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I might be super late to the game, but this show is incredible. I, personally, think it’s a better story than Squid Game. Highly recommend it. Excellent script, characters, and cinematography.



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bravetab t1_j21afuk wrote

I really am enjoying season 2, albeit a little less than i enjoyed season 1.

I think that while i typically enjoy the heavy science fiction nature of Alice in Borderlands more, Squid Game is a better show imo. Mostly i find that overly excessive Japanese melodrama to be exhausting. Characters standing around, looking in opposite directions, speaking in philosophical terms... its just too much.

When the show gets to the actual story and the action and the games, its pretty damn entertaining.


EkaterinaGagutlova OP t1_j21b8vj wrote

The drama can get exhausting, I agree. But I enjoy the games themselves much more. The game with the King of Clubs team was awesome.


MicooDA t1_j23xkam wrote

I loved how the background nobody-characters were actually trying. Of course they wouldn’t win because they’re just randos but they really gave it a shot instead of running around like fools.


Pokerhobo t1_j22ds8k wrote

Alice in Borderland is an adaptation from the original manga and my understanding is that it's pretty faithful although leaves out some details (like the King of Spade's motivation or the joker character). Season 2 essentially ends with the end of the manga (except more details of the joker), so unless the show runners want to create new plots for a whole season around the joker, there shouldn't be a season 3. The thing about how characters act/talk is not uncommon in manga.


Jimmni t1_j2421ok wrote

Given the ending, they definitely seem to want to leave the door open for a season 3, but don't expect to get one.

Could you give me spoilers on the motivation of the King of Spades though? They teased that in a pretty annoying way.


Pokerhobo t1_j25nxtt wrote


Jimmni t1_j25oaye wrote

I get "This video isn't available any more." :(


bmabizari t1_j22zpcb wrote

To be fair the manga also left out in a way that a sequel could happen. And I think there was even a one shot set in the future.


drakebalrog t1_j21se5u wrote

yuppp thats what happens when you adapt a manga lmao. Its typical manga dialogue/monologue. Drone on about some this or that blah blah lol


Thromkai t1_j24ezsm wrote

> I really am enjoying season 2, albeit a little less than i enjoyed season 1.

I see them as very different seasons, honestly. Season 1 fell for me at The Beach. Season 2 has been consistent all throughout.

It's the anime stuff that bothers people a lot but knowing that going in, I let it go and just enjoyed it for what it is.


bravetab t1_j24knsg wrote

Honestly I've been into anime, manga and jrpgs since I was like 8 so it's nothing new to me. I guess getting older it's just lost most of its charm.

Despite that I think Alice has been a really entertaining series, and better than the majority of adaptations I'm used to.


illuvattarr t1_j29e4f8 wrote

Enjoyed season 2 as well but it's clear they were trying to be more like squid game and be 'deeper' with more emphasis on inequality and the value of human life, but it didn't work and turned into overlong melodramatic monologues with generic epic music. They should have just embraced their campiness and go all out with the games cause those were pretty awesome.


bravetab t1_j29rq9t wrote

Yea I agree. Where squid games made the plight of the players very relatable (crippling debt, class inequality), Alice made the characters almost laughable. In squid games the main character is going to lose his daughter and his mother is dying because he can't afford medication... All because of his drinking and gambling addiction.

In Alice, the main character is sad because he played too many video games.

Not to mention in Alice the characters speak in frustratingly vague generalities. All life is equal, don't abandon your ideals etc, without ever really quantifying them in any significant way.


Bissrok t1_j224z51 wrote

Season 2 is out?

They suck at promoting these things.


shiny-snorlax t1_j22bqby wrote

I really enjoyed Season 1; did not enjoy Season 2 as much.

The actual games in S2 were fine but nothing groundbreaking or really clever.

King of Clubs was probably the only good game featuring Arisu. But the King was honestly a more compelling character than Arisu.

I feel like the problem with the main duo was that they both spent too much time being melodramatic and retreading issues that had already been dealt with in S1. And they seemed to keep forgetting that they were currently participating in a death game. You never actually see Arisu or Usagi carrying a backpack or walk around with any basic survival gear. That's just... irresponsible.

But my biggest pet peeve from S2 had to be that the main duo seemed like they were allergic to carrying weapons?? They had multiple opportunities to pick up a gun or something, and always just chose not to? Idk why but that frustrated me so much to see that... >!and then the one time Arisu grows a brain cell and decides to pick up a gun, he doesn't use it when he should have, twice, which almost gets 2 people killed, and he then fails to kill Niragi anyway...!<

>!I'm also not sure how "let's lure the King of Spades into a trap so we can blow him up" plan turned into "let's ambush the seemingly invincible King and try to shoot him while he eviscerates us"... Did only Arisu get the note on what the actual plan was? That entire scene was pointless.!<

And don't even get me started on the last game. Just. What. The. Fuck. >!Idk why Arisu even had to participate in the last game. Literally anyone else could've done it and probably would've had a much easier time. In fact, I kept thinking "if Arisu wasn't such a useless protagonist, that last game would've been the easiest one of all. Mira is super lucky Arisu showed up rather than Satoshi from the convenience store, who has no psychological issues."!< That's just bad game design.

The one bright spot of S2 was the secondary characters. IMO Chishiya completely stole the show. Both of his games were interesting, exciting, and suited him perfectly. Couldn't be mad at any of his scenes tbh. Also >!Aguni with the I want to die but no one can kill me energy lol!<


bravetab t1_j23z9i9 wrote

In season one i was really tired of Chishiya's "Too cool for school" attitude. However his Solitary Confinement episode was probably my favorite of the season. The fact that only he, a massive egotisical psychopath and a literally SERIAL KILLER surived that game was HILARIOUS to me.


shiny-snorlax t1_j277qgu wrote

Every guess I had in that game was wrong and that just made it better tbh

The ending was perfect. Of course those 3 are the only ones to walk out of a heart game lol


Calm_Memories t1_j24ggj5 wrote

S1E3 still makes me ugly cry. Squid Games hasn't done that to me so I'm always in favor of AIB myself, bigger games, more engaging characters and an overall cool vibe. Def recommend it.


Visco0825 t1_j256x3z wrote

This show really does hit you over the head of the idea of mortality, the meaning of life and your values. There are few shows that deal with mortality while also successfully tying together deep themes. I don’t think squid game was as well rounded.


Calm_Memories t1_j25c1lc wrote

As someone with death anxiety, it brought me both fear and comfort. Its messages could be a bit heavy handed but I still appreciated the themes and morals posed. Much of the cast felt well rounded despite only having 16 episodes to work with. I would love to see SG up its games and character development, if it's not going to dive deep into philosophy like Alice in Borderland.


ingloriousbaxter3 t1_j257bne wrote

I’m rewatching season 1 before starting season 2 because I got my friend interested in it.

Even having seen it already episode 3 fucking gutted me.

My friend had to get up and walk away from his computer for a bit


Calm_Memories t1_j25bnsx wrote

It's quite compelling that only 3 episodes in and it can have such an impact given we're still getting to know the cast and dangers. Season 2 was a fun ride and my mind was thoroughly fucked by the end. I hope you guys enjoy the rest of it!


Twain_Driver t1_j22nx61 wrote

Binged both seasons recently. Felt second season was a little more engaging. Both seasons obviously fun enough to complete.

King of Clubs was a bad ass.


goddevourer t1_j22nsrk wrote

The dialog, acting, and voice acting are so over the top bad.


EkaterinaGagutlova OP t1_j22qvee wrote

Have you seen a lot of Japanese shows? I think it’s just their style.


hazychestnutz t1_j24t7d5 wrote

I thought it was just because this is more of an live-action anime? And since it's based on a manga


JOKER69420XD t1_j21a3ks wrote

Word of mouth gives this show a lot of more traction now, i think. It's really good and deserves a little bit more hype but maybe that's a good thing, so Netflix can't ruin it with forced extra seasons the show doesn't need.

While i understand the comparison with Squid Game, i would like for people to drop it, yes both shows have games for life and death but that's about it.

Squid Game had the perfect storm, while Alice in Borderland is almost a hidden gem still but again, i doubt it will stay that way because social media seems to be pushing it a little since season 2 hit.

I'm happy with the 2 seasons we got, especially because it was a show wich respected the source material, wich is like seeing a unicorn.

I really hope Netflix keeps their hands off of the franchise and gives the team behind it freedom and budget to do whatever they want.

Realistically though, they will just produce a shit U.S. version, so Bill from Texas can watch it without thinking to hard about Japanese names. (no disrespect towards people named Bill, cool name actually)


EkaterinaGagutlova OP t1_j21bmd8 wrote

The comparison wasn’t meant to diminish Squid Game. They are somewhat similar, in a sense that characters have to play games to live, so of course people will compare them. But it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. A lot of people have discovered this show this way. But I get what you are saying.


Bomb_Diggity t1_j21ynyl wrote

>They are somewhat similar, in a sense that characters have to play games to live

This is actually a whole genre; 'last-man-standing horror'. It is personally one of my favorite genres, so I'm happy it has been taking off recently.


EkaterinaGagutlova OP t1_j21z9gy wrote

Anything else you recommend to watch? Love the genre too.


Bomb_Diggity t1_j2215u7 wrote

Battle Royale - Cult classic often credited with creating the genre. Highschool teens have to fight to the death in order to live.

The Circle - The game in this movie is more psychological in nature. Contestants are in a circle and have to vote for who lives and who dies.

There is plenty more out there, but that is what comes to mind off of the top of my head


Pokerhobo t1_j22e8is wrote

I thought The Circle was interesting as a concept, but could have just been 1 episode in something like Alice in Borderland rather than a long movie. It seemed a bit heavy handed and a bit boring for me. For that genre of movie, I think The Platform was more entertaining.


aridcool t1_j233tgs wrote

Here's one that was strongly influential on Squid Game: Kaiji Ultimate Survivor (anime). Technically it isn't always a death game (though at least one arc is).

I have seen the Dangenronpa anime and that is alright. I believe it is based on a series of video games that people swear by.

Another show that isn't a death game but has some of the DNA for this stuff I think is The Prisoner. The original 60s version is sometimes cited as one of the best pieces of television of its era.

The movie Would You Rather is a bit mediocre (59% RT score) but it does have some of the same elements as well.


Moonlight-Mountain t1_j243iti wrote

My favorite three picks in that genre are:

  1. Battle Royale
  2. The Hunger Games
  3. Squid Game

I like The Hunger Games for actually going all the way to "what if they start fighting the system." And I like Battle Royale for nostalgia. Squid Game is great for relatability because we've been at the bottom.


IdontNeedPants t1_j21gghh wrote

> yes both shows have games for life and death but that's about it.

When watching it I thought it was like real life reboot, you had all these games dropping in zones.


RoCCochello t1_j22mz67 wrote

Watched the show because I read the manga. Both suffer from “shit finale syndrome”.


ingloriousbaxter3 t1_j25835y wrote

I love Alice in Borderland.

I really enjoy Squid Game but personally like Alice more. I feel more emotionally connected to the characters and the games are more interesting and compelling. I also love how outright anime it is.

I haven’t watched season 2 yet, but I’m excited


aridcool t1_j231zdp wrote

I am just getting to the end of Season 2. I mean it in the best possible way when I say watching this show has been like going through hell. You come out the other side and you've seen some shit. You've lived through depair and horror and surrender and fear and inspiration and...just all of it.

I'm not saying it is perfect. People will mention how it is slow in some places, or melodramatic, or unrealistic. For me I think some of that works in the show's favor ultimately, and any parts that didn't I could overlook.


bigboimitch2 t1_j242cro wrote

I like the characters in Alice in Borderland way more than in Squid Game but I think Squid Game's setup is a lot more believable. Alice In Borderland is more campy and fun which leads to some of the world building feeling contrived.

At the midway point in season 2 now and I love it but I can't help but feel the main characters plot armor. The lawyer just letting Chishiya win during the King of Diamonds game annoyed me


StuffonBookshelfs t1_j24j04g wrote

I’m with you. Alice in Borderland hit so much harder than Squid Games.

A big problem that the masses have with AiB is that it’s developed from a manga, it’s the most video game-esque show we’ve had in a long time (not video game IP) but show that mimicked the style of playing a game.

And that’s just not a mass appeal thing. As opposed to having too much debt and wanting a way out because society is terrible.

Which resonated much more with a wider audience, especially older adults.


[deleted] t1_j26ctmy wrote



EkaterinaGagutlova OP t1_j26dxdz wrote

I wasn’t bothered by the dialogues. The acting, I think, seems a little exaggerated to the American audience because it’s a different style. Plus this is based on manga. But if that’s not for you, I get it.


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tstilly t1_j22bbqs wrote

Re-watching season 1 right now so thst season 2 is even better!


aridcool t1_j232lda wrote

There really is something to this. I don't know if it is because of the long gap between seasons but it really helped to refresh my memory of the characters and more importantly it enhanced my emotional connection with them.


jackofslayers t1_j24nejd wrote

Ok I just want to clarify this since this discussion pops up on this sub a lot.

“Alice in Borderland” is a direct adaptation of an anime. As a result the writing is pretty solid but the show gets pretty damn weird at times. Especially if you follow into season 2.

“Squidgame” is a mashup of maybe 3 different anime into an original story; mostly “Kaiji” with a big helping of “Liar Game”. As a result the writing and characters are mostly weaker than in AiB, but they also mostly avoid diving into the territory of “what the actual fuck is happening right now?” by blending together the more realistic elements of a few cartoons and cutting some of the loonier shit.


Doggy4 t1_j2598dz wrote

Same as the others said earlier I did enjoy season 1 but s2 starting meh for me it is boring, surrealistic when their team survives anything...I don't know yet that I will finish it or not.


Westeros t1_j27z9az wrote

It somehow is the only anime-to-liveaction where they somehow don’t make the anime character outfits / hair styles / tropes seem straight out of a cosplay.

Like the braided hair girl (straight up final fantasy) or how the chase scene was in episode 3 with the running & jumping. In fact that whole squad in the king of spades battle could have been ripped from a manga or Yakuza game lol.


Rrianch t1_j21ncpr wrote

AKA the actor who overact all the season.


lituranga t1_j23gb5l wrote

Is there a concerted effort right now by Netflix or bots to post multiple threads a day about how much better this show is than squid game?


EkaterinaGagutlova OP t1_j23jhcb wrote

I didn’t say the show is better. I said the story was. Both shows are great.


Jimmni t1_j242hsr wrote

For me, Squid Game had a more "iconic" aesthetic and better character drama. Alice in Borderland had better games and a better setting. And the dreadlocks girl. Overall I prefered Alice in Borderland, but I'm not surprised Squid Games resonated with the public more.


aintnohappypill t1_j25vbt9 wrote

Far superior to Squid Game……but that wouldn’t be difficult.

Squid Game was fucking awful.


Lingoes t1_j2257mi wrote

The characters kept doing stupid things. Spoilers a guy had a loaded gun and coulda killed someone that they needed to kill with a shot to the back of the head but instead he tackled him through a door?? Spoilers

I like these type of concepts, remember reading a lot of them when I used to read mangas but this frustrated me more than anything


aridcool t1_j233uee wrote

>!Firing the gun could have set off the vapors in the room before Arisu was ready to dive out through the window. Yes that would mean the bullet would have had to travel through KoS' head, through the door, and then hit something metal in the the room to create a spark but it is possible. And the fact is, the method they used actually worked.!<


Portgas t1_j22xfuz wrote

I think the show is hot garbage. Better story than Squid? Excellent script and characters? In what universe? It had a few fun Games and cheesy brutality, but like 90 of the show is sentimental poorly delivered regurgitated monologues and no story.


aridcool t1_j232ioj wrote

> I think the show is hot garbage.

You have a strong opinion. Here's mine: I liked it better than Squid Game in most ways. I also have enjoyed Kaiji (the anime) and Battle Royale as well as a few other death game shows. I think they all bring something to the table and Squid Game does have some very good moments.

After a long period I would suggest you try watching Alice in Borderland. I think you might get something out of a second viewing that you did not in the first. Personally I had to revisit some of the first season episodes to see how the characters are built.


Portgas t1_j23szf2 wrote

Nah, I'll never watch it again. I was bored to tears most of the time, and if I hadn't been watching it in a group of friends, I'd have stopped watching after they introduced the Beach. Before that? Awesome. After that? Garbage on every level. Also, Arisu is the worst death-game protagonist ever.


mason202 t1_j225owi wrote

Squid game is the game of thrones of it's genre. It's takes every trope of the genre and turns it on its head (simple games, rules, no genius main character to solve all the puzzles) plus it has something important to say. It destroyed the entire concept of money to me.

Alice in Borderlands is the wheel of time of it's genre. Every trope and cliche is present and accounted for. It's the most safe generic battle royal with really bad cg and nothing important to leave with the audience.

There is a huge amount of fans for both and there's no wrong answer on which you like better, but it's not a mystery why squid games blew up and Alice didn't. I just think it's interesting how these two battle royal shows remind me of those two fantasy book series.