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lukeco t1_iy4ang5 wrote

The Daphne's son "twist" was way more jaw dropping to me


Sthurlangue t1_iy4d4xw wrote

Yeah, that was a slick reveal. I knew he was a fucboi from intro.


Columbus43219 t1_iy4isyy wrote

Crap... what did miss? I watched it already.. she showed Harper her phone and it was two kids... what did I miss?

Edit: rewatched it... damn I'm dumb.


nerdyattorney t1_iy4j6fl wrote

Those kids look a lot like her description of her trainer.


Columbus43219 t1_iy4kx3t wrote

Yeah, I went back and re-watched the scene. I feel like Dale on King of the Hill right now.


CyanideSun t1_iy7lgrn wrote

Oh this totally went over my head haha makes sense now!


GO-KARRT t1_iy8atjf wrote

FUUUUCK! How did I miss that! Holy shit!


hambubger87 t1_iy57ldy wrote

I'm dumber, because I'm still not getting it.


Chataboutgames t1_iy59f75 wrote

She talks about how she has this hot trainer with blonde hair and blue eyes who she spends more time with than her husband to cope with his cheating. Then she shows Harper a photo. The photo is of her son, who has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Does that do it for you?


[deleted] t1_iy5upci wrote



CTeam19 t1_iy5wl4i wrote

  1. She says go find a trainer and her's has blonde hair and blue eyes

  2. she shows a picture of the kids who have blonde hair and blue eyes

  3. Cameron(Theo James) clearly doesn't have blonde hair or blue eyes

  4. blonde hair and blue eyes are recessive

  5. go back to High School Biology and Punnett Square that out.

Daphne's kids' Dad is the trainer not Cameron's(Theo James). She is telling Haper(Aubrey Plaza) to go out fuck some other guy to have kids to be happy and let Ethan just be Ethan.


CleverZerg t1_iy7oy9l wrote

Fuck, I'm stupid. I did not register at all that that was what that scene was about.


BlisslessTaskList t1_iy7rzo0 wrote

Right? But I knew enough to know I was missing something just not smart enough to know what it was. And that’s my life.


kebordworyr t1_iy8916l wrote

I must be very dumb because i’m still not getting it, is the implication that she’s urging Plaza’s character to have kids?? That’s how I took it


BlisslessTaskList t1_iy8a3qj wrote

That’s how initially took it but I think the implication is that blonde headed boy is the trainer’s son. So Cam may be cheating on her but she got hers in the end.


GO-KARRT t1_iy8b0ih wrote

Same, but now I see what they're saying. The kids are the trainers, not her husbands. It totally went over my head as well and I thought she was saying to trap him by having kids.


EugenesMullet t1_iy7rean wrote

God damn it. I could tell there was an implication in that exchange but I couldn’t land on what it was meant to be. Very good stuff.


Daisy_LaRue t1_iybcvb2 wrote

That twist was fantastic. Super subtle and incredibly revealing about how good she is at compartmentalizing.

Also weird she would share this massive secret with a near stranger! Harper's right, she really must not have a lot of female friends.


shape_queen t1_iy474q1 wrote

I thought it was obvious that the "naughty nephew" was in fact, not his nephew


VintageJane t1_iy54mj3 wrote

The thing that made it finally click for me (before the reveal) is that no man posh enough to have an Italian villa and a yacht is going to have a chavvy nephew without some serious explanation occurring as to how his brother/sister ended up marrying far, far below their station.


YeahWTF20 t1_iy5qksl wrote

The minute I heard the nephews accent I was like "lol no, they're not related".


Anneisabitch t1_iy5flp4 wrote

I think the accents in this show are an Easter egg themselves. The average American isn’t going to know Essex vs posh accents don’t happen in the UK.


AzovApologist t1_iy64b9u wrote

Maybe 25 years ago, but British content has been really big in America since the mid aughts. We can definitely tell the difference between a slack-jawed chav and a posh aristocrat.


ooouroboros t1_iy7c82f wrote

> Maybe 25 years ago,

PBS has been showing English shows for like 40 years. I learned a ot about British accents watching Monte Python.


LittleLisaCan t1_iy9229l wrote

I can tell a difference between the two, but it never occurred to me before this show that the accents would be class related. I thought it meant they grew up in different areas


VintageJane t1_iy5m467 wrote

I probably would not have gotten that either just a few years ago but my husband is 2nd generation Scottish American and grew up watching a lot of BBC programming and we’ve been watching it together in the 6 years we’ve been together so I’ve learned a bit more of the cultural nuances than I would have known otherwise


bluetux t1_iy7oly9 wrote

American but caught the difference in accent from clips of people making fun of 'The Only way is Essex' and tiktoks


ImOnlyHereForTheCoC t1_iy4gvfy wrote

The only way this will end up being a twist is if it turns out he’s fucking his actual nephew.


FredHowl t1_iy4upcv wrote

Thats what i thought was going on at first. So my jaw dropped😅


ImOnlyHereForTheCoC t1_iy4vakc wrote

Honestly I’m still not convinced it isn’t. After the whole “would you die for beauty” convo and that preview clip where the (“?)nephew(“?) says something about living like it’s your last day, I’m half-expecting them to try to murder my girl Jennifer C as part of some weird, incestuous pagan ritual!


Waaatson54 t1_iy5d17i wrote

I also think Jennifer Coolidge is going to be the one killed the season! I just think it's going to be suicide. She made the one comment about someone leaping off the ledge at the hotel one episode, and I feel like TV writers like to use the Madame butterfly Opera setting as a foreshadowing of a symbolic death to come.


you_bastid t1_iy78gx4 wrote

Except we know there are at least three deaths this time. One in the water and then the hotel manager talks about a “few other bodies” being found shortly after.


Waaatson54 t1_iy8dgkm wrote

I have no idea how I missed that part! Now I'm even more clueless. I love it!


oldcarfreddy t1_iydp5qj wrote

To be fair I wouldn't put it beyond the show to pepper hints that not everyone gets on first watch, as well as some false hints since in the end we're not supposed to know who dies. The first season gave us multiple moments where we almost thought one of the local Hawaiians would die, for example.


FredHowl t1_iy4whbv wrote

Halfway hope thats what happens, cause something needs to go down this season..


e_x_i_t t1_iy7wafd wrote

The first thing I thought when she was walking down the hallway was "Stifler's Mom is about to get murdered by a cult", so I'm glad I'm not the only one getting those vibes.


oldcarfreddy t1_iydhbeh wrote

That's exactly why I think it's not his nephew. I think they're scammers and have something going on.

Greg may be involved too.


AnAussiebum t1_iy5hpi5 wrote

I'd be more shocked if the nephew was the bottom.


Hopegrowsinadump t1_iy459ke wrote

"Jaw-dropping twist"? No


Binksyboo t1_iy52n57 wrote

Listen, I predicted called it as soon as he said “I’ve gotta do something for my uncle” and my jaw STILL dropped at the presentation.

But if you really wanna twist your mind up, what if Tanya’s absent husband, Greg, is actually the Wyoming cowboy in the story? And since Quentin will do anything for him , even 30 years later, that’s who was on the phone secretly and maybe he will try to kill her and help Quentin inherit her money.


Anneisabitch t1_iy5ftdg wrote

Greg’s secret conversations were going out of their way to use no pronouns or romance. I’m betting they’re his kids.


horkus1 t1_iy645rb wrote

Wait… you’re betting who are Greg’s kids?


Anneisabitch t1_iy64cy7 wrote

I’m thinking Greg was talking to his kids or someone else non-romantic. He never said “I love you honey” he said “I love you too, can’t wait to see you again”


oldcarfreddy t1_iydhlay wrote

The quirky gay Italian men. It's gays upon gays upon gays


SleepL8r t1_iy5myiv wrote

Ding ding! I thought the same about Greg. Something needs to exist to help motivate Quentin’s fixation with Tanya.


LostOnTheRiver718 t1_iy6xq25 wrote

Yes of course it was Quinten on the other end of the line.

Cowboy from Wyoming = ….BLM… come on


BlisslessTaskList t1_iy7shid wrote

I thought the “I gotta do something for my uncle” was that he was going to murder Tanya. I thought this whole thing was a set up by her husband. He’s gone for two days and they magically show up and all the motives are there. The husband and her have a prenup but if she dies maybe he gets it all or most. He hires these guys who have to maintain their beautiful villa but don’t want to open it to the public. And that story about the old matriarch on the Italian island not wanting to sell her home or property to investors so she’s murdered was, I thought, foreboding. But whatever… guess I was wrong and they’re just doing it.


Pool_Shark t1_iy7x0kd wrote

Chekovs husband he has to come back at some point and this certainly makes sense


Chataboutgames t1_iy4d2wh wrote

Jaw dropping twist? It was like, the second most common theory being bandied about. Also, it's not much of a "twist" if there aren't serious emotional stakes to it. We have one gay man who's sex life is really of no concern to any of the main characters, and a man having sex with him whose only interest is being a character's sexy fling.


aboycandream t1_iy437mg wrote

Was it really that shocking? I thought it was obvious what they were doing


Stauvenhagian t1_iy4l5ez wrote

He should have been banging her husband. Now that would have a been a twist.


ArrogantAlmond t1_iy4zjkq wrote

I think that's still the case, that the uncle is into her husband. He's the straight cowboy


kmgni t1_iy5qpfi wrote

Who says they’re not?


DarthMosasaur t1_iy4agt6 wrote

My jaw did not drop. I said "Ok..." and hoped the episode didn't end right then.


ledge9999 t1_iy67cln wrote

Same here. I had to read this thread to see what the headline was talking about.


MisterTruth t1_iy4pdmp wrote

Is the twist that Mike White leads the jets to the Super Bowl? Id watch that.


NumbTheFather t1_iy4jraz wrote

Would have been jaw-dropping for me, had I not hanged out a lot on r/TheWhiteLotusHBO. lol


GO-KARRT t1_iy8c9er wrote

I've found it's best to avoid a shows subreddits while they're actively showing a season. So much better blind and not reading all the speculations. I'll jump back into them after the season is over though. It was honestly r/SeveranceAppleTVPlus and r/OuterRangePrime that finally killed it for me.


LittleLisaCan t1_iy9307y wrote

I do that for a lot of shows, but I love the discussions too much on the subreddit to not read it while watching live. I need my threads arguing over who's the bigger asshole, Cameron, Ethan or Harper? Plop or Armond?


oldcarfreddy t1_iydhse8 wrote

> Plop

holy shit you just blew my mind. testament to his acting that he can play a Cameron-like asshole and manbaby so convincingly


Uptopdownlowguy t1_iyae2jk wrote

I made the same mistake reading speculation threads over on r/westworld during its first season. Those people got everything right, lol


EnBeeAyeee t1_iy4sxga wrote

Saw "Mike White" in the headline and had to double take since I just came in from r/NFL


CTeam19 t1_iy5wt06 wrote

Naw we are talking about /r/survivor Mike White.


RitoRvolto t1_iy4xew1 wrote

He's the OG Mike White, the NFL guy should pay him royalties.


DougDunksDonuts t1_iy8kv0n wrote

As a Jets/White Lotus fan, this has been a good December...or a rather a White Christmas.


Jon1renicus t1_iy4ekzu wrote

I really do hate headlines like this when its the day after an episode but I haven't watched it yet (am tonight)


Prax150 t1_iy4qf3q wrote

The headline doesn't spoil anything? You hate people talking about a show outside of your personal timeline?


MrBensvik t1_iy59v9z wrote

Sometimes just knowing there’s a twist is a spoiler in itself, even if the content isn’t revealed. Twists are meant to be a surprise, kinda ruins it if you know there will be one.


Jon1renicus t1_iy4y00s wrote

To answer #2, of course not. I would just have preferred a headline more like 'lets talk about last nights episode' or something. But maybe im a weirdo


CTeam19 t1_iy5x2d8 wrote

I mean it is obvious like when Glenn died on Walking Dead and people the very next day were going "oh let's fan cast Steven Yeun in Star Wars, DC, Marvel because he has more time on his hands wink wink"


zeroxray t1_iy4mkoq wrote

Smh Instant information at your fingertips makes you hateful?


Marcello_ t1_iy4pbay wrote

especially when its the afternoon after the episode dropped. its only natural that theres the potential to have something spoiled. also, unless youre reading the article you wouldnt even know what the twist is. its just like turn your brain on. smh


Leafs17 t1_iyb7mo8 wrote

The problem is knowing there's a twist is a spoiler


Marcello_ t1_iybnzd9 wrote

no the problem is putting yourself in a position where theres a high likelihood of reading something you dont want to, on a platform that caters to peoples very specific interests, before watching the show or movie you dont want spoiled. were in the age of instant information, yeah it sucks, but thats the reality. people are not going to not talk about something they really wanna talk about just because a random stranger might have something spoiled for them.


Leafs17 t1_iycnj47 wrote

Ok but people do avoid talking spoilers, so maybe you're just a jerk


Artistic-Toe-8803 t1_iy7qwzy wrote

Mike White? As in the greatest athlete to ever live, the saviour of all sports in the North Eastern US? The East Rutherford Magician?


duh_metrius t1_iy55ey4 wrote

I literally just watched episode 4 and 5 strictly because I saw this headline and I’m super let down.


Mentoman72 t1_iy5bejc wrote

I don't think it's a mind blowing twist but having two new episodes in a row of White Lotus sounds bomb.


passing-stranger t1_iy5a8h3 wrote

I've been enjoying this season of white lotus but sometimes I feel like they're spoon-feeding me "shocking" twists. Then I talk to other people/look online and understand why they have to make things so obvious lol


inodoro99 t1_iy6c2ih wrote

We missed when he dropped his jaw and went straight to opening up his rosebud


iamtheoneneo t1_iy7omzu wrote

Ah I miss the days when we had gay orgies and ass eating.

Now we just get 'uncle' fucking.

LOL Mikes' writing sure is something!


3dpimp t1_iy5prch wrote

It's a good show, but that was hardly a jaw dropping twist. Jaw dropping would have been Lucia pulling out a cock for Vagina Boy after being with his dad 😆


oldcarfreddy t1_iydi3tl wrote

I don't know why you call him Vagina Boy but it fits perfectly


3dpimp t1_iydjac6 wrote

I can kind of tell you do know why I am calling him that 😆


TheChanMan2003 t1_iy585a9 wrote

Talk about a twist - this was the worst Avatar spinoff ever. Mike White is a terrible Iroh.


championsoffun t1_iy49fqq wrote

It's a Mike White project...nothing jaw-dropping about it.


nich3play3r t1_iy4su8v wrote

My jaw would totally drop if this show became watchable all of a sudden.