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My picks: • Score: “Light of the Seven” from Game of Thrones and “Paint It Black” from Westworld, both by Ramin Djawadi, and “Succession Theme” by Nicholas Britell • Soundtrack: “Woke Up This Morning” by Alabama 3 from The Sopranos and “Cold Little Heart” by Michael Kiwanuka from Big Little Lies



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Queenv918 t1_jc4hp2k wrote

Max Richter's work on The Leftovers and My Brilliant Friend.


CynicalDarkSadist OP t1_jc6wjkf wrote

The Leftovers is one of my favourite shows. I liked the S1 theme much better than the song they used for S2.


drogyn1701 t1_jc3y69t wrote

Anything by Bear McCreary is going to be excellent, Battlestar Galactica being my personal favorite.

Snuffy Walden's score for the West Wing is great.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine had a great score, particularly in later seasons. Really all the Trek shows have been solid in the music department.


Darmok47 t1_jc42v5q wrote

Bear McCreary was the first time I ever actually looked up who did the score on a TV show.

Prelude to War is just an amazing track on its own. You would never guess it came from a basic cable sci-fi show.


OkayAtBowling t1_jc4j4mq wrote

Battlestar's score is fantastic. Crazy to think that it was his first time scoring a TV show and that he was only in his mid-20s when he started on it. Outlander and Rings of Power are a couple of my other McCreary favorites.


indig0sixalpha t1_jc494fv wrote

cristobal tapia de veer's score for Utopia


TuvixWillNotBeMissed t1_jc4b6y1 wrote

30 Rock's jazzy score was done by Tina Fey's husband and it's very good.


Suarayes t1_jc3xwsi wrote

The Handsome Family - Far from any road. True detective S1


CynicalDarkSadist OP t1_jc3y4k2 wrote

Ahh I was gonna include that but I didn’t wanna list too many. Such a great song (and show!)


Toadfinger t1_jc40pss wrote

All the Star Trek themes.


CynicalDarkSadist OP t1_jc6wwrl wrote

I’m a huge Trekkie and I grew up watching all the old shows with my dad, but the themes never actually blew me away… Maybe I’m just too young hahah


Toadfinger t1_jc6z1py wrote

I think the Deep Space Nine and Voyager themes are masterpieces.


cranekicked t1_jc4bpyp wrote

The score on Friday Night Lights is still the tops for me.


PvtHudson093 t1_jc5q3o6 wrote

The music choice in season 1 of True Detective is amazing.


Queen_Of_InnisLear t1_jc610ci wrote

The Black Sails theme (and the entire score as well, but my favourite theme ever) by the inimitable Bear McCreary. I would turn it WAY up on my surround sound and just blast it. Fucking good stuff.


Goondal t1_jc53txl wrote

The Leftovers


johndotjohn t1_jc577u8 wrote

I like:
Agnes Obel - Familiar (Dark)
Raphael Lake / Royal Baggs - A Thought is Haunting Me (My Name)
Matthew Perryman Jones - Living in the Shadows (Love, Death & Robots)


Magnet5150 t1_jc5tnqn wrote

Cold Case had some great song choices.

Ever since I started watching it, I always associate "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" by Creedence Clearwater Revival with the final montage from the pilot:


Skavau t1_jc455yo wrote

If we're talking about music in general through the show rather than just the intro - The Korean High Fantasy series Arthdal Chronicles. Some stunning, music, throughout, the show. It was also kinda like watching a JRPG (even if Korean).

Also the Alice in borderland score is pretty powerful. Some intros that are solid also:

Babylon Berlin intro captures the art, the deco, the decadence and the violence of what the viewer knows is going to come of that time period.

Black Sails just perfect

Raised by Wolves I was hit and miss on this in many ways, but this intro is great - albeit I think slightly misleading as to its overall tone.

Pennyworth I thought S1 was a bit silly, but what an intro.

Happiness This is just fun, and fits the show brilliantly

See also isn't bad


Latter_Feeling2656 t1_jc4kejs wrote

The Beverly Hillbillies has a complex system of leitmotif evoking different moods and characters.


kazh t1_jc59vov wrote

I kind of wish Brian Tyler did the new Dune soundtrack because his Children of Dune soundtrack is still one of my favorite TV soundtracks and one of my favorites in general. It's in my Dune head canon with the books and the original movie soundtrack.

Summon the Worms was used really well in one of The Chronicles Narnia trailers and War Begins got a great remix for the 2009 Star Trek trailer.


basicalme t1_jc5bd7v wrote

Adding Martin Phipps for BBC War and Peace. Which is an amazing series many haven’t seen.



Nico2636 t1_jc5oj14 wrote

All songs in sons of anarchy.


j8sadm632b t1_jc7cq9c wrote

All of these comments have forgotten the face of their father, because the best TV score is Planet Earth 2. Watch that and try to tell me it's not.

In the soundtrack category we have Malcolm in the Middle

Also very good: Scrubs, True Detective


MrConor212 t1_jc7kn0b wrote

Basically all of Attack on Titan. Shinzo wo Sasageyo could make me march to certain death


bajesus t1_jc80mnt wrote

Legion had a great soundtrack.


Olibro64 t1_jc9bodf wrote

Ramin Djawadi's work on Person of Interest and Game of Thrones.


HappyGilOHMYGOD t1_jc3yipj wrote

Game of thrones is number 1. No contest


Faithless195 t1_jc4uqj7 wrote

I remember watching season 8, and even when Arya killed the Night King, I was hyped as fuck solely due to the music. Ramin absolutely fucking killed it the entire series run. Even though the writing dropped the ball a few times over the series (And then yeeted it off a cliff in the final seasons), the music was always absolutely on point.