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RedWire75 t1_jd9c8as wrote



Premislaus t1_jda5k5n wrote

She might play another 100 roles and that's all she'll be remembered for.


derstherower t1_jdajnje wrote

It's extra funny because she's actually had a really good career, but in voice work. She voiced Katara in Avatar, was Tinker Bell in all of those animated movies from a little while back, was April in TMNT, and has done stuff for Invincible, Young Justice, and a lot of other projects.

But Egg might legitimately be her most well-known live action role, so that's all she'll ever be hahaha.


wrosecrans t1_jdb8plj wrote

For anybody who doesn't know the story, Mae was the second actress to play Egg. The plan was to just swap the actress with every appearance as a joke so the audience would never be able to recognize her because the character was so forgettable. But Mae Whitman wound up getting the role permanently. She was apparently never entirely sure if she should be flattered that they decided to keep her on. Or deeply offended that she was so forgettable.

But the original actress, Alessandra Torresani, has been forgotten for being the forgettable character because Mae was so memorable. So there's a weird philosophical debate about who was actually the more forgettable.


jyper t1_jdamq2n wrote

She was also one of the 2 child protagonists on state of Grace along with fellow Arrested Development actress Alia Shawkat(Maeby)

Also was one of the family ensemble cast in Parenthood


dinoroo t1_jdddvxc wrote

She was also in One Fine Day as a child which is one of my favorite feel good movies.


Worthyness t1_jdashw1 wrote

And the quintessential role of the president's daughter in Independence day.


MulciberTenebras t1_jdb2k8l wrote

But of course the producers refused to bring her back in the sequel.


f-ingsteveglansberg t1_jdcat43 wrote

Dodged a bullet.

Actually I didn't mind ID4 2. I think people forgot how 90s action disaster films were. I think ID4 2 definitely played like a 90s movie with 10s effects.


SomeGadgetGuy t1_jdaad4o wrote

One of my friends is pals with her, and she still gets a kick out of that. Apparently, they were originally going to recast the character for every appearance, but Mae cracked them up so much, they kept calling her back. She seems really cool.


f-ingsteveglansberg t1_jdcalnn wrote

She was technically the second Ann. Alessandra Torresan played her first in one scene for about 30 seconds and no one seems to remember. Alessandra Torresan is the real 'Her'?


kronicfeld t1_jd9oft2 wrote

She and Alia Shawkat have been so goddamn good since Arrested Development


f-ingsteveglansberg t1_jdcb1yc wrote

She was Alia's roommate in Duck Butter which was semi-autobiographical, and the character she was based on was Elliot Page, who was Alia's onetime room mate.


Delicious-Tachyons t1_jd9hzgm wrote

Glad to see Carlos get decent work after leaving that shit show that is The Flash.


Affectionate_Bass488 t1_jd9pav9 wrote

He didn’t leave, he’s exploring Atlantis. Or in another universe? Or back in time? Or in gorilla city. I think his girlfriend is still on the show tho lol


Delicious-Tachyons t1_jda3z1c wrote

You say he didn't leave. IMDB tells me that he has not appeared on The Flash since 2021 which tells me he left. As in no longer employed at the CW, no matter how often someone says "I just emailed Cisco"


Affectionate_Bass488 t1_jda6afl wrote

It was a joke because he left and came back a few times and they have so many ridiculous settings


LittleLisaCan t1_jd9dns1 wrote

Probably nothing groundbreaking, but this looks like a fun show and I'm looking forward to it and season 2 of Schmigadoon


bros402 OP t1_jd9vvy2 wrote

Yup - that is what I am thinking. tbh I just want more musical shows on TV, because musical tv shows are AWESOME


yokayla t1_jddnlx3 wrote

It is animated but Centaurworld actually has some amazing music. Odd show tho. Not bad, just Adventure Time for horse girls.


bros402 OP t1_jdgb4cs wrote

I just watched the pilot and it is nothing groundbreaking, but it is a fun watch.

edit: okay, the song that starts episode two is great


Kevbot1000 t1_jd9ymbg wrote

Really happy to see. Worked with Carlos on Flash from Season 3 forward, and couldn't be happier to see his new project flourishing.

Incredibly talented individual, both acting and musically, and just a class act to work with.

Good on him!


TripleThreatTua t1_jd9mps8 wrote

Loved Mae Whitman ever since she voiced Katara in ATLA. Great to see her lead a show


Smodphan t1_jd9zyu3 wrote

She is in everyone in my family's favorite shows. My wifes favorite show is Parenthood, my sons are Niinja Turtles and Avatar TLA, my daughters are the Tinkerbell movies, and mine is Arrested Development.


SuspendedInKarmaMama t1_jdah6s4 wrote

I don't know how she feels about it now but a while back she seemed to not give a shit about Avatar.

It's been a while since I thought about it so my memory is a bit rusty but; she didn't post anything about it when there was some big anniversary.

When it got added to Netflix she didn't post anything about it, when another old thing she did got added she posted about it a lot. When a season of her show made the top ten for a week, she posted a lot about it while Avatar was number one for several weeks in a row and a Netflix executive said it was their biggest show of the summer and she still didn't post about it.

The cast have talked about how they're still in contact with eachother, her being tge only exception.

She has done a couple of those 'celebrity talks about their famous roles' things and Avatar is never brought up even though it's arguably her most famous work.

I know that there's more but I can't remember it. I realize I sound obsessed, lol, but some time ago I tried to find clips of the cast talking about the show, hers was the only one I couldn't find and it led me down this rabbit hole.


KennyKatsu t1_jdbd8fj wrote

I love how any Mae Whitman news always has the same Arrested Development quotes lmao, that joke is just so iconic.


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ILuvMemes4Breakfast t1_jda57eb wrote

really nice seeing carlos leave the flash and take part in something that isnt utter dog shit laughable.


SharksFan4Lifee t1_jdec7zf wrote

It's pretty wild that Mae Whitman is known for so many things. When I think of her name, I think of the movie "The DUFF" and the show Good Girls, two things not mentioned by anyone else in this thread. She's one of my big celebrity crushes too.


bros402 OP t1_jdefbv6 wrote

I think of Independence Day when I think of her


CollateralSandwich t1_jdbl8o5 wrote

First saw Mae in "Thief" because I was a huge Frank Pembleton fan and at that time I would have followed Andre Braugher anywhere. Great to see her still doing the thing!


iamacannibal t1_jdc9we8 wrote

Carlos Valdes has a great voice. Looking forward to this.

If you haven't heard him is one of his songs...

and here he is singing in The Flash/Supergirl crossover musical episode...


Carson-in-Oregon t1_jdd74bm wrote

I was mildly interested until I got to the musical part.


bros402 OP t1_jdd8e5h wrote

wow how could you hate a musical show


NicktheGoat t1_jddq76p wrote

Not op but simply by not enjoying the genre of musicals


Carson-in-Oregon t1_jdewhl4 wrote

Ugh - musicals are the worst IMHO. You can have them!


bros402 OP t1_jdexbxv wrote

musicals are so fun

you are like keegan michael key's character in schmigadoon