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Hi all,


As the year is coming to a close (and I see a post like this every year), I wanted to see what people were most excited for to premiere/return in 2023!


Personally, The Last of Us is currently at the top of my list.



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ghostpiratesyar t1_iy11gm6 wrote

The final season of Barry


LiamTheHuman t1_iy1eyw1 wrote

Wait was the last season not the final one?


ghostpiratesyar t1_iy1fgue wrote

I think they just wrapped up filming for season 4, Henry Winkler has said its the final one.


DeBatton t1_iy29x8k wrote

Its good that they are not to trying to inflate Barry to last for more than 4 seasons. Hitting the reset button and having him carry on as normal, after season 3, would be a big mistake.


[deleted] t1_iy2uibv wrote



karmagirl314 t1_iy45tfl wrote

So don’t watch the next season and pretend it doesn’t exist if that’s how you feel. Easy peasy.


Artistic-Toe-8803 t1_iy63q04 wrote

I'm not saying that because I don't like the show. I do, and I loved season 3, it was the best season imo. But it felt like a great conclusion to the show, especially with that last lingering shot. I don't see how it can continue, they had an ongoing investigation of Barry, testimony and evidence against him, as well as catching him in the act of attempting cold blooded murder.


plainnoob t1_iy19luf wrote

season 4 of Succession


TheByronicKickboxer t1_iy15rk5 wrote

Warrior Season 3

It’s about fucking time for this show to come back and blow my mind again.


Lagiar t1_iy1b2za wrote

What a Chad answer that's also the only thing I'm waiting on


cneogy OP t1_iy1dip5 wrote

Actually have rarely heard of this show until now. Sell me on it?


meltingsunz t1_iy1h9ko wrote

It's based on writings of Bruce Lee brought to TV by his daughter Shannon Lee with Jonathan Tropper as the showrunner. Loosely based on San Francisco's Chinatown in the 1870s plus martial arts.



Holtzc321 t1_iy1ggzh wrote

The gritty, action-packed crime drama is set during the Tong Wars of San Francisco’s Chinatown in the late 19th century and follows Ah Sahm (Andrew Koji), a martial arts prodigy who emigrates from China to San Francisco in search of his sister. Ah Sahm becomes a hatchet man for the Hop Wei, one of the most powerful “tongs”—Chinatown crime families (Summary). The show was inspired by Bruce lee and it is one of the best shows to watch a fight.


chschaser t1_iy1vgtg wrote

I was so excited when HBO announced the third season during covid lockdowns. This show should be on everyone's radar. The costumes are always on point the set pieces and character writing is gritty in the fight scenes are excellent.


thewidowgorey t1_iy15al0 wrote

The Bear

Interview with the Vampire


LyingPug t1_iy10ixn wrote

The Muppets Mayhem!

X-Men 97

Pixar Win or Lose

Three Body Problem


The Last of Us



Returning shows: Succession, Severance, Ted Lasso, Barry, Mando


ComfortableProperty9 t1_iy1wjro wrote

> Three Body Problem

That one will be interesting. Those books are looooonnnnnggggg.


BOEJlDEN t1_iy24ycz wrote

Love those books, hoping they get a worthy adaptation


ComfortableProperty9 t1_iy35syi wrote

I have this weird ability to pick out books that get made into TV and Movies like 12-18 months after I read them. I'm really curious to see how the 2 latest Andy Weir projects are going to pan out. I found The Martian about a year and some change before the movie was announced and it was great wondering how they were going to adapt it.

Apparently The Martian made so much money as a movie that the film rights were sold on the project after that one before the book was published. His next book was so good that they not only had the rights sold but had already cast the lead actor in the movie for his second book after The Martian (Project Hail Mary) before the general public could even read/listen to it.

However the one I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to see a TV series (NOT A MOVIE) around is the Bobiverse series of books by Dennis Taylor. Those books were made of a limited run TV series with a large budget.


Radulno t1_iy3z19q wrote

Red Rising TV show is in the works since a long time and could be glorious if done well (expensive though).

Mass Effect is also a very interesting project IMO and yeah Bobiverse would be cool (as would be Artemis and Project Hail Mary of course). Wool is great and upcoming already (pretty advanced).

Of course, also want to see Stormlight and the Cosmere in general, seems that has moved on that front recently from Sanderson comments. Interested to see Percy Jackson with the author involved too.

So many good books (and more) to adapt. If you can't do original stuff Hollywood, at least adapt more new stuff.


-Frances-The-Mute- t1_iy1xxns wrote

> That one will be interesting

For more reasons than you think.

Check out who the showrunners are.


TalkingRaccoon t1_iy2io6q wrote

>Check out who the showrunners are.

Is it DnD? *googles* yup it's DnD. Actually, might be ok since the book series is actually complete already, right? 😂


Radulno t1_iy3yjkk wrote

It'll mostly be interesting because those books doesn't seem to make for good TV so really interesting to see how they'll adapt it.


mkp9 t1_iy12lyv wrote

The curse with emma stone, benny safdie and nathan fielder


RecoveringHeights t1_iy1g9er wrote

The plot synopsis itself sounds so insane, after The Rehearsal I'm so excited to see what Nathan will give us, plus being paired with a brilliant actress like Emma Stone and a brilliant writer/director/actor like Benny Safdie is a recipe for one of the craziest yet most intriguing shows we might see.


LyingPug t1_iy14347 wrote

Totally forgot about this one. Definitely on my list as well.


danhakimi t1_iy1ysjq wrote

... wait what?

... is this a comedy?


mkp9 t1_iy2it0k wrote

Yeah a "genre-bending" comedy


Mattyzooks t1_iy2ld7v wrote

If this means she is doing more stuff like Maniac, I'm all for it.


DeckardsDark t1_iy3m6sa wrote

great cast and A24 is involved, but Showtime ruins everything so don't get your hopes up


Successful_Gate84 t1_iy4etee wrote

The good lord bird was on showtime and it was terrific

Escape from Dannemora was great too


jak_d_ripr t1_iy1dvmn wrote

Invincible season 2, and maybe Arcane if it manages to drop next year as well. High hopes for X-men 97 too.


Artistic-Toe-8803 t1_iy2umue wrote

Neither Invincible nor Arcane have been confirmed for 2023 right? Seems reasonae to expect Invincible but Arcane probably not


IsawaAwasi t1_iy30lm9 wrote

All they said about Arcane was, "Not 2022." So, I think 2024 is more likely, but late-2023 is at least possible.


Worthyness t1_iy5dcso wrote

they pretty much got set on S2 right after S1 officially ended, so it should be late 2023 if anything


Artistic-Toe-8803 t1_iy625bn wrote

Season 1 took them like 6 years to make apparently. Ik it wasnt in full swing that whole time but they have one of the most popular IPs in the world at hand so it couldn't have taken much to make it a priority. I'd guess 2024 or 2025 optimistically, really hope it's not later than that


IsawaAwasi t1_iy738hp wrote

6 years includes a lot of initial planning and negotiation and then a lot of work creating the tools that were used to make season 1. Actually making the first season took more like 2 years.


jak_d_ripr t1_iy38saf wrote

Yeah we've barely heard anything about either. I think invincible's 20th anniversary is next month so we'll probably get some idea of how season 2 is shaping up then.


Daze_Confuse t1_iy4odc5 wrote

I can't tell if the comic is turning 20 or if that's just a dig at how long the show has taken lol.


Artistic-Toe-8803 t1_iy62h35 wrote

Apparently some of the VAs are done recording for it and are now recording stuff for season 3, so they may be moving on to animation soon. If they are all done with voice recording for season 2 then we should be around a year to a year and a half out from the final product.


Radulno t1_iy3z6k4 wrote

Late 2023 would be 2 years, seems reasonable. Will go much faster for the second season, the first season they had to figure everything out and make the creative team, grow the studio to a much bigger one... I believe in 2023 (mostly I hope)


Artistic-Toe-8803 t1_iy64qnp wrote

Eh it's not really that much time, considering the production value, and the amount of time season 1 took.


Shrekt115 t1_iybya62 wrote

I don't think Invincible will be next year sadly


TheBlackSwarm t1_iy158br wrote

The Last Of Us(HBO)

You Season 4(Netflix)

The Mandalorian Season 3(Disney+)

Poker Face(Peacock)

Outer Banks Season 3(Netflix)

Secret Invasion(Disney+)

Gen V(Amazon)

Hightown Season 3(Starz)


Heels Season 2(Starz)

The Boys Season 4(Amazon)

Power: Force Season 2(Starz)


One Piece(Netflix)

The Continental(Peacock)

Florida Man(Netflix)

Bad Monkey(Apple)


Radulno t1_iy3ze98 wrote

> One Piece(Netflix)

Really? When has a live action anime adaptation even be passable? They are always terrible.

Speaking of, where is that Avatar TLA live action show, hasn't it been announced way before many other shows coming sooner?


prism1234 t1_iy4huba wrote

The cast looks good and the showrunner is really knowledgeable about and loves One Piece, though whether they are also good at actually showrunning who knows, but there are reasons to be cautiously optimistic.


ShadowMadness t1_iy14u4k wrote

The Last of Us for sure

Arcane season 2

I think those might be my most anticipated shows next year.

Beyond that, hopefully we finally get the next volume of RWBY. Not sure if it's coming out this year or next but Invincible season 2 is another one I'm excited for.


SpacemanSpiff23 t1_iy1fxn8 wrote

I didn't know Arcane was coming back so soon. That's my most anticipated show now.


MoSBanapple t1_iy29w9z wrote

Season 2 of Arcane isn't confirmed for 2023. As far as I'm aware, all we've been told is that it isn't coming in 2022 (which is pretty obvious by now). I'm guessing it'll be either late 2023 or sometime in 2024.


prism1234 t1_iy4iets wrote

RWBY is not coming out this year. I don't think a date has even been announced yet. Presumably it will come out next year. Rosterteeth has had a lot of internal problems.


ShadowMadness t1_iy51l8p wrote

I've kept up with the RT updates since the beginning, so I know RWBY won't be out this year. I was referring to Invincible coming out this year or next in the original comment.


tennisguy8997 t1_iy12s63 wrote

Severance S2, Yellowjackets S2, Ted Lasso S3, The Last of Us, The Idol, Love and Death, Secret Invasion


Bikinigirlout t1_iy1gmtz wrote



Outer Banks

Righteous Gemstones

Only Murders in the Building


Never Have I Ever

Gossip Girl-Reboot


pishposhpoppycock t1_iy1x30y wrote

Legend of Vox Machina Season 2!!

Last of Us, obviously.

X-Men 97!!!

White Lotus Season 3... hopefully.

Sandman Season 2?? Maybe?

Arcane Season 2? Maybe?


TheTrotters t1_iy124gg wrote

Severance S2, The Three Body Problem


urgasmic t1_iy1uitd wrote

hoping The Nevers comes back.

Despite the Game of Thrones final season debacle im curious to see how The Three Body Problem at Netflix turns out.


jdubthegreat6770 t1_iy2c8iw wrote

Yes I really enjoyed the Nevers as a scifi/fantasy fan. What ever happened with S2?


urgasmic t1_iy2wrxb wrote

S1 was split into two parts. The second half filmed with a new showrunner last year. It might have been lost in the discovery business.


Oatcakey t1_iy4v3hl wrote

I think it was delayed due to Covid. They were filming on location in London in August this year. Hopefully it will be out next year. Really enjoyed that series.


thesmartfool t1_iy1uoxs wrote

Barry, Succession, The Mandalorian, Last of Us, and White house plumbers,


Secret_Importance545 t1_iy1r2f1 wrote

Barry S4

Succession S4

The Last of Us

Reservation Dogs S3 (unsure if this is actually coming out next year)

The Bear S2 (unsure about this one as well)


OG-Mate23 t1_iy2l61f wrote

Succession s4, Amazon's Fallout, HBOs Last of Us, The Crown Season 6 and The Boys Season 4


Nobodycares2022 t1_iy11k12 wrote

The next seasons of :

Cobra Kai

Never Have I Ever

Stranger Things

The Marvelous Ms Maisel

The Mandalorian

The Boys


A League of Their Own

The Morning Show

Ted Lasso


Regula96 t1_iy13gqw wrote

Extremely unlikely we see Stranger Things next year no?


Nobodycares2022 t1_iy2tfvd wrote

Why not ? They could at least give us some of S5 next year if not all of it.


Thrust369 t1_iy35yts wrote

It hasn't even filmed yet. That's not how shows of that scale work


Rangewil24 t1_iy2ztx4 wrote

Yellowjackets season 2 The last of us Survivor 44 The curse Fatal attraction Sexy beast

Paramount+ and HBO seem to be developing the most interesting content at the moment


Skavau t1_iy0zleq wrote

Severance S02, Last of Us, Sweet Home S02, Arthdal Chronicles S02, All of Us Are Dead S02


Puzzleheaded_Read959 t1_iy16gr9 wrote

I’m excited that the wait is going to be short between Sweet Home season 2 and 3.

All of the promotional content so far makes it appear like they’re filming the seasons back to back.


sycly t1_iy2dmbd wrote

No love for Marvelous Mrs Maisel? Season 5 is finale and coming out soon no?


tacoreddit t1_iy19uqo wrote

that new bob odenkirk show


ddjeff t1_iy1s2yi wrote

Masters of the Air is easily my #1, surprised it’s missing on most lists in the comments.


jdubthegreat6770 t1_iy2c5s1 wrote

I can't wait for when it comes out but feels like it's taking forever


shim_sham_shimmy t1_iy25eew wrote

This show has been on the horizon for so long that I don't even think about it anymore.


Gastro_Jedi t1_iy2crhb wrote

The last of Us

Mando 3

Masters of the Air

The Boys 4

The bear 2

Succession 4

Severance 2

Ted lasso 3


pinksinthehouse t1_iy0zc2m wrote

You season 4

Carnival Row season 2

Never Have I Ever season 4

Lockwood & Co. season 1

The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2

Not sure if returning in 23 or 24:

Bridgerton season 3

Upload season 3

Ted Lasso season 3

Outer Banks season 3


Bikinigirlout t1_iy2nr77 wrote

Outer Banks was lowkey confirmed for February after Madelyn Cline accidentally spilled the release date

She thinks it’s around the 23/24(?)


ctalvey t1_iy1fpyj wrote

The Wheel of Time Season 2


umbathri t1_iy1j5u4 wrote

There are so many reasons s1 went wonky, hopefully s2 can pull it out, if not then better to just end it.


adamjm t1_iy1wnlv wrote

It needs to course correct and show an intention to return to respecting the source material or they should just cancel it.


TalkingRaccoon t1_iy2iy5g wrote

Raised By Wolves s3


oh wait :(


memoryisamonster t1_iy2un6f wrote

Interview with the vampire

Please watch the show y'all it's freaking amazing


Smurfboy22 t1_iy1zfo3 wrote

The Last of Us, The Boy’s: Season 4 and TWD: Rick and Michonne.


Everest_95 t1_iy1164f wrote

Reacher season 2

Carnival Row season 2

Last of Us


[deleted] t1_iy1qovy wrote



Everest_95 t1_iy1qvpj wrote

I don't think it's been officially announced but it's shooting now so I assumed it'd be released next year.


rraar t1_iy1hsba wrote


The Boys




siobhanc1 t1_iy2bhl9 wrote

The Bear, Always Sunny, & Archer


DemonGroover t1_iy2l200 wrote

Looking forward to The Last of Us as well - also intrigued about Fallout.

Some more Korean apocalypse/zombie/dystopian shows are also always welcome.


HuntMore9217 t1_iy1o0vm wrote

The continental - john wick spin off

Three Body Problem

Secret Invasion


Animalpoop t1_iy1pxio wrote

Ted Lasso’s final season and Barry’s final season.


Lardkaiser t1_iy2p811 wrote

I just want Players, season 2.


hannahstohelit t1_iy3wlq6 wrote

To mention something previously unmentioned, Good Omens 2. It will either be amazing or terrible and I'm on tenterhooks not knowing which.


Growlithe_Trainer t1_iy5izc7 wrote

Other than a few others have mentioned here the two I'm looking forward to are

Our Flag Means Death Season 2 . They're just about to finish filiming on S2 so I assume we're going to get in the back half of 2023.

Party Down Season 3. This finished filming in March of this year so I'm hoping we get it early next year but haven't been able to find anything to give a more definitive timeframe.


forkente t1_iy1mvk8 wrote

Welcome To Flatch on Fox/Hulu. It's hilarious! Now in Season 2, hoping for Season 3.


nervuswalker t1_iy228vj wrote

Invincible season 2. No release date yet but it’s gotta be next year


myassholealt t1_iy2htvh wrote

The fallout series on Amazon.


Sunflower2025 t1_iy2pjmp wrote

Succession Season 4 Astrid and Lily Save The World Season 2


SpaceBoundGottaBlast t1_iy2rls4 wrote

Can’t wait to resume the gritty crime drama, Mayor of Kingstown - Starring Jeremy Renner



SirIngenious t1_iy2vi5l wrote

The Newsreader S02 (Roku)

Just finished S01 and Anna Torv was really great! And it looks like I'm in time for S02 which is supposed to be released sometime in 2023.


bros402 t1_iy3nyav wrote

Up Here

hoping for For All Mankind


stodgo66 t1_iy42hzc wrote

Copenhagen Cowboy


leolegendario t1_iy4lfu6 wrote

New Live Action Seasons: Barry, Mandalorian, The Boys.
New Animated Seasons: Bad Batch, Invincible, Arcane.
New Live Action Shows: Poker Face, Avatar: The Last Airbender, One Piece, Ahsoka, The Fall of the House of Usher, Gen V, The Last of Us, The Three-Body Problem, The White House Plumbers, The Curse, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Secret Invasion.
New Animated Shows: Hazbin Hotel, Velma, Krapopolis.


RaylanGivens95 t1_iy5i800 wrote

My Brilliant Friend gets no love. The final season is coming.

Also: Justified.


pillowreceipt t1_iy5uj89 wrote

Ones I'm dying to see, because the previous season ended on such a high-note that I need to know what happens next:

  • Severance
  • Andor (next season will be the final season)
  • Succession
  • Ted Lasso

Ones where there wasn't an OMG-inducing ending, but instead I just enjoy the hell out of them, and I want more of them:

  • Arcane
  • Bad Sisters
  • Only Murders in The Building
  • Reservation Dogs
  • The Bear
  • The Boys
  • The Mandalorian
  • Trying
  • Reacher

Forsaken_Tip_596 t1_iy1ifl9 wrote

most definitely can’t wait for the Last of Us on HBO. Here are my other most anticipated NEW series for 2023

  1. Ahsoka (Disney+)
  2. Alien (Hulu, if it releases in 2023)
  3. Crystal Lake (If it premieres in 2023)
  4. Dark Matter (AppleTV+)
  5. Dune: The Sisterhood (if it releases in 2023)
  6. Gen V (Amazon Prime)
  7. Mayfair Witches (AMC)
  8. School Spirits (Paramount+)
  9. The Three Body Problem (Netflix)
  10. The Walking Dead: Dead City
  11. The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon
  12. The Walking Dead: Rick and Michonne
  13. Wolf Pack (Paramount+)

(i am still personally a Big Walking Dead fan)


oncewasblind t1_iy1mc42 wrote

I would trade all of these (aside from TLoU) for Dark Matter S04 that was on syfy.


[deleted] t1_iy1v2t5 wrote



Forsaken_Tip_596 t1_iy1wy5w wrote

In terms of returning Series I am excited for

  1. Dark Winds Season 2
  2. Evil Season 4
  3. Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 (Please let it be better than 7B)

3a. Ghosts (CBS Version Assuming there will be a season 3)

  1. Heartstopper Season 2

  2. Invasion season 2 (Assuming it returns in 2023)

  3. La Brea (Assuming it gets Season 3)

  4. Nancy Drew Season 4

  5. Only Murders in the Building Season 3

  6. Outer Banks Season 3

  7. Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Season 2

  8. Quantum Leap (Assuming it gets season 2)

  9. Riverdale Season 7

  10. Superman and Lois Season 3

  11. Sweet Tooth Season 2 (If it Releases in 2023)

  12. Ted Lasso Season 3

  13. The Boys Season 4 (Assuming it Premieres in 2023)

  14. The Mandalorian Season 3

  15. The Umbrella Academy Season 4

  16. YellowJackets Season 2

  17. Yellowstone Season 6


DCFDTL t1_iy31jab wrote



B99nome t1_iy369wa wrote

2023 gonna be the year of Severance season 2


Polskidro t1_iy43f63 wrote

The Last Of Us

The Curse

The Retreat

The Idol

Poker Face


Carninator t1_iy4g6vs wrote

The Last of Us and Masters of the Air.

MotA has been in the making since 2013 so it's crazy that it's actually releasing spring of next year. A small collection of photos.


austenjg t1_iy4smvo wrote

The new shows that I’m most excited for are The Last of Us and The Three-Body Problem. Ones that haven’t been confirmed for 2023 but are likely: Fallout, Avatar: The Last Airbender Live Action, One Piece Live Action.

As for returning shows: People in the comments saying Severance s2, I haven’t heard that confirmed but if it is, can’t wait for that. Yellowjackets s2 Mayor of Kingstown s2


jawaismyhomeboy t1_iy9ux2i wrote

Mando, Ashoka, Succession, The Last of Us, The Boys


jayz93j t1_iyaffon wrote

If done well, The 3 Body Problem could be an all time great Sci-fi series. I know the backlash on DnD carries on but while they had source material to adapt, it was some of the best TV ever. I can't wait


anasui1 t1_iy35aba wrote

most curious about Fallout. It will certainly be disappointing, but just wanna see Goggins hamming it up to the stratosphere. Succession 4 cannot come out soon enough either


Zurn3y t1_iy1er97 wrote

This is not an andor post


[deleted] t1_iy158ko wrote