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HutchyRJS t1_jebyc3m wrote

I loved Orphan Black

The plot was all over the place in the later seasons but it was worth watching for Tatiana Maslany


keving87 t1_jeclrvn wrote

The last 2 seasons were dumb, but 1-3 were great.


-GregTheGreat- t1_jed6kz0 wrote

I disagree tbh. Season 3 was the messiest season but season 4 was the best of them all.


Karjalan t1_jedq8sm wrote

I can't recall which ones introduced what... but I do recall liking it earlier on more than later. I think once the dude clones got introduced it started to get a little silly.


Quolli t1_jegubl9 wrote

Yeah that was Season 3. It bit off more than it could chew but I was seriously impressed by how they were able to bring it back on-track for Season 4, straight from the first episode.


Rockyrock1221 t1_jef1tag wrote

Yea as someone who watched from the beginning I agree with this.

I went back and watched them all during the pandemic and season 4 was amazingly well done.

1 and 4 were the best imo


Texomond t1_jef4sx8 wrote

I binged the show for the first time over the holidays a few months ago, and honestly, despite all the 'bad rep' about S3 etc I was hearing, I found it all very engaging and enjoyable and wasn't bored at any point; always eager to continue the next episode. Maybe binging the show instead of watching it week-to-week alleviated some of the gripes people have with the show?

But yeah, I definitely agree that S1 and S4 were the best overall. I'd say the other seasons, while not flawless, were definitely still solid though, and the way S5 wraps up makes OB have one of the most satisfying conclusions to a show I can think of.


keving87 t1_jedqi5z wrote

Season 4 basically only existed to set up season 5, it didn't have the usual season 'end' and pretty much only moved it forward to season 5's endgame. It felt like season 4 was twice as long because of it, with a dumb storyline.


dinosaurfondue t1_jegkcms wrote

Agreed. Seasons 1 and 4 were fantastic. 2 was decent. 3 and 5 were a mess.


AFlockOfTySegalls t1_jeelnia wrote

I don't think I even finished the final season, it was that bad toward the end for me.


myassholealt t1_jeffjpz wrote

> but it was worth watching for Tatiana Maslany

I adore her. I loved She Hulk because of her. I was excited when I realized the religious person in Perry Mason season 1 was her.

It's like energy emanates off her or something. I can't explain it. But I have yet to be disappointed by her performances even if the show itself is meh.


VeteranSergeant t1_jefopj0 wrote

I loved seasons 1-2. Rewatched them with my girlfriend who had never seen it. Then we just pretended there was no cliffhanger at the end of Season 2.


RenRen512 t1_jec1rht wrote

I adored OB and I love Ritter so I'll give this a shot.

I'm intrigued by the time jump. I'm hoping we get a truly new story and not a rehash of the original.


bros402 t1_jec4xi1 wrote

I remember hearing a while back that there was going to be a follow-up podcast where the clones were discovered when one applied for the CIA or something like that? Maybe they turned it into a series


Texomond t1_jec8gpn wrote

Yes, they released a 2 season long free audiobook called "Orphan Black: The Next Chapter", it's set 8 years after the original series.

Tatiana Maslany voices everyone in season 1, and a few other actors like Jordan Gavaris (Felix), Kristian Bruun (Donnie) and Evelyne Brochu (Delphine) also return to voice their characters for season 2.

This upcoming TV show is set ~40 years after the original series for comparison. All rumors and signs point to Keeley Hawes' character being >!grown up Kira Manning (Sarah's daughter)!<, so there'll definitely be some connection to the original.


Elon_Kums t1_jedfqzd wrote

I don't think you could rehash the original with the timejump unless science just stopped for 30 years.

This show will probably be about the long term effects of what started in the original series.


krectus t1_jectfiy wrote

Good luck to Krysten for having to follow Tatiana. Not gonna be easy but we will see.


Valiantheart t1_jec7m0l wrote

I wonder why they set it so far in the future. Ritter was great in Jessica Jones, but the writers really let he down in seasons 2 and 3.


TechnoHorse t1_jecmufq wrote

It's probably so that there was time for a new batch of clones to grow up (presumably played by Ritter), otherwise you'd have to retcon the series to say these clones were all out there while Clone Club was doing their thing and they never happened to find any of the Ritter Clones despite taking down/revealing all the organizations.

A near future setting has its difficulties though. It's easy to get a lot of stuff wrong with how the future looks and it could become dated very quickly (even while the show is airing, e.g. political changes in Europe or elsewhere) which is not the position a soft sci-fi show wants to be in.


Radulno t1_jedta7t wrote

It's a sci-fi show, it's already "wrong", it doesn't try to be the real world lol.


TechnoHorse t1_jeelic8 wrote

There's a pretty big difference between "The show is basically set in the modern world except for one sci-fi hook that the show is about" (a group of clones are running around) vs "You're in a sci-fi future".


dratseb t1_jeel9d7 wrote

I couldn’t even finish season three. The “I know I killed your <spoiler> but can’t we just be friends” plotline was so stupid I couldn’t watch anymore.


Gommel_Nox t1_jefwcjx wrote

I was really hoping season three would’ve led to hell storm in season four


iamcharity t1_jee6mf3 wrote

Jessica Jones season 3’s writing was so painfully bad. I couldn’t get thru the first episode. I tried watching the second and gave up after five minutes.


jdessy t1_jef9uqo wrote

For me, season 2 was way worse. Season 2 almost made me not come back for season 3.

Season 3 isn't stellar, but I did find it better than 2.


keving87 t1_jeclywr wrote

Loved Orphan Black, like Krysten Ritter so I'll give this a shot but I hope it's not just a bunch of new clones running around, that kind of would just be too much of a copy of the original.


Calm_Memories t1_jec0dw9 wrote

I'll give the first episode a go but I'm unsure what direction a sequel can take and if it can be a bit more stable/focused compared to Orphan Black (which I did enjoy).


in323 t1_jecyveh wrote

Loved this show….took me a while to understand the premise. Several times early on I said “wow those actresses look pretty similar!” before it was openly called out.


ackillesBAC t1_jecwmcv wrote

Finally some exciting tv news.


NecroSocial t1_jeeb7we wrote

I was more hoping for a Jessica Jones revival, but with the rumors surrounding the way Disney is handling the Daredevil reboot I'm thinking Echoes has a much higher chance of being good than Disneyfied Jessica Jones. So yay Echoes.


Davey87 t1_jecb9q7 wrote

Is the original still on iplayer?


WrathOfTheMeep t1_jedydwz wrote

I didn't realise it ever was, I watched it on Netflix. But I think it might be on All 4 at the moment.


stormatombd t1_jedy7on wrote

Didnt orphan black lead by woman play she hulk before?


dwoller t1_jeep7zt wrote

I’m intrigued, Ritter will be fine but like a lot of shows now we’ll see how the writing is. 50/50 is terrible and doesn’t do proper justice to the original series.

Also why does it have to be AMC? Really don’t want to pay for a other subscription just for this and whatever future Alan Wake show they’re also doing.


hooch t1_jeesbe1 wrote

Huh, didn't know this was happening. But I love Krysten Ritter so I'll definitely watch when it comes out.


Miguelwastaken t1_jef8vh8 wrote

The show had a decent first season. But it quickly got out of control with them not having a single clue what to do with all the characters and what their motives where.


ArticArny t1_jefgaxf wrote

I'm curious about the story line now. I can't imagine going with Ritter they'll do a clone club again. Tatiana Maslany has amazing range and made me believe each of the clones was a different actor. Krysten Ritter, a fantastic actor, does not seem to have much range beyond being pissed off and angry. Granted she's amazing at being a pissed off angry character but a bunch of slighly differently dressed up Ritters being pissed off isn't going to be great television.


vagenda t1_jefj7eh wrote

> does not seem to have much range beyond being pissed off and angry

She's extremely funny in the short-lived Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23, so I think she has a bit more range than just Jessica Jones.


kingxgamer t1_jeeddqt wrote

Can’t wait! I hope Tatiana has a cameo.


lostpawn13 t1_jeeg6an wrote

This is gonna be very not good.


King_Merlin t1_jecsf9o wrote

I love Kristen ritter, no idea what orphan black is. Just came to say this.


nianp t1_jecu1lz wrote

A great show that has Tatiana Maslany (She-Hulk) playing something like 8 different people. She's excellent in it. There are scenes of something like 4 people interacting with each other, all played by her.


TwelveMillionBees t1_jedep1m wrote

Yeah, and at some point pretty much every main character has to impersonate each of the other ones. She does a great job of playing them just that little bit off.


nianp t1_jedga7z wrote

I loved those parts, she did them so well.

Thought talking about that in my original comment may have been a tad confusing for someone who knew nothing of the show.

She's an actress, playing a character who's playing another character who all look the same.


horseren0ir t1_jedg1af wrote

It’s about clones, so Ritter will be playing a bunch of different characters