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Edm_vanhalen1981 OP t1_j62831i wrote

RIP Lance Kerwin. I saw his name and the announcement and realized that 45 years ago I watched and loved his show, James at 16.

Time really does fly.


RtdFgtAU t1_j62c64j wrote

Salem's Lot was a scary one. Rest In Power 🙏🏻


GlobalTravelR t1_j62h36d wrote

There was a PBS TV movie adaptation of Mark Twain's 'The Mysterious Stranger', which I remember he co-starred in, with Fred Gwynne. It was one of Christoph Waltz's earliest appearances.


cmmosher t1_j62a4bi wrote

I remember him in the Salem's lot tv movie. Apparently he was also a guest in both the Shazam and Wonder woman series.


CaptainCAAAVEMAAAAAN t1_j63dj2h wrote

He was in the scariest scene from SL. I still get anxious when I watch it.


JuzoItami t1_j62jlaw wrote

I literally made a joke comment on Reddit about “At least Lance Kerwin still lives” just two weeks ago.

So, I guessed I jinxed the poor guy. Shit…


CobraCommander1977 t1_j650w0l wrote

I still remember watching Salem's Lot every year around Halloween on WKBD TV 50. To this day, still my favorite horror movie/mini-series.