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#The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

Premise: The Guardians of the Galaxy celebrate Christmas and set out to Earth to find Peter Quill the best present.

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OlaAnder t1_ixprf6a wrote

This was really sweet. Pom Klementoff was delightful and while Dave Bautista apparently hates the fact that Drax has become just a comic relief... he is great at that.


ackinsocraycray t1_ixux2ur wrote

I agree with Batista, I preferred Drax in the first GOTG. However, I won't deny how much I laughed at his silly comments.


mcmanybucks t1_ixrgqu4 wrote

Wouldn't comic accurate Drax be a bit too much anyway?


NLP19 t1_ixrje9k wrote

Comic Drax was basically just comic relief anyways for the entirety of the 90s


DisneyDreams7 t1_ixugygg wrote

The character isn’t based on 90’s Drax but modern Drax. Who is definitely not comic relief and never has been


[deleted] t1_ixxzt6o wrote

MCU Drax is already unbearable since GOTG2.


theodo t1_iy0zvt5 wrote

All of the nipple stuff is unbearable.


Standard_Cycle_2224 t1_ixpzf2z wrote

I've enjoyed both of these Specials more than the actual TV shows.


Puzzleheaded_Read959 t1_ixq2sq7 wrote

Spreading 40 minutes of story over 6 episodes is the Marvel way.


EmporioJimaras t1_ixqso7s wrote

Compared ro the dc way of spreading it over 20 episodes?


BOEJlDEN t1_ixsqvix wrote

Like Peacemaker? Or Watchmen?

Oh wait


EmporioJimaras t1_ixts0be wrote

No, like flash, arrow, krypton, fotham, supergirl, batwoman, titans, naomi or pennywortg.

The fact that you only named two shows is very telling


suss2it t1_ixv3e9c wrote

You're stat padding too. Titans, Naomi, Krypton and Pennyworth are all shows with 13 or less episodes a season.


Thromkai t1_iy3gwes wrote

Counting the CW shows is cherry picking lol


[deleted] t1_ixswdw2 wrote

Peacemaker is way better than every Marvel show. I'm not typically a fan of hero stuff and even I enjoyed it.


Kwilly462 t1_ixqhghq wrote

These specials are such a good idea by Marvel. It's something that doesn't have to be dragged out into 6 episodes, but also isn't quite a movie either.

I could see them making a Dr Doom origin special tbh.


work4work4work4work4 t1_ixqjisa wrote

Doom demands at least a 4-6 episode anthology.

Books of Doom + Astonishing Tales 1-8 are basically tailormade for being chopped up into something special.

It's a shame Fantastic Four / Silver Surfer / Galactus was done so poorly, because a good Fantastic Four / Galactus movie that ends with Silver Surfer trapped on Earth leading into a Doom anthology finale based on FF 57-60 where Doom steals Surfer's powers after Surfer saves the Earth could have really set up Doom as the worthy and layered big bad he is.


[deleted] t1_ixqs407 wrote



[deleted] t1_ixr0dha wrote



SamuraiJackBauer t1_ixr38jh wrote

This was fun. Made me smile.

Biggest thing for me was I cared not a lick for Mantis before this Special and now I 100% want more of her immediately.


AstralComet t1_ixt60ck wrote

Was I the only one who didn't know she was Quill's half-sibling? I feel like GotG2 was incredibly vague with that, whether she was just a valuable critter Ego picked up, or a child of his he didn't murder since she was useful, and I appreciate the additional personal depth it adds.


Wet-Haired_Caribou t1_ixu6mxm wrote

AFAIK there was only one blatant hint towards this in GOTG2, and it's something you'd never catch without pausing the movie. As Ego explains his true plan to Quill, he creates a model of himself wooing various women, one of whom closely resembles Mantis. This is quite difficult to see, even on a large display.


Worthyness t1_ixyb9ba wrote

that said, it's a pretty safe assumption given Ego literally spent millennia procreating with different species. And Ego supposedly picked up Mantis in her larval state, so pretty easy to get access to that when you are constantly watching for it


Wet-Haired_Caribou t1_ixydjjp wrote

It's pretty obvious when you think about it, but it just didn't seem to cross many people's minds while watching the film in theatres, myself included. I only caught on during a rewatch


[deleted] t1_ixu1d7n wrote

The special is the first time it's been said that Ego was also her father. I don't remember Volume 2 hinting either way.


Xeronic t1_iy3bpnq wrote

Think this is just a MCU thing. In the comics, and the games, she's her own person and a pretty powerful one at that. in the recent Guardians of the galaxy game, she's a powerful seer. Peter also isn't ego's son in the comics, but MCU does stuff differently, and that's fine for whatever they are doing in the MCU.

Like the guns in this special. Peter gets his guns from his dad (who is a king) by accident. But here, they are from Yondu (and the surrogate dad type).

changing it up is fine, and i'm ok with it.


theg2 t1_iyaskow wrote

It the latest game there's a timeline where Mantis says they dated so I was VERY confused where the MCU was going with this at first.


ackinsocraycray t1_ixv2rtm wrote

It was a big shock to me as well. I just assumed Ego picked her up from somewhere and kept her as a prisoner. Never crossed my mind that there's a possibility that she's also his child.


inksmudgedhands t1_ixqycpz wrote

The Pogues' Fairytale of New York is a song I would never thought in a million years of appearing in an MCU project. I don't know why. But it just never occurred to me. But it sets the mood so perfectly.

Wait, was that Mark Hamill.....?

By his reaction, I feel like they caught Pratt's genuine reaction to the lit up set. That's what I would have done if I were Gunn. Just kept Pratt away from the set until the cameras were rolling and get his actual reaction to all the lights because the sets were so impressively looking. Between this and Andor, God, I adore a good actual set over greenscreen or LED screen setting. For one thing, as good as CGI is, they have yet to perfect the way light bounces off material. It always looks flat and muddy because the blacks are never black enough.

Love the Ralph Bakshi homage style of animation. It felt like something Gunn always wanted to do but just needed the right moment to bring it out.

Gillan's delivery of, "You can't out run me, Bacon!" is making me still giggle thinking about it. In fact, everyone looked like they had a blast making this.


matlockga t1_ixr9y7s wrote

> The Pogues' Fairytale of New York > is a song I would never thought in a million years of appearing in an MCU project. I don't know why. But it just never occurred to me. But it sets the mood so perfectly. > >

Not only that, but it helps tell the story of young Quill and Yondu perfectly. Between Fairytale, which I've sung every year since 2014 -- and The Old 97s, of which I used as a basis for a reception setlist, gotta say I'm really happy with the way the music turned out here.

And even moreso that Gunn did a ton better acknowledging how normal people would react to a spaceship post-Thanos than Taika did.


APiousCultist t1_ixr18ez wrote

Tonally there's no reason it couldn't, it'd fit Tony Stark's mood well. But I'm surprised they'd throw in the song considering the original version (featured in your link) has the singer calling someone a f----t. Actually they still often play that version on UK radios and it still throws me. We might not really use that an insult here, but it's not like the singers are using it in another context either.


sirbissel t1_ixumy3t wrote

Wait, there's a version that doesn't?


Pool_Shark t1_ixv24pj wrote

Cover versions by other artists omit that line sometimes


Thromkai t1_iy3h5z8 wrote

> Gillan's delivery of


That one got me good.


emotiondesigner t1_ixtsggu wrote

I thought Nebula was hilarious! "You can't outrun me Bacon!". The way she was dancing during the band. Just every time she was on screen, the way Karen Gillan Plays her just cracks me up. She makes Nebula so hilariously hardcore but awkward because she was raised to be a murder machine that is learning to be normal. It's just so funny in a subtle way. Whereas some of the other guardians are a lil more over the top. Still funny. But Karen GIllan's portrayal is just spot on funny to me.


theodo t1_iy10kg1 wrote

Everytime I hear Gillan talk in her normal voice is astonishing. She has an insanely thick accent but can completely kill it, which is so impressive. Obviously lots of actors that, but hers was one of the most surprising.


chynkeyez t1_ixrtnen wrote

Loved the special. Heartwarming with just the right amount of cheese. Only 2 gripes are:

  1. Not nearly enough Groot

  2. Mantis needs Drax to throw her over the gate but then proceeds to nimbly parkour through Kevin's house and leap much higher than the hedges during the chase scene. Thought that was silly


LeoLaDawg t1_ixpmv8k wrote

Well I think we require a Cosmo movie now, no? Like they have to do that now I think.


VirtualPen204 t1_ixtsuzk wrote

Think she's supposed to be in GotG3.


hamlet47 t1_ixu1nr4 wrote

It feels a bit weird that she's suddenly a member of the team without ever explaining her backstory - maybe that's in the next movie?


Worthyness t1_ixybcgr wrote

Cosmo has a couple cameos in the first and second movies, so she's just been there in the background.


kingofwing17 t1_ixtr8p7 wrote

Big Dave wailing on that robot was highlight for me


Freon424 t1_ixulxhp wrote



emotiondesigner t1_ixv8r0a wrote

yes that scene was great. It didn't make any sense but I still laughed out loud pretty hard


bajesus t1_ixtqur9 wrote

Say what want about it, but James Gunn is a man who understands an assignment. He made the most Christmassy Christmas special possible.


MiserableSnow t1_ixszhjg wrote

I thought it was pretty bad. I smirked a few times, but there’s just too much humour that doesn’t work. Reminds me of Thor: Love and Thunder.


jfstompers t1_ixr5zi4 wrote

I mean super cheesy but its fun


JustAboutAlright t1_ixrffll wrote

That might have been the most fun I’ve had with a Christmas special since He-Man & She-Ra when I was a kid.


turkeygiant t1_ixr091b wrote

After watching this I really want to see a James Gunn directed Muppet Movie. Muppet Justice League when?


Tebeku t1_ixtr8ta wrote

When the Disney + Discovery merger arrives.


Intelligent-Age2786 t1_ixrjcda wrote

I liked it a lot. It was very wholesome and funny all throughout. There was barely a single moment I didn’t have a smile on my face. Special Presentations was an amazing decision for marvel and Disney to pursue


mikechr2k7 t1_ixr1ysm wrote

I enjoyed it! Good use of humor, brought the team a little closer together and Mantis was a star. Kevin Bacon did well and it all just worked


TheBigIdiotSalami t1_ixrwgda wrote

I've been cool on Marvel shit, but I love Christmas stuff and this was just hitting all the right Christmas notes.


TheSeesawKiller t1_ixs0hho wrote

Lots of the Knowhere shots felt like they were shot in the Volume.


Major_Warrens_Dingus t1_ixsuqt1 wrote

That can be said about all of the Disney+ stuff. Every set feels like it’s 20 feet deep, almost like a stage play with a projector in the back.


chicagoredditer1 t1_ixt7aa7 wrote

I know, it just feels so different than in the old days even they were shot on soundstages that were....30 feet deep....


theyellowtiredone t1_ixrhn92 wrote

Just watched it and was thoroughly entertained. I laughed a lot more than expected and having watched Spirited last night, would say this one had the better Christmas soundtrack.


Twain_Driver t1_ixw6pmn wrote

Very charming little show. Like everything about it but one little scene; when she asks Drax to toss her over the gate. Moments later, it show just how insanely physically capable she is. Leaping over bushes/fences higher than the one he tossed her over. But who pays attention to that stuff outside of sweaty dorks like myself? Cosmo was cute.


rikashiku t1_iy13e5k wrote

Those bushes and fences were definitely not higher than the Gate. The gate looked more than 2.5 meters tall. The bushes maybe less than 1.8 meters.

Still, she's got hops. She could have jumped up and climbed over the gate with no problem. I mean she was clearing 2 meters easy.


emotiondesigner t1_ixtt7n9 wrote

I enjoyed it over all because there were a lot of moments that made me laugh and made me feel holiday warm and fuzzies. But, it was a lil silly. Like I guess for a family christmas special it's hard to have any sort of dramatic serious tone to balance out the silly stuff. So Im not mad at it. The look and feel felt off to me because it was so high key lit, like a lifetime movie. When we are used to seeing the Guardians of the Galaxy lit with a much moodier, dark, outer space tone. It felt like a very intentional choice. Like they were definitely going for more of an Elf Christmas vibe than saving the galaxy from the Sovereign and all that. And while it took some adjusting to. I still think it worked for what they were trying to do. I dont think the christmas tone and singing would have worked if they were fighting off aliens attacking Nowhere. It was entertaining and it was fun, and I laughed out loud quite a bit. As far as Christmas specials go, it could have been a whole lot worse. I loved seeing the guardians all learn about christmas.


CosmoNewanda t1_ixrc9vh wrote

Anyone know why Mantis's hair is going gray?


inksmudgedhands t1_ixrgcf8 wrote

It's either a style decision or her mother's side of the family age quicker than say a human does. Which I would not put it past Gunn to make Mantis grow old quickly and die because Peter is cursed when it comes to love ones.


spike021 t1_ixrr9sb wrote

We also don't really know how old she is. I don't think there's been any hint. It's possible she was already older than Peter but her species looks younger for their age, etc.


blakxzep t1_ixwu1hv wrote

I thought it was awful. Like there were some good jokes but Drax & Mantis bickering got annoying, more fake laughter, the sets looked cheap (like you can tell this was filmed inbetween filming), Drax just gets dumber and MCU Mantis is just dumb? Musical numbers were awful too. Why couldn’t they just go to Earth & Star Lord tried to teach them Christmas?

I just want to clarify the video game they did last year, the plotting and character writing is far superior than what the movies are doing currently. Even Star Lord is better in the game. Its a good mix of the Gunn humor & DnA writing.

Someone mentioned its like Love & Thunder all over again. I really hope Guardians 3 doesn’t end up like this.


[deleted] t1_ixx2ohj wrote

Agreed, as a Marvel fan I can’t believe the general consensus seems to be good. This wasn’t funny at all and Mantis felt so out of character. They’re turning her into a second Drax.


Where_Is_Old_Zealand t1_iy3h2kr wrote

Loved everything about it EXCEPT that dog shit animation, looked like dog shit, you've got a thousand people who do animation for you, you couldn't assign a few of them to 1 minute of animation??


inspired_corn t1_iyad0zc wrote

It was intentionally poor, was a homage to the holiday special

Whether that was a good decision or not is another question entirely, but it’s not about how many animators were assigned.


PhoOhThree OP t1_ixpnmp8 wrote

There is ONE mid-credits scene and nothing at the end of the Disney plus language credits.


HuntMore9217 t1_ixzbfg7 wrote

Is the actor for yondu not available during filming? Kinda disappointed they had to do subpar animation instead. And where did that telpath dog come from?


itrainmonkeys t1_iy1noaz wrote

I believe the animation style was a direct choice to mimic 80's animated holiday specials. There were a lot of little style choices made to match old holiday classics. Also totally possible you're right and Rooker was busy but I am leaning towards style choice. I'm sure Gunn will be open to answer it at some point when asked.


HuntMore9217 t1_iy1oblk wrote

> I believe the animation style was a direct choice to mimic 80's animated holiday specials.

OIC, i thought it was because of budget constraints cause the set also looked like it was low budget, but I do respect it if it that's a style choice.


itrainmonkeys t1_iy1qixl wrote

I could be totally wrong but I've seen speculation from others online and in videos saying it matches some old animated holiday specials. But I have no real evidence anyway so who knows, haha?


BauerHaus t1_ixzjjbf wrote

Cosmo was in the first Guardians movie, he's in the Collector's museum. He's a telepathic Russian space dog in the comics, like Laika. I forget if he had telepathy before or after being lost in space, I assume after.

In the comics he was in charge of security on Knowhere, maybe in the MCU version she will have a similar role >!since they casually mentioned buying Knowhere!<


JebusJM t1_ixsbkf3 wrote

Looks like the majority liked it and I'm happy for you all. I just couldn't enjoy it. I thought it was downright terrible. Had a few good laughs in it but overall I really didn't like it. Found myself skipping every 10s at the end just to get to the credits.


SeanOuttaCompton t1_ixrmxx7 wrote

Eh. It was fine I guess, I might just not like the classic Christmas special format as much as I thought I did- I get it, it’s Christmas, you don’t have to say it eighty more times


hambamthankyoumam17 t1_ixtvuto wrote

it was so boring and redundant, not to mention fucking cheap looking.


[deleted] t1_ixpke7z wrote