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jez124 t1_jebca5a wrote

Jon Watts, The Daniels , Lowery so far for this show then?These Star Wars shows in general have some good directors.


riegspsych325 t1_jebfz2z wrote

I know I’m in the minority, but I’ve been enjoying the hell out of the shows thus far. I would hope it leads to some event movie in the future since the majority of these shows are in the “Mandoverse”


TheDemonspore t1_jebkabb wrote

I doubt you’re in the minority, the internet is just a very negative space about most things.


Kalse1229 t1_jebqr0b wrote

Especially about Star Wars.


riegspsych325 t1_jebxnwe wrote

yeah, I can’t really talk about SW on r/movies. I’ve made the same comment above but I’d often get some nasty replies


Radulno t1_jefkv6z wrote

I mean there's probably a reason. The Internet is actually positive is about some things when they like them and they're good.

Take for TV shows, House of The Dragon, The White Lotus, The Bear, Succession, Better Call Saul, The Last of Us... all in the last few months and I have only heard positive things about them.


speckhuggarn t1_jebvv9v wrote

Still think the animated ones (Clone Wars, Rebels, and now Bad Batch) are even higher in quality, and already in a more "verse" that Mando and those are building on.


Petrichor02 t1_jecl4rc wrote

Pretty much agreed. I’ve loved Rebels and Bad Batch. They’re some of my favorite Star Wars things. Obi-Wan, Clone Wars, and Mando have been a step down from there but still good. And TBoBF a couple of steps down from there.

Haven’t seen Andor or Resistance yet.

EDIT: May I ask why this is being downvoted? I’m not purposely avoiding Andor if that’s the point of contention, lol!


speckhuggarn t1_jecnrlv wrote

Andor was amazing.


Petrichor02 t1_jecpk4v wrote

I’m looking forward to getting around to it!


eunoiared t1_jedsxau wrote

Stop whatever you're doing and go see it. Unless you're saving people's life, than first save them and bring them to see Andor with you.


Petrichor02 t1_jee9l07 wrote

Haha, I’m actually working through all the Star Wars content in chronological order, so I’m getting close to Andor!


MegaJoltik t1_jed8ros wrote

>May I ask why this is being downvoted?

I'm guessing it's because you put CW on the same level as Obi- Wan 😂

Also definitely watch Andor !


Zeyz t1_jedcnh3 wrote

Probably bc most people like Clone Wars way more and put it up there with the pinnacle of Star Wars in general. Most consider Rebels and definitely Bad Batch to be a step down in quality from it. You probably don’t realize how unpopular your opinion there is lol.

It would be like someone saying “I loved Revenge of the Sith. Empire Strikes Back was a bit of a step down from there.” in the eyes of many.

I don’t blame you for liking Rebels more personally. I think Rebels later seasons are actually some of the best animated Star Wars content.


Petrichor02 t1_jee9hm5 wrote

That actually does surprise me. I thought Clone Wars got really good eventually, but the first 3 or 4 seasons felt more hit or miss to me than the show it would eventually become.


Broomguy t1_jed5fhx wrote

Probably being down voted for saying you liked rebels and bad batch more than clone wars and Mando. People hate opinions on Reddit.


kazh t1_jecw0ul wrote

Aside from Mandos signature cringy or dragging sequence at least once per an episode, I feel like it's improved a lot this season on overall tone, acting direction, and especially production. It's also tapping into that connective tissue from those shows you liked and seems like it will expand on it in a way that could mitigate some of the damage from the Sequels.

Andor instantly shot up to one of my favorite shows in general and I think some of this season of Mando and The Bad Batch haven't been at odds with it's tone and world building, even if they both have sort of different vibes.

Obi Wan and Book of Boba Fett were huge letdowns for me though.


Elon_Kums t1_jedj0s8 wrote

My dream is the Mandoverse leading up to a new spin on Heir to the Empire.

They keep teasing Thrawn (including just recently in Mando) and he would be the absolute perfect villain for a Star Wars Infinity War/Endgame.

Obviously we can't have the OT characters in their roles in the original books but they've got a good number of new characters to choose from who could fill similar roles.


Djamalfna t1_jeejz24 wrote

> They keep teasing Thrawn (including just recently in Mando) and he would be the absolute perfect villain for a Star Wars Infinity War/Endgame.

I have been thinking they'd introduce Thrawn because they keep bringing in Thrawn-like things... but I think they're just going to re-use Moff Gideon instead, after that last episode.


Radulno t1_jefl48o wrote

Isn't Thrawn meant to be for the Ashoka show?


pipboy_warrior t1_jecrcct wrote

Mandoverse has been freaking awesome lately. The more recent episode of The Mandalorian had me excited for so many reasons.


Djamalfna t1_jeek21j wrote

Eh. I just can't bring myself to care about the Mandalorian's stupid helmet religion.

If they'd get away from that and do something more interesting...


nurdboy42 t1_jecdhmn wrote

I don’t know if they’re the best shows but they sure are fun.


riegspsych325 t1_jecdrvv wrote

yeah I’m not going to ignore the criticism, but yes, they have been just a joy to watch


geek_of_nature t1_jedx663 wrote

And honestly thats all I want sometimes. Not just in shows but film too. I don't need everything to be a deep exploration of the human experience, sometimes I just want to watch some fun space battles or see some heroes beat up some villains. As long as it's fun and entertaining that's all I needed.


Pilpus t1_jedwejs wrote

> I would hope it leads to some event movie in the future since the majority of these shows are in the “Mandoverse”

Disney AI


ReservoirDog316 t1_jeck8fu wrote

I think directors really want to make a Star Wars movie but are kinda afraid of making one because everything is so messy on the movie front. But doing a Star Wars tv show lets them live their dream without the drama.


vaxinate t1_jeembdy wrote

This might be true but also it’s also a much lower commitment work to direct a 45 min episode or two than a full movie or series. Having ‘auteur’ directors do a handful of tv episodes is a great way to book excellent film directors without having to deal with scheduling difficulties that come with shooting a whole movie. According to Rian Johnson the delays on the films that they offered him are all because he’s already booked solid on other projects for the next 3-5 years.


ILoveRegenHealth t1_jef2165 wrote

> but are kinda afraid of making one because everything is so messy on the movie front.

I don't care if you all downvote - a large part of that hesitation is the toxic ass fanbase. Disliking the Sequels is one thing - dislike it and move on. But we didn't get that. We got the most vicious response to a trilogy in history possibly. Even worse than the Prequels, and those were even more boring and terribly written.

But calling for heads on pikes, throwing out racist words towards John Boyega/Kelly Marie Tran (who seems to have had her confidence undermined and now only does voiceover work instead now - great job, nerd fans, for killing a dream), demanding in petitions that the Sequels be de-canonized. Directors being called to never direct again (thankfully Rian Johnson didn't listen and went on to do his own successful projects). Screaming that TFA is too safe, but TLJ was too bold. It's like listening to the most annoying customer in a restaurant when you sat down for Applebees. This isn't fine dining, genius.

Not all SW fans were like this, but enough of them were to make Disney go "Why the fuck should we ever make a movie if our directors and actors go through 1000% more hell than other directors/actors who have failed worse?" Margot Robbie still gets her ass kissed after 5 towering failures in a row. There's a reason Christopher McQuarrie (Top Gun Maverick and Mission Impossible) said he will never do Star Wars. He has interest, but he said "Have you seen how the fans treat writers, directors, actors if you are anything less than perfect? No thanks."


CubistMUC t1_jeg7kro wrote

This kind of reaction is what you get if you hire a director that deeply despises the source material loved by the fans.


ReservoirDog316 t1_jeghdch wrote

Racism and death threats are the reactions we’re talking about in case you weren’t clear.


Radulno t1_jeflc88 wrote

Directors on TV matters far less than on movies. They don't build the thing the same way, that's the showrunner job.

It's really not the same thing if you want to do a Star Wars movie to just go with a show


ReservoirDog316 t1_jeggytz wrote

Of course. But you’re still on a set handling a Star Wars piece of media but without any of the tidal wave of drama drowning you.

Plus, I’m sure the money ain’t bad when it’s a bunch of indie directors.


Great_Zarquon t1_jec6f43 wrote

I feel like this has Dan Trachtenberg written all over it but we'll see


Worthyness t1_jed9c0z wrote

I love that the Star Wars shows are basically being directed by totally unexpected people. They got Peter ramsey (Into he Spider-verse), Lee Isaac Chung (Minari), and Rachel Morrison (the DP on Black Panther) for Mando season 3. An absolutely awesome assortment of people


Radulno t1_jefkld9 wrote

Plenty of good directors work for Disney stuff be it Marvel or Star Wars, it's not new to this show. But they are muted and have no voice or style when they do.


Neo2199 OP t1_jeb4uur wrote

> 'Skelton Crew' stars Jude Law and is from Jon Watts, the filmmaker behind Tom Holland’s recent trilogy of Spider-Man films. It centers on a group of kids lost in the galaxy, trying to find their way home. The series is executive produced by The Mandalorian masterminds Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni. It is set in the New Republic era of Star Wars storytelling.


melbbear t1_jeccu1f wrote

Isn’t Jude law a bit old to be playing a kid? /s


RephRayne t1_jed2is0 wrote

De-aging tech is constantly improving, it now removes 40 years and 3 feet from an actor.


ehsteve23 t1_jedrg63 wrote

So it's now the fourth (?) Star Wars show that's adults escorting lost kid/s back home?


ButthurtBilly t1_jedxija wrote

If Ahsoka ends up being a follow-up to the whole Ezra thing, it could very well be the fifth. Sixth, if you count Boba Fett's baby Rancor and cadre of street-racing juvenile delinquents.

Plus at least one episode of Visions and Tales of the Jedi apiece, and about five minutes of flashbacks in Andor.

And I've done the math on the timeline, and I've got 50/50 odds that The Acolyte is gonna be about Baby Sheev Palpatine. Just you people wait.


Crafty-Antelope1244 t1_jef1s0g wrote

Marvel and Star Wars seem to have a weird obsession lately with adults protecting kids it’s like every project I mean if quality is good I’m fine with it but it’s definitely a formula emerging within Disney


wotown t1_jeda8l2 wrote

Lowery worked with Jude Law on the upcoming Peter Pan and Wendy movie, he's Hook. Disney+ having Lowery on their directors belt will probably end up being great for the service.


ILoveRegenHealth t1_jef38fn wrote

I hope it makes a 2023 release. Lots of interesting names involved in this project.


omarsdroog t1_jechh4t wrote

I loved The Green Knight and he did a good job with Pete's Dragon but his movie, A Ghost Story absolutely wrecked me for days.


Lonely_L0ser t1_jeees0v wrote

Tbh A Ghost Story and The Green Knight both wrecked me.


msa8003 t1_jectvm2 wrote

And Bryce!


HumanOrAlien t1_jedvkmz wrote

BDH came out as a surprise from The Mandalorian Season 1! She's one of the good directors and it's more evident when her episode is probably the best episode in The Book of Boba Fett.


anasui1 t1_jeb65sa wrote

oh please, don't keep us guessing


MetalsDeadAndSoAmI t1_jecf0lh wrote

This is how I would like them to handle all projects going forward. I don’t want to know who wrote or a directed a single thing until the movie or show is finished shooting and in post production.

Can’t be let down, or have some big issue if no one knows the details. Plus, it keeps speculation down, meaning people can’t get all excited about their own idea that never would have been the plot in the first place, and then be mad and let down by their own expectations.


mostlygroovy t1_jedakkg wrote

I look forward to being disappointed


Stratty88 t1_jegztem wrote

I’m already pretending that it didn’t exist.


i81u812 t1_jeebxno wrote

Isn't this / was supposed to be another fucking cartoon?


ILoveRegenHealth t1_jef3kpw wrote

I don't think it ever was. Maybe you're thinking of another project?

This was always (as far as I know) going to be a live action one with Jude Law and overseen by director/showrunner Jon Watts (Tom Holland Spider-Man trilogy). I believe he was the one who went up to Disney with this pitch.


i81u812 t1_jeg2qqo wrote

I hope not. I could be wrong 2 lazy / can't remember to google after work.


MadeByTango t1_jebyngt wrote

Aka, the marketing is spinning up so instead of knowing who is working on anything they make us wait until can get clicks out of it by dribbling long finished credits over weeks. Terrible state of the industry, and shitty for the people working who can’t trade on their completed work until the corporation decided to announce it.

SAG needs to shut this delayed announcement and NDA shit down. People need to apply for work, and Disney is kind of a huge deal on a resume.


preppytarg t1_jechwop wrote

What does the Screen Actors Guild have to do* with a director credit, lol.

You mean DGA?


Beans186 t1_jecvzok wrote

People are still watching Star Wars? Hot damn


Franco_Oceano t1_jee3d65 wrote

Most new stuff is not good, but Andor is one of the best shows I've seen in the last 5 years, Star Wars or not.