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AstralComet t1_ixt60ck wrote

Was I the only one who didn't know she was Quill's half-sibling? I feel like GotG2 was incredibly vague with that, whether she was just a valuable critter Ego picked up, or a child of his he didn't murder since she was useful, and I appreciate the additional personal depth it adds.


Wet-Haired_Caribou t1_ixu6mxm wrote

AFAIK there was only one blatant hint towards this in GOTG2, and it's something you'd never catch without pausing the movie. As Ego explains his true plan to Quill, he creates a model of himself wooing various women, one of whom closely resembles Mantis. This is quite difficult to see, even on a large display.


Worthyness t1_ixyb9ba wrote

that said, it's a pretty safe assumption given Ego literally spent millennia procreating with different species. And Ego supposedly picked up Mantis in her larval state, so pretty easy to get access to that when you are constantly watching for it


Wet-Haired_Caribou t1_ixydjjp wrote

It's pretty obvious when you think about it, but it just didn't seem to cross many people's minds while watching the film in theatres, myself included. I only caught on during a rewatch


[deleted] t1_ixu1d7n wrote

The special is the first time it's been said that Ego was also her father. I don't remember Volume 2 hinting either way.


Xeronic t1_iy3bpnq wrote

Think this is just a MCU thing. In the comics, and the games, she's her own person and a pretty powerful one at that. in the recent Guardians of the galaxy game, she's a powerful seer. Peter also isn't ego's son in the comics, but MCU does stuff differently, and that's fine for whatever they are doing in the MCU.

Like the guns in this special. Peter gets his guns from his dad (who is a king) by accident. But here, they are from Yondu (and the surrogate dad type).

changing it up is fine, and i'm ok with it.


theg2 t1_iyaskow wrote

It the latest game there's a timeline where Mantis says they dated so I was VERY confused where the MCU was going with this at first.


ackinsocraycray t1_ixv2rtm wrote

It was a big shock to me as well. I just assumed Ego picked her up from somewhere and kept her as a prisoner. Never crossed my mind that there's a possibility that she's also his child.