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beefcat_ t1_iybwyh7 wrote

This is so strange to me. For 20 years, Disney had a relationship with Studio Ghibli that started out strong but was seemingly squandered in the latter half. You would think Disney and Ghibli are a match made in heaven. When they split up, I assumed Disney just didn't feel like they had any idea how to market and distribute anime.


sabersquirl t1_iyc1lnz wrote

They basically still don’t. People were pissed earlier this year when they bought the rights to air Summertime Rendering, but decided to put the entire season up after it finished airing in Japan, rather than week to week as anime is traditionally broadcast.


NintendoCyprus t1_iycbw9k wrote

Summertime Rendering still isn't available on Disney+ outside of Asia and Oceania.


lupeandstripes t1_iyd8pf9 wrote

wait... I watched the first 13 eps on another site this last weekend - so despite having an English dub already complete, they are still slowrolling USA release? What the actual F?


iNuclearPickle t1_iydlguo wrote

I’m just convinced most western Media companies have their heads stuck in the ground. Honestly I’m seeing anime become so much more popular than it was just couple years ago. Even common chains like Walmart and target I’m seeing have manga in stock tho it’s only basic as you can go. Most anime fans including myself would rather bootleg our anime than wait to binge after it’s been out for 2 seasons


iamnotexactlywhite t1_iyddidb wrote

from what i understand, it’s licensing in the US that seems to be the issue. some shows or movies that aren’t available in the US, are available in most of Europe for some reason


DDragoon t1_iydmzj2 wrote

They do the same thing with the Kdramas that they nab. One has showed up on US Disney+ and some on Hulu, the rest got to use the vpn.


SuspiriaGoose t1_iyeskei wrote

But they’re doing great with Bleach and Tatami Time Machine.m


leonden t1_iycbmi3 wrote

People hate having the entire season up at once ? Why?


pipboy_warrior t1_iyclp1h wrote

Because Japan still had a weekly release. Basically Japanese watchers could be up to episode 9, while fans overseas still wouldn't be able to watch a single episode until after episode 12 had come out.


Ellathecat1 t1_iycydms wrote

I think that's a pretty standard distribution model for streaming media, to have an "exclusive release" in the original country and then wider. For example, Better Call Saul aired weekly in the US for AMC, but whole seasons would drop later on Netflix in other markets


Razorhead t1_iyczi8y wrote

Not for anime though. Most every other streaming service is able to simulcast anime worldwide, so deviating from this norm is unusual and seems to be on the distributor rather than the original producer.


pipboy_warrior t1_iyd0w53 wrote

It's still kind of crap, especially if spoilers are a concern. Imagine if House of Dragons pulled that, where one country was discussing new weekly episodes while another didn't get to watch anything until after the whole season released.


Fizzay t1_iycd02a wrote

They explained why, it wasn't put up weekly and was only put up after the season ended which is unusual for anime and sucks.


iNuclearPickle t1_iydm8w5 wrote

It sucks some forget they planned to watch it then just move onto the next season full of anime that are airing week by week.


snakebit1995 t1_iycwsnz wrote

Because for the last decade till Netflix and Disney got involved the standard for anime was simulcasting, AKA subbed here and available for viewing same day as Japan (or within a few hours) and it led to a big anime boom and discussions and watch alongs especially for r/anime. Binge releases just don’t have the same fanfare around them

Look at Jojo’s bizarre adventure, that series got HUGE on r/anime and other subs thanks to Jojo Fridays and the monster discussion threads and since it was weekly releases it was easy to form the routine to follow it for a casual watcher

This most recent iteration Part 6, had been Netflix exclusive and dropped in the binge model format with episodes ever few months and the show is now basically dead in terms of online discussion

Another example Edens Zero is the new manga from the maker of Fairy Tail, it was getting some decent hype as an interesting potential watch and then it went to Netflix and now you can barely find western discussion of it outside its own subreddit. Seven Deadly sins similar situation that show was big in Japan, Netflix model release and it’s so so much less known in the west

The binge model does not work for anime, fans expect and want simulcasts


epicmooz t1_iyd1z1k wrote

Seven deadly sins isn't really a good example. It had its fan base then they destroyed anything good about it in season 3. I've seen SpongeBob fights animated better then seven deadly sin fights


snakebit1995 t1_iyd391l wrote

You’re not wrong but the original season was very popular and that’s what I was mostly talking about


epicmooz t1_iyd5mi0 wrote

Yeah binging it didn't deter it's popularity but the huge drop in quality did


iNuclearPickle t1_iydmp2l wrote

The binge model definitely doesn’t work whatsoever for anime.


Cross55 t1_iyd2cji wrote

Because anime fans don't like the fact that stuff they want to watch and could theoretically watch as soon as it airs is locked behind both a pay and release wall.

So much anime/manga related stuff is already inaccessible if you don't speak Japanese or can't pay for the exhorbidant shipping prices, we don't need western companies just adding more inaccessibility on top of the pile.


leonden t1_iyd5c9k wrote

So you are saying that it is inaccessible, but you don’t want it more accessible because you dislike netflix?


Cross55 t1_iyd8a6v wrote

It's not accessible on sites like Netflix, that's the problem!

Most anime focused sites like Crunchyroll or pirate sites have episodes available in sub the day they air in Japan, sites like Netflix or Disney+ make you wait up to 12-24 weeks to watch a show after it aired in Japan.

Summertime Rendering for example, one of the best new shows released in the past year, ended in the summer in Japan. But guess what? America has to wait months to watch the final few episodes because Disney didn't feel like bestowing said episode upon us mere pathetic English speakers until a few weeks ago. (In America, IIRC, don't know if The UK or Ireland got it yet)

And this happens all the time with these 2.


y-c-c t1_iyd7y3n wrote

Irrelevant because the original anime show is released weekly (the vast majority of anime shows are still aired on TV and will therefore follow a weekly schedule as the studios keep producing future episodes). When an episode is already released in the original market, most anime fans will expect same-day availability in the local market.

I mean, why wouldn't they? Why would you want to artificially wait till the show finished before you can even watch it? If you have a binge mentality and like to consume everything in one go, you can still do that by waiting. Given that the show is already aired in Japan, discussions and spoilers will be floating around, and it simply makes sense to immediately makes them available so you can watch it however it wants.

It's also how most anime are licensed in US for streaming.


PerfectZeong t1_iyd4vws wrote

A small vocal group really likes to do the week to week discussions and get mad when Netflix dumps shit in blocks for anime. Like it's a minority but it's a very vocal one.


Labmit t1_iyd5vn1 wrote

What are you on about. Even the Japanese studios and even the manga authors were disappointed when they hear Netflix made the shows into a binged model.


IKARUSwalks t1_iyc1rv0 wrote

i think that was the thing. no one in the early 90s and 2000s really knew what to do with anime. to them it was a foreign medium that must be recontextualised for the western market. from making small changes like rice balls to doughnuts in pokémon. to rewriting characters and chopping plot lines like in sailor moon.

it took the success of sites like crunchyroll to make them see it could just be what it is. you don’t need to heavily localise and recontextualise it. you don’t have to attach big names to a dub cast to ensure people will watch it. let it be what it is and if it’s good they’ll watch it.


Linkin_G t1_iyclkhe wrote

Disney got an ego. Didn’t want Spirited Away to be loved more than lion king


bagkingz t1_iyegrvt wrote

I thought it was a John Lassiter thing. Once he got the boot, the Ghibli relationship fell apart.


UnrequitedRespect t1_iycusea wrote

To me its wild that most anime before 2000 came from a canadian partnership and that most of the voices from every show i grew up watching was from recorded in Canada, in Vancouver. And i mean like a lot of shows, over 200+.

Think of your favorite pre 2000’s anime and the ocean group was probably involved.

The same guy that did Goku was also Miroku was also a vancouver guy!


DuckTheCow t1_iybzpea wrote

Oh fuck. Disney are so shit at releasing anime. Please just fucking stop, even Netflix are somehow better.


hobbinator924 t1_iycsc8y wrote

Not sure where you are but they are doing a fine job with Bleach in the US.


DuckTheCow t1_iyd2nsq wrote

Summertime rendering and black rock shooter releases are absolute shitshows. Bleach is a the exception not the rule.


lopakjalantar t1_iydmd2f wrote

Wait, isn't that just distribution rights? Cause here i can watch bleach in Netflix


SimplyAllie t1_iye8qrl wrote

Are you watching Bleach: Blood Wars or OG Bleach on Netflix?


ELUClDATE t1_iycoibg wrote

They release it the same way?


DuckTheCow t1_iyd2t9c wrote

Disney just don’t release it. Don’t think there is an official release date for summertime rendering yet.


marshalleon t1_iyd6nu0 wrote

Bleach is still not available outside the US. Not even the old seasons.


Relevant-Ad2254 t1_iyd8p9b wrote

Crazy how when I was in high school liking anime was social suicide. Glad to see it changing


SoCalThrowAway7 t1_iydijui wrote

I remember having a few select anime friends that I found by chance. One was a guy a year older than me on the basketball team with me. We were out at a weekend tournament and between games he was like “I gotta eat to recharge my chakra” and everyone just said haha because he said weird stuff sometimes. When everyone else walked away I quietly said to him “soooo you watch Naruto?” He was one of my best friends at that school for years after that haha.

Another was a kid who watched bleach and I’d talk about new episodes with him at his locker. One time I had to do a speech for some election thing and one of the things I mentioned was talking about bleach with him. It was a Christian school so they were weird and had to approve the speeches ahead of time so we didn’t say something covertly sexual in front of the whole school or whatever. So the teacher who reviewed mine was like “what does this bleach line mean? What does it imply? Is it something inappropriate!?” And I had to spend like 15 minutes explaining that it’s a tv show we both like and not some hidden code.


bagkingz t1_iyet37r wrote

I’m still taken aback sometimes when I see girls who watch anime. Back in the day, it guaranteed that girls wouldn’t come near you.


AJEDIWITHNONAME t1_iycicla wrote

I live in Japan right now and Disney+ has a huge anime selection with lots of new anime that is currently broadcasting still in Japan. There are no English subs though so you have to understand Japanese. But if you want to watch MS Gundam Witch from Mercury, SpyXFamily, or Chainsaw man plus others use a VPN and switch to Japan.


HumanOrAlien OP t1_iycj5mk wrote

For people outside Japan, better option will be to switch to Singapore which has tons of anime with English subtitles.


Guitarfoxx t1_iyddjqk wrote

All of the shows you listed are on crunchyroll in the US, been following MSG:WFM


Hibbsan t1_iydj0fn wrote

If you are into anime it's kinda odd you would get Disney+ for watching it. Crunchyroll is just way better and pretty much have all the currently airing stuff.


AJEDIWITHNONAME t1_iyez1p3 wrote

I can only budget for so many subscription services though. Crunchy Roll would be nice but it’s not in the budget.


JMockJr t1_iyczduq wrote

I don’t want Disney to mess with my anime


Worthyness t1_iydkil1 wrote

If they're just the distributors then it's mostly fine. They've done pretty decently in most markets and hulu has been Disney's anime distribution arm stateside for a while. I think the only thing they could legit screw with is the subtitle translations.


SlipperyRasputin t1_iydo3sf wrote

Most of Hulu’s anime is sourced from funimation/Crunchyroll and Sentai still. Iirc they are doing bleach there now. But I wouldn’t say Hulu is anywhere near a Disney anime distribution arm.


Coolman_Rosso t1_iyf2wkd wrote

It's worth noting that Funimation signed a big distribution deal with Hulu after they didn't renew their partnership with Crunchyroll. This deal is still being honored even after Sony bought CR and merged the two, but I'm curious how long it will last.


No_Leadership4434 t1_iybzku7 wrote

I’m down, Tokyo Revengers is really good, and maybe it’ll help include more of an audience than the kiddos


Unidann t1_iyd7w2r wrote

Disney can't keep their claws off of anything, can they? Soon they'll have a monopoly on all entertainment.


bigbigguy t1_iyc283q wrote

If this means I can watch an episode of AOT without the app crashing I'm here for it. you would think Crunchyroll would be able to handle traffic on the app


Pryoticus t1_iydrcir wrote

Interesting strategy. Considering how poorly they handled having Studio Ghibli and the lack of adult-oriented IP outside of Marvel and Star Wars, I’m curious to see if they have a fan base for this.

It would be nice to have anime on a platform that is better constructed than Funimation or Crunchyroll


striderwhite t1_iydhc1w wrote

Holy shit, they are gonna ruin anime too now?


Screenwriter6788 t1_iydw0ch wrote

Will family friendly Disney really go along with some of the themes anime throws around like nothing?


Linkin_G t1_iycltb6 wrote

So hbo max is really done for… jujitsu is going to be on Disney too?


NoDespair t1_iycrzin wrote

Anime wars begins? Next HBO or Netflix gets all the Shueisha stuff


demoran t1_iycfj1p wrote

Will we finally get decent dubs? Only time will tell.


Feburabyborn t1_iycfcm1 wrote

Yeah, because the Bleach simulcast in the EU worked so well...


Riisiichan t1_iycsdds wrote

Good thing I have Funimation and can Pirate any other Anime I need or Disney would have finally succeeded in getting a dollar out of me.


EnvironmentalValue18 t1_iybwvdf wrote

That’s the studio that did Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) -which is fantastic-so I’m all for it.


MukdenMan t1_iyc0t74 wrote

Kodansha is a book publisher. To my knowledge they don’t have an actual animation studio but they do co-produce anime adaptations of their manga.


EnvironmentalValue18 t1_iyc7les wrote

Thanks for the correction! Either way, I know it’s connected to something I enjoy so I’m excited to see new content from them!


[deleted] t1_iyc3qm1 wrote

Studio Wit and MAPPA did AOT. Kodansha is literally just a book publisher


[deleted] t1_iyclk5r wrote



pipboy_warrior t1_iyctbg4 wrote

The quality really depends on the studio doing the animation, some of it's actually pretty high quality.


EcstatMec t1_iycu3jg wrote

So what show is high quality?


pipboy_warrior t1_iycuefh wrote

Just about anything done by studios WIT, MAPPA, or Trigger. Watching Vinland Saga right now, I'd say that's pretty high quality. More recently Spy X Family has great production values, as does Chainsaw Man.


EcstatMec t1_iycuxjc wrote

Took a look, looks like shit. I mean it exists because it's cheap animation, cheap animation will always look like shit.

Watch Arcane or Clone Wars season 7, that's good TV animation.


pipboy_warrior t1_iycw0gs wrote

It's been all of 5 minutes, and you've determined all 3 shows I mentioned are shit? Man, anyone who gave Clone Wars a similar amount of attention in season 1 would've never given it a second chance.


literious t1_iycxxah wrote

TV anime has bad animation though. I mean you mentioned WIT studio; their Vivy series had good character design, and nice backgrounds occasionally, but the animation quality was awful.


EcstatMec t1_iycy8od wrote

Clone Wars had shit animation in basically every season bar season 7. What's your point?


pipboy_warrior t1_iyd0fhg wrote

My point is that it's stupid to judge something after watching all of a few seconds of it. You've given up on 3 different shows based on less than 5 minutes of viewing. How the heck did you make it to season 7 of Clone Wars if you thought the previous 6 seasons were cheap and terrible?


EcstatMec t1_iyd0v6d wrote

Why would you need more than a few seconds to see if the animation is shit or not? Do you have some problems with your sight?

And I didn't watch previous 6 seasons of Clone Wars, I watched some of it, and I definitely didn't watch it for the animation quality.


pipboy_warrior t1_iyd1lqo wrote

>Why would you need more than a few seconds to see if the animation is shit or not?

To answer that: Why did you watch season 7 of Clone Wars if you already wrote the show off as being shit? Seems like you should've wrote off the whole show if a few seconds was all you needed to determine quality.


EcstatMec t1_iyd2tpi wrote

>To answer that: Why did you watch season 7 of Clone Wars if you already wrote the show off as being shit?

I hadn't written the show off as shit, so I don't get your question.

>Seems like you should've wrote off the whole show if a few seconds was all you needed to determine quality.

So are there some seasons in chainsaw man that has good animation? If so you should have directed me to that, you know how I specifically mentioned season 7 of clone wars?