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JMockJr t1_iyczduq wrote

I don’t want Disney to mess with my anime


Worthyness t1_iydkil1 wrote

If they're just the distributors then it's mostly fine. They've done pretty decently in most markets and hulu has been Disney's anime distribution arm stateside for a while. I think the only thing they could legit screw with is the subtitle translations.


SlipperyRasputin t1_iydo3sf wrote

Most of Hulu’s anime is sourced from funimation/Crunchyroll and Sentai still. Iirc they are doing bleach there now. But I wouldn’t say Hulu is anywhere near a Disney anime distribution arm.


Coolman_Rosso t1_iyf2wkd wrote

It's worth noting that Funimation signed a big distribution deal with Hulu after they didn't renew their partnership with Crunchyroll. This deal is still being honored even after Sony bought CR and merged the two, but I'm curious how long it will last.