that will improve now that they're getting further into the story (I'm actually not sure how many episodes there are in each season so I may be way off thinking pacing will improve).


esran7 OP t1_je9uib2 wrote

There are 8 episodes per season, so we are at 5/8 for s3.


Competitive_Area1414 t1_je9v6l3 wrote

Oh in which case I'd say it's worse than previous seasons as the pacing has really been off. I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt that they were just finding their feet as they combined storylines but that shouldn't take more than half a season.

I also think they shouldn't have had the Mandalorian episodes in Book of Boba Fett, they didn't really recap how/why Baby Yoda is back so I'd imagine that would be very confusing if you hadn't watched Boba Fett.


Mattyzooks t1_je9x5nt wrote

Has it really been worse in terms of plot though? Season 1 basically didn't have a plot until the last 2 episodes. Season 2 was basically the two bopping around until they found a jedi.
If anything, this seems like the only season that's appropriately building towards some sort of long arc. And considering I thought the trip to the Mandalore waters was going to be the entire season (based on how slow the first 2 seasons moved through plot), I'm glad it's kinda progressing along.
Execution hasn't been perfect though.


Competitive_Area1414 t1_je9zc0s wrote

I guess it's always been a "monster of the week" type show with a vague arc that becomes important at the end of the season. I think the fact that this season has been "plot/arc focused" is part of the issue, because it feels like things are sometimes rushed, other times taking too long, but without the mission of the week that provided some variety and distraction.

I feel like it's a bit oddly paced because you start the season with Din going on a mission to the waters, but thats resolved within the next episode, then you have the idea of Moff Gideon still being around teased, then you do an arc of Bo Katan joining the clan but now that's being cleared to make way for a new arc. I don't know its just felt really off and feels like it's got a less clear direction this season, which is maybe just because they've branched out into a wider storyline and no longer just focussed on Grogu and Din.


Mattyzooks t1_jea90c0 wrote

I tend to view it all as building blocks towards the long arc of the return of the Mandalorians which is probably going to ultimately end with Din uniting the scattered Mandalorians and restoring their status in the galaxy.
The problem is the show is kinda running at a saturday morning cartoon pace and there are only 8 episodes per season.


VanillaBraun t1_jeb9vn1 wrote

The scene with the kid mando fighting a literal baby with a paintball gun was some of the funniest shit I’ve seen. It felt like a joke and looked absolutely terrible, especially with the Mando encouraging him hahahaha


Limp-Perception4103 t1_je9v75m wrote

I've watched the first four episodes and I'm finding it hard to get the motivation to continue watching. Pretty bored with the show at this point. I think the grogu character should never have been created.


YouandWhoseArmy t1_jea7y6y wrote

It’s a live action cartoon.

That can be a sleight or a compliment depending on how you feel.

Andor was a great show. Mando is a fun one.

Edit: to add, I say this as someone who always thought mandalorian was overrated.


Level3Kobold t1_jebg21l wrote

Star Wars has multiple animated shows that are very good. Bad Batch was/is considerably better than both Obi Wan and Boba Fett and its the worst of their animated series.

So when you say "it's a live action cartoon show" I don't really know how to take that.


YouandWhoseArmy t1_jebkf0m wrote

That you don’t know how to take it is literally addressed in the second part of my comment.


Level3Kobold t1_jebnd3m wrote

And yet you don't explain what "its a live action cartoon" actually means.

I mean that's like saying "This movie feels like a book made of pictures." Profoundly uninformative for anyone who doesn't share your clearly present but obliquely expressed preconceptions.


BlueTeamRuless t1_jecp3gf wrote

> Andor was a great show. Mando is a fun one.

Lacking a full bore explication from them (which someone else was able to articulate elsewhere in this comment chain), does this not satisfy your question?


Level3Kobold t1_jecsxq6 wrote

"Fun but not good" tells me something, but "like a live action cartoon" does not - especially not in the context of Star Wars media.

The explication posted by the other commenter doesn't particularly sound "cartoonlike", it just sounds like an action/adventure serial.

I mean Looney Tunes, Batman Beyond, and Bojack Horseman are all cartoons. Aside from all being cartoons, I can't think of much else they have in common, where you could say "oh yeah this just feels like a live action version of all of those".


MeatTornado25 t1_jecmhcd wrote

It's a live action cartoon in the sense that most episodes of the show are self contained adventures of little consequence that are only vaguely tied together by a bigger plot. The stakes aren't very high and action scenes are abundant, so the main characters are rarely in any real danger. The acting is just okay, truly emotional scenes can hit hard but are extremely rare. The main hook for most of the show is visual rather than anything character driven, making the story feel very surface level.


dejan36 t1_jeaq7t1 wrote

I liked the setup of season 2 finale, the reunification of Mandalorians and retaking of Mandalore, mostly because I hoped we would see other Mandalorians and Din questioning the "creed" but we've been stuck with Space Taliban. I hoped that Bo Katan may cause some reflection on the silliness of the creed, but nope, she's a Taliban too now.


Abuses-Commas t1_jeedqej wrote

Didn't you hear? Bo Katan gets a pass on following the cult's doctrine because of reasons


Clean_Command_4897 t1_je9wehk wrote

I swear Star Wars nerds are their own worst enemies. The show is exactly the same quality it's been since the beginning. It got pitched as a Western like the Lone Ranger, and yet people out of nowhere are like "What's the point of this show?" The point of the show is to watch Mando be badass while Grogu gets into shenanigans. That's it. That's the show. Not everything has to be Andor, especially something as campy as Star Wars.


KiritoJones t1_jea6rrz wrote

>It got pitched as a Western like the Lone Ranger

It did get pitched as that, but it's not that anymore. I'm not caught up currently, but the first few episodes of this season weren't Mando doing cool western, shenanigans of the week type stuff like the first season was, it was him doing boring missions to further the plot they set up in the last season. They transitioned it to be more serialized but the overarching plot is shit.

I'm perfectly fine with Mando being a different thing than Andor, but you have to do that well. Instead they set up a 2 season arch, had Mando complete his goal and then walked it back between seasons. They are trying to have their cake and eat it too.


Clean_Command_4897 t1_jeahirf wrote

This might come as a shock to you, but the point of Star Wars is to make money. They struck gold with "baby yoda" and want to keep it going. It's not supposed to be a story-driven masterpiece, it's supposed to sell toys and be fun. Star Wars was initially popular because of its special effects and entertainment value. I swear nobody hates Star Wars more than Star Wars fans lol


KiritoJones t1_jeak5q9 wrote

Oh you're right, their goal is to make money so I should excuse poor storytelling.

Literally the dumbest defense, congrats.


Clean_Command_4897 t1_jealmha wrote

Dumbest defense? You're being critical of a show that's for children lol


coolbrandon101 t1_jeatk9y wrote

Mandalorian isnt really written for children, and what a non sequitur. You try to say the show is what it started at and then call it a kids show when proven wrong. The show that started off as a serial of a Mandalorian going around the galaxy doing stuff is vastly different than the show now that is more of a Clone Wars continuation.


KiritoJones t1_jeau6jy wrote

That's the second dumbest defense. Just because something is for kids doesn't mean you cant be critical of it.

Also, as someone with a kid, it's not really for kids. Anyone young enough to be obsessed with Baby Yoda is going to be scared by the robot living in the mines under Mandalore, or bored of the Coruscant stuff in the following episode.


Andrassy t1_jeb4j6u wrote

Tried to watch the Coruscant episode with actual kids. It looked almost like they were being held hostage so I told them it was ok if they didn't want to watch. They instantly bolted upstairs, and have shown no interest in watching Mando since. That episode was not for kids in the slightest.


monkeyboyjunior t1_jear1gx wrote

Bluey is a show that’s for children too, a great one. Hell, The Bad Batch has more coherent storytelling/character work than Mando this season and that’s much more geared towards kids than the Mandalorian. Avatar: The Last Airbender is for kids and has fantastic character arcs, storytelling, and plot overall. Just because a show is made for families/kids doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use our brains and critically think about the art/media we take in.


BlueTeamRuless t1_jecqdib wrote

Disney loves people with takes like this. “It doesn’t matter how bad it is, we still make money!”

And what’s your point? Kids aren’t worthy of having good television shows? If anything we should be making sure shows for kids are really good with life lessons and positive lessons.

Based on your logic Sesame Street shouldn’t exist at all. “Who cares? It’s useless drivel made for kids anyways”


Whalesurgeon t1_jeahbjg wrote

OP is a Star Wars nerd based on what, watching Star Wars content?

The usual commentary about fans being overly critical or dogmatic isn't really fair here.

OP never compared the show to Andor either.


cronedog t1_jeb093z wrote

I enjoy it. My friends are complaining that it's meandering, but I found the first 2 seasons meandering as well. Lots of side quest.


I enjoy the neato creature designs.


the____can t1_je9tf40 wrote

I havent seen season 3 yet. I watched andor and then started mando and within minutes I felt like the same love and care wasnt shown. Andor season 1 seemed like they took their time and a labor of love. And im not saying there wasnt love in mando season 3 but maybe the rushed nature of production was showing compared to andors more film like composition. It seemed like a step down. Im waiting for the season to end to binge it and im sure ill enjoy it. maybe they should take some time off before season 4 to really make the show big again. would be cool if they shot on film or made it look as good as andor.


ProudnotLoud t1_jeee962 wrote

My biggest gripe is pacing. The episodic weekly release structure is the wrong format now for what they're doing. I feel like I'm watching highly disjointed chunks of a movie rather than a show with episodes.

Some things feel too slow and others way too fast. They've lost the elements of good storytelling that could cover up some of the other issues.

I'm also in the camp that Grogu doesn't need to be in this season and his return in BoBF was way too early. Everything he's done could have either been someone/something else or just cut with very little quality loss. I loved seeing his rescue but it wasn't necessary to that plot and could have waited.

I think it would have been better to have Grogu return after they reclaim Mandalore - whatever that means be it the planet or the culture.


PitbullMandelaEffect t1_je9t6c8 wrote

Can’t tell ya, the Boba Fett show was too shitty to watch so now I’m not caught up. I don’t think I’m ever going to be bored enough to so I guess no more Mandalorian for me.


crglrsn t1_jea9bv8 wrote

The last three Boba Fett episodes are Mandalorian 2.5 and an enjoyable watch. The previous episodes is Boba are, not great. Has season 3 lost direction? Maybe, but I personally have loved the episodes for what they are. Are they Andor? No, not even close, but they are fun, turn off your brain and watch shit explode fun.


esran7 OP t1_je9ub50 wrote

Definitely should watch the Mandalorian episodes in Boba Fett at least, those were quite good. Season 3 however I wouldn't recommend.


OathOfFeanor t1_jecbioh wrote

Just to focus on the positive: more Bo Katan, more Katee Sackhoff

I love it, I love her, all hail the Queen of Mandalore or whatever the title is. Can't wait to see her ride a mythosaur with one hand like a cowboy on a bucking bronco


xerexes1 t1_jeb0n5x wrote

It feels so disjointed this season. I have no clear understanding of the story arc this season. I had thought that it would be Din’s redemption journey but that was wrapped up in the second episode. That was a fun episode but I have no idea why they had the whole need to rebuild IG-11 in the first episode then dropped that plot point altogether. But I guess the pirates were supposed to be the focus? Although they were quickly dealt with in the most recent episode.

Episode 3 was a poor Andor-esque glimpse into the issues of the New Republic. It just felt jarring and hasn’t really flowed with the next few episodes.

There have been a couple of fun episodes but overall I’m starting to lose interest.

Andor has spoiled me when it comes to dialogue and storytelling. I don’t care about perfect sets or bad CGI, but give me actual dialogue between characters. Repeating “This is the way” multiple times doesn’t cut it.

Exposition is fine, but I’m not feeling any character motivations or any sense of urgency or tension from any of the characters.

I could go on, but in the end it doesn’t matter. The Mandalorian gets higher ratings than Andor did, so there is no motivation for Disney to make any changes.


dancingnoodle69 t1_je9v453 wrote

Yeah, I dropped the show( for now), the dialogue is so weird almost as if its setting the next "action" sequence. I actually hoped that the Grogu storyline was done at the end of s2(which was just okay tbh). Its a massive drop in quality from when the show started.

I will eventually finish s3 but not sooner.


kazh t1_jeatoku wrote

The training sequence in The Founding episode was poorly done and while I like the Pershing character and most of his sequence, it dragged too long and was repetitive.

Aside from that, the structure has more direction and production all around has improved by a lot. The connecting tissue both story wise and tone and texture being developed across the shows is also getting more interesting and fluid. Their current approach just might mitigate some of the damage from the Sequels.

Din is the Mad Max of Mando's who propels the development of other key Mando characters who are all at different stages of being a Mandolorian along with other characters across the galaxy.

The show runners need to be more self critical and tighten up the show around the more cringy or dragging scenes and sequences, but I feel like you're trying to be that guy with this post. You even take a jab at the fan base with pretty lazy generalizations as if you're one of the few who aren't fooled by some kind of sinister attempt by the show runners to tank the franchise.


esran7 OP t1_jeb2urj wrote

my generalizations of fandom communities were accurate, they rarely discuss the quality of a show or movie and mostly focus on the cool moments and what it all means for the future movies/shows. boba Fett and Obi-Wan are now almost universally panned, but reddit threads in dedicated subs were very positive. you won't see many or any critical comments even in threads for the worst marvel movies over at r/marvelstudios unless you sort for controversial. it's just how it is.


kazh t1_jeb5v2w wrote

While a lot of those threads were positive, they still largely pointed out the flaws. You're doing exactly what you're accusing the fan base of doing.


lordatlas t1_jedqxx2 wrote

> threads for the worst marvel movies over at r/marvelstudios

Every third post in /r/marvelstudios - "I just don't get all the hate that [poorly rated movie] is getting..." followed by comments from people who seem to genuinely believe some of us paid money to see an MCU movie just so we could shit on them on Reddit.


Taste_the__Rainbow t1_je9r3ed wrote

They had me at Purrgils. I think I’m mostly excited for tidbits about Ahsoka but maaaybe Grogu ends up mattering to that story too.

The Skywalker saga is so uninteresting after IX that the First Order hints are not very engaging imho.


Prefer_Not_To_Say t1_jecxoyv wrote

It feels like the Bo Katan show. I didn't watch Clone Wars and nothing she's done in the Mandalorian has made me even remotely interested in her character.

Mando himself has no purpose, unlike the previous two seasons (and season 2 was just a bunch of cameos and backdoor pilots). Bathing in the waters of Mandalore was wrapped up in the second episode. What's his goal now?

Episode 4 was the best one (saving the Foundling from the nest) and even that didn't contribute anything to the overall plot. I guess that one Mandlorian (Visla? The big guy with the laser minigun) is less of a jerk but that's really it. Pedro Pascal's performance feels phoned in and it's sad how obvious it is when something is shot using The Volume; about 100 Mandalorians training in the same spot when they have a huge cliffside area to do it in is a dead giveaway. And I'm normally not the best at noticing that kind of thing.


LutherJustice t1_jedouyn wrote

Show took a nosedive in quality starting from season 2, when the show got popular and the suits inevitably meddled. Couldn't be bothered to start season 3 when I saw that they had put part of the Mandalorian's plot in Boba Fett.


oldscotch t1_jegjm06 wrote

My theory is the showrunners of the Mandalorian and Picard have switched places and aren't telling anyone.


jogoso2014 t1_jec4z4u wrote

I enjoy each episode but the story overall is disjointed. It appears that it’s all starting to come together though.


AndrewJStewart t1_jeawy41 wrote

I like it! I want to see what they do with the darksaber, like will Din learn to wield it or will Bo challenge him for it?


Freyzi t1_jeb0dzz wrote

I mean it's still good all things considered but for what is basically one of if not the biggest and most anticipated shows on at the moment this isn't living up to the hype. The writing, the stories, the action, the sets, it's all just ok.


ReservoirDog316 t1_jed9xex wrote

I like it. I really only want The Mandalorian to be a series of disconnected episodes so I don’t mind the criticism that it’s not building to anything. I hated season 2 for getting way too big with too many characters and I really just wanted ”The Adventures of Mando and Baby Yoda Just Doing Things I Guess.”

Like, I actively didn’t want Luke Skywalker and the return of a great evil in my Mando show. I just want a monster of the week show.

It’s not perfect but it’s way better than I thought it’d be when Luke Skywalker showed up last season. It also clearly was shot around Pedro Pascal’s availability.


roshowclassic t1_jea0bep wrote

This show is awesome but not as deep as y’all have convinced yourself it was between seasons 2 and 3. That’s why you feel a dip in quality. Check your expectations against reality. It’s a fun weekly adventure show. Always has been. Still is.


KiritoJones t1_jea6yoc wrote

The dip in quality is because they accomplished a goal at the end of last season but then reset the status quo at the start of this one. They should have stuck to their guns, at least for a while.


roshowclassic t1_jea7v92 wrote

You really thought the “goal” was a primary thing the first two seasons and not secondary to the weekly adventures? It was totally unnecessary. The show suffers no dip in quality from not having a secondary ongoing plot.


KiritoJones t1_jeabshw wrote

Discovery Grogu happens in the first episode and is literally the driving force behind every adventure he goes on in the first two seasons. The problem isn't that they don't have that anymore, it's that they completed it and then walked it back. They just completely threw away the entire point of those seasons.

They also do have a secondary ongoing plot, it's all the Mandalorian (the planet and people, not Din) stuff, which is the secondary plot for how many arcs of television at this point? It's old hat, and the show would be better if it was Mando getting into new situations every week instead of him messing with Dark Saber stuff and trying to rule people who have been nothing but shit everytime they show up in these shows.


stumpcity t1_jea6i88 wrote

This is Iron Man 2, but for Favreau Star Wars.

It doesn't make a lot of internal sense, it isn't very fun to watch, there's a ton of money being thrown at it and it looks really good, but it's just extremely half-assed and disappointing as a television show, although it's very likely this will end up being key to 3 or 4 other Star Wars shows that will follow after it.

(Worth noting: For all the setup Iron Man 2 ended up doing for the larger MCU, it's still arguably bottom 3 all-time Marvel films, and Favreau was removed from the creative teams going forward. Probably won't happen here, though)

Mandalorian doesn't know how to be what it was, and all it really wants to do is set up a bunch of other shit. Favreau is 100% focused entirely on MYTH and "LORE" and the problem is that he sucks at that shit, and also, it's not that important to why the show was beloved in the first place.

Mandalorian S3 is primarily now setup for the live-action Rebels sequels that Ahsoka and Skeleton Crew will likely end up becoming. And that version of Star Wars, might finally be what people have been hoping Star Wars would become for awhile now (a completely separate-from-the-saga thing set way far away from anything familiar) but it looks a lot like Mando S3 is gonna suffer for it.


NiceColdPint t1_jebndhz wrote

I thought redeeming himself in the waters would be the whole series but nope, they did it in 2 episodes.

The pacing of this season just feels very weird, needs more than 8 episodes IMO.


TheButterPlank t1_jebq0z0 wrote

I watched 15-20 minutes of episode 1 and just couldn't do any more. Between the kid's helmet (from the intro with giant gator thing) looking like they bought it from target, the space pirates saying shit like "aye, avast yee Mandolorian", and the pirate captain looking like he was made out of green party streamers....I just checked out. No thanks, moving on.


In__Dreamz t1_jebuz8p wrote

Only managed one episode, I realised that I needed to of seen book of fett so felt a bit lost, but mostly I was super aware that it wasn't andor and I really want more andor.


WienerJungle t1_jedcgbx wrote

All I have to say positively about it is the problems it's shown the New Republic having in season 3 and 5 are sort of interesting. I like seeing what is in effect the rebels have the problems of governing and policing rather than just inexplicably seeing them be rebels again like in the sequels. That's about it though, there is shockingly little plot in this show and Grogu is getting old to me.


yodimboi t1_jeerd2x wrote

I have not seen season 3 yet and while I enjoyed the first 2 seasons I never saw the hype. It wasn’t until I watched Andor that I got what I wanted from a Star Wars show. I feel like the show is the same as it’s always been, but people are now liking it less because they saw the potential that a Star Wars show has after watching Andor. Andor was probably the first show on Disney+ that actually felt serialised. I mean plenty of them were but they didn’t really feel like shows, but stretched out movies.


Moule14 t1_jeaivcv wrote

I'm loving it.


thesmartfool t1_jeajbx6 wrote

I am enjoying it! I think the first 5 episodes of this season are more enjoyable than the first 5 episodes of the previous 2 seasons. I personally like how most of the episodes are longer than the previous seasons as well and it seemed like faster pace.

Seems like I am in the minority here.


Unusual_Grocery_Food t1_jeb4kwl wrote

It's more like a Saturday morning cartoon for kids than a show for adults now. Which is totally fine, it's still a fun watch but nothing about it lingers in memory.


mailboxfacehugs t1_jeb56er wrote

I think it’s going fine. Why the hell we gotta take sides on this? Like it or don’t but there’s nothing to prove here except you wanna gatekeep Star Wars.

You don’t win anything by convincing people to join your side. Let people have their own opinions.


spike021 t1_jeb62nw wrote

Hated season 3's premiere. But I personally enjoyed yesterday's episode. I think the Mandalorian story line is decent, especially some of the character development.

I hate the Grogu stuff and think it's just fan service. Even last week's episode had a flashback with a cameo that was clearly meant for fans. Took me out of it tbh.

I also didn't really enjoy the little back door subplot thing going on with the new republic on coruscant. I think they're just trying to save money by decreasing how much Pedro Pascal is in it.


Delicious-Tachyons t1_jec50hy wrote

> Took me out of it tbh.

I didn't know that jedi was played by Ahmed Best. I assumed it was some fan who won a contest to be in an episode because the acting was so fucking poor and the shots were composed like an SNL sketch.


theyusedthelamppost t1_jebtp0z wrote

some lazy writing but still enough good stuff to justify watching.

Though I'm worried that we are delving into late-GoT territory. These mysteries they are teasing have hooked my interest. But if the payoff doesn't live up to the expectations (Thrawn) then it's all gonna come down like a House of Cards on them.


Mikkelzen t1_je9r9h3 wrote

pretty much 1:1 on all the previous dog shit SW content that Disney has been spitting out lately. I have no idea why i am still watching, probably coping or smth


esran7 OP t1_je9s633 wrote

So you didn't even like Andor? At the very least that wasn't a typical disney-approach to Star Wars, was it?