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derstherower t1_jdajnje wrote

It's extra funny because she's actually had a really good career, but in voice work. She voiced Katara in Avatar, was Tinker Bell in all of those animated movies from a little while back, was April in TMNT, and has done stuff for Invincible, Young Justice, and a lot of other projects.

But Egg might legitimately be her most well-known live action role, so that's all she'll ever be hahaha.


wrosecrans t1_jdb8plj wrote

For anybody who doesn't know the story, Mae was the second actress to play Egg. The plan was to just swap the actress with every appearance as a joke so the audience would never be able to recognize her because the character was so forgettable. But Mae Whitman wound up getting the role permanently. She was apparently never entirely sure if she should be flattered that they decided to keep her on. Or deeply offended that she was so forgettable.

But the original actress, Alessandra Torresani, has been forgotten for being the forgettable character because Mae was so memorable. So there's a weird philosophical debate about who was actually the more forgettable.


jyper t1_jdamq2n wrote

She was also one of the 2 child protagonists on state of Grace along with fellow Arrested Development actress Alia Shawkat(Maeby)

Also was one of the family ensemble cast in Parenthood


dinoroo t1_jdddvxc wrote

She was also in One Fine Day as a child which is one of my favorite feel good movies.


Worthyness t1_jdashw1 wrote

And the quintessential role of the president's daughter in Independence day.


MulciberTenebras t1_jdb2k8l wrote

But of course the producers refused to bring her back in the sequel.


f-ingsteveglansberg t1_jdcat43 wrote

Dodged a bullet.

Actually I didn't mind ID4 2. I think people forgot how 90s action disaster films were. I think ID4 2 definitely played like a 90s movie with 10s effects.