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IsawaAwasi t1_iy30lm9 wrote

All they said about Arcane was, "Not 2022." So, I think 2024 is more likely, but late-2023 is at least possible.


Worthyness t1_iy5dcso wrote

they pretty much got set on S2 right after S1 officially ended, so it should be late 2023 if anything


Artistic-Toe-8803 t1_iy625bn wrote

Season 1 took them like 6 years to make apparently. Ik it wasnt in full swing that whole time but they have one of the most popular IPs in the world at hand so it couldn't have taken much to make it a priority. I'd guess 2024 or 2025 optimistically, really hope it's not later than that


IsawaAwasi t1_iy738hp wrote

6 years includes a lot of initial planning and negotiation and then a lot of work creating the tools that were used to make season 1. Actually making the first season took more like 2 years.