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Worthyness t1_iy4xp1q wrote

If Jobs was still alive it might legitimately have been a thing. Jobs and Iger and Disney have been intertwined heavily for a long time. But once Jobs passed it probably stopped being a thing on the table


bigboygamer t1_iy6hsb5 wrote

If Jobs were still alive you'd get an over priced streaming service with very few but very good shows.


__theoneandonly t1_iy78b1v wrote

Isn’t that exactly what Apple TV+ is meant to offer today? For $7/month or whatever it is now, you get a small selection of high-budget original content.


bigboygamer t1_iy7q5fq wrote

Yeah but overall it's an underwhelming experience.


__theoneandonly t1_iy8dg0p wrote

I guess that’s an opinion. I thought it was underwhelming during the 12-month free trial. But it’s hard to be underwhelmed by something that’s free. Then the 12 free months turned into 21 free months because of COVID delaying all their productions.

Now I feel like they have as many originally shows that I’m actively watching (meaning I’m either watching, they’re in my to-watch list, or I’m waiting for a new season to come out) as any of the other streamers.