Submitted by Dapper_Weekend8391 t3_11vod91 in tifu

I'm a guy who has some tolerance to spicy things. But nothing prepared me for the rollercoaster of pain after eating that. I forgot to mention that today's my Grandma's birthday, and I was in charge of preparing the cake.

After preparing the ingredients my friend came over and she gave me the chip, I didn't think that though and ate it. Here's when my demise starts... 10 seconds after I managed to swallow that atrocious thing, it started to burn a little. I thought to myself "Well that's not that bad". And immediately after that thought I felt like I was being facefucked by the satan himself. The burning sensation was the most painful thing that ever happened to me. Just to mention, I've never tried something spicier that a habanero in my life so switching that to 6 000 000 SHU is really something. I drank 0.5 liters of milk and ate 10 ice cubes to ease the pain. About 5 minutes after that, guests started coming to the party. I rushed down to bake the cake which I forgot to do because of my genius idea. I managed to do it in an hour, luckly to me, the 5 other people who were invited had to take a different route to my home, which provided me with enough time to bake that cake, or so I thought... Momentally after putting the cake in the oven I felt like my gut was full of molten lava with the sensation of razor blades cutting me apart from inside. I rushed to the toilet, sitting down I unleashed the most gut wrenching shit-show. The torture felt like it was eternal, but a mere 5 minutes passed. Then the pain moved to my stomach. I immediately wanted to puke. I wiped myself and flushed the toilet in the matter of seconds. Then after I bent down, Waterjet of pain shot out from my mouth and IT FUCKING SPLASHED IN MY EYE. There I was, crying and emptying my breakfast and lunch incorporated with the devil's sweat into the toilet. After I cleaned myself up, I remebered about the cake. Guess what, it was burnt. So not only did I embarass myself in front of the family, I burnt the cake for my Grandma's birthday.

TL;DR: I ruined my Grandma's birthday party by eating the one chip challenge.



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Strong-Plum-2974 t1_jcv6m43 wrote

My brother, who regularly douses his foods in peppers, hot sauces, any spices he can find, etc., also did this challenge. He was in a ball on the bathroom floor, naked, sweating, shivering, and wrapped in a blanket for 2 hours.

He's able to drink hot sauce like it's fruit punch.

These chips are lethal.


Dapper_Weekend8391 OP t1_jcv6z0s wrote

Im glad i threw up then. I literally would've ended up like your brother.


BirdsBreadqk t1_jcwf81k wrote

If you want to cheer up look up Carolina reaper in tifu some of those stories are hilarious


Dark_Reaper115 t1_jcvw3p1 wrote

I bought a 3 pack of nitro gummies.

The first one it was way too spicy but I was physically fine.

The second one I chewed a lot more and this one gave me stomach cramps and I fear the final one.


chewytime t1_jcvzugx wrote

Oh geez. I like a little spice as much as the next person, but I don’t understand why some people just douse their food with it. Do they actually taste anything with that much heat on a regular basis?!


SwarleySwarlos t1_jd2riif wrote

Depends on the type of hot sauce. If I would use something like Tabasco I would need to use so much for the necessary hotness level that the entire dish would only taste like Tabasco but I have a 1.500.000 scoville powder where I just have to use a little bit and the dish is sufficiently hot but still tastes like the dish is supposed to.

You also build up a tolerance so what tastes really spicy for one person is not noticeable for another.


ninjewz t1_jcw53qb wrote

It really only affected me after the fact. First 5 minutes was intensely hot but then it was manageable. I ate my lunch about an hour later and then I was in the bathroom feeling like my stomach was being ripped apart. No luck in throwing any of it up so I just suffered until it died down.


StrawberryK t1_jcxrkr3 wrote

Same gimme any spicy food, but my sister stopped by with her hot single friend as a couple of us were trying a little of the chip....I ate the whole thing, played it off. Then "went to the bathroom" I was actually in my bed curled up in the fetal position in a ton of pain. Fuck those chips.


Bubbagumpredditor t1_jcu3hdh wrote

>I'm a guy who has some tolerance to spicy things.

> Just to mention, I've never tried something spicier that a habanero in my life so switching that to 6 000 000 SHU is really something.

These two statements do not go together.

Also, I'm the type that puts a habanao in my breakfast burrito and I wouldn't touch something that hot


Dapper_Weekend8391 OP t1_jcu97mq wrote

I tried a habanero once. But never tried anything spicier. Edit: Im not saying that I only tried something from the scoville range of habanero. But That was the spiciest pepper i ever tried. I should've specified. I have eaten thai chillis and bonnets. Which are relatively in the same range, but lower.


noggstaj t1_jcuc7x9 wrote

Then how can you claim you have tolerance to spicy things :D


Dapper_Weekend8391 OP t1_jcum1t3 wrote

I should've specified it, I meant i enjoy eating spicy things. Sorry, wasn't quite thinking straight, plus english isn't my first launguage, so I sometimes confuse myself trying to write something:((


Nerdcoreh t1_jcv172k wrote

You THOUGHT you like spicy things because you never ate something really spicy.


pizzapizzamesohungry t1_jcv9ew0 wrote

Lets not gatekeep what is and is not spicy. I enjoy spicy things. But you do know that a jalapeno is considered spicy by many. It's a good descriptor, so just because others don't consider it THAT spicy does not mean that someone doesn't enjoy spicy food.


DomesticApe23 t1_jcweevc wrote

>Lets not gatekeep what is and is not spicy.

This one of the most terminally online things I've ever read. Describing the reality of a scale of spiciness is not gatekeeping. Whether or not you find jalapenos spicy, habaneros are spicier, and ghost peppers spicier than them.

Edit: Ok guys, tomatoes are spicy, just so everyone can say they like really, really spicy food. After all, reality is secondary to including everyone in every possible group.


Nerdcoreh t1_jcvcx79 wrote

the fact that you wrote down with a straight face lets not gatekeepd spicy food blows my mind. it doesnt matter what someone consider spicy because there is a number what tells you how hot a food is. If you eat something what you consider hot and its at the bottom of the scale chances are you are not good with spicy food.


Dapper_Weekend8391 OP t1_jcvecso wrote

I was saying that the spiciest pepper that I had in my life was a habanero. That doesn't mean I don't eat things that are slightly less spicy. Like for example, scotch bonnets, thai chillis and more, the chip was on my bucket list mainly because where i live I don't have very much choices to go with, especially when it comes to peppers and such things.


_Citizen_Erased_ t1_jcw1va2 wrote

It's kinda like a casual hiker posts TIFU by climbing Everest.

Reddit: Let's not gatekeep extreme mountain climbing.


[deleted] t1_jcvbph8 wrote



KalessinDB t1_jcvgvdo wrote

As a spice wuss who's friends with other spice wusses, I assure you there are plenty of people who you couldn't pay to eat jalapenos.


Meggios t1_jcw6met wrote

Lol, right. I douse tacos with mild seasoning in sour cream and buffalo wings with ranch. Could not pay me enough to jalapeños.


pizzapizzamesohungry t1_jcwc8qm wrote

Yeah but like jalapeños I assume have a scoville number? But things like mashed potatoes and broccoli probably don’t? So it’s not fair to say things like jalapeños are not spicy or you don’t really like spicy food if you stop at habeneros.


creamyismemey t1_jcvdjd3 wrote

Ate a piece of the 1 chip after taking a break off spicy food I had quite a bit of tolerance for taking a break nothing even approaches how hot that chip is and I loved every second of eating it one of the best things I've ever eaten imo OP dove into the deep end and found out he does not like spice lol


Dapper_Weekend8391 OP t1_jcveyhk wrote

I mean, jumping from 350k scoville to 16m is a pretty fucked up idea.


creamyismemey t1_jcvfmz6 wrote

It is but never know til you try 😆😆😆 I went from like 1 mil normally up to like 3 mil when I was trying to increase my tolerance but I couldn't get past it and went on a break where if I ate anything with spice it was like 500k max then I saw the chip in a 7-11 and said fuck it I ened up learning if it's hot enough I feel it in my ears lol


MacerationMacy t1_jcucyxh wrote

Poor dude. At least you learned a lesson about thinking things through next time, right?


Dapper_Weekend8391 OP t1_jculdlm wrote

Yup, not exactly how I wanted to learn that lesson but oh well.


DirtFoot79 t1_jcvtjx4 wrote

I did the challenge too. While I managed to keep it down thanks to my tolerance for spice, I wish I did come up. My tender asshole does not have the same tolerance for spice as my mouth. So at about 1am it happened, I began shitting what I can only describe as the lava we've all seen in documentaries about volcanos. I was grunting and moaning loudly enough to wake my 3 year old son and scared him badly enough that he ran crying to his mom. The next morning it hurt to even sit down after all the encores that had happened through the night.


Cindexxx t1_jcwug6i wrote

Gotta have a bidet ready to just have a constant stream of cold water.


Dapper_Weekend8391 OP t1_jcwxbnh wrote

I had the same situation, but not from the chip. The day I ate curry with scotch bonnets ended with the most painful shit I ever had.


Miss_Speller t1_jcvqfxk wrote

Good judgment comes from experience. Unfortunately, experience usually comes from bad judgment...


DirtFoot79 t1_jcvtuq1 wrote

I'll always remember this quote. I haven't seen the source but the quote is priceless.

“Experience is a cruel teacher, she gives the test first and the lessons afterwards” -Vernon Law


aghzombies t1_jcvbd6c wrote

The cold comfort is that nobody ever learns that lesson in a fun way! Or if you're me, ADHD stops you ever learning it apparently...


JPK314 t1_jcvo652 wrote

I have a pretty significant spice tolerance and did the OCC earlier this year. It was an uncomfortable mouth experience but the first 10 minutes immediately after were fine. The two hours after that of stomach pain followed by 10 minutes of projectile vomiting makes it completely irresponsible to recommend. It's a chemical irritant, not a spicy sensation


prayboi-carti t1_jcy1dya wrote

Did you do the Paqui one? The Paqui challenge is far more tame compared to the one he did.


JPK314 t1_jcy6n2x wrote

I did do the paqui one. There's no need for anything spicier lol it's not a matter of taste buds, it's about maintaining a healthy stomach lining


prayboi-carti t1_jcyqnk8 wrote

Ah, I gotcha. I do spicy challenges for fun so that's why I was wondering. (Stuff like the Death Nut Challenge 2.0 and 3.0, Fiery Jack's OCC, the Trouble Bubble gum, etc.)


Itisd t1_jcvme6l wrote

I'm of the opinion that they shouldn't sell these chips, they are too hot... I've seen several people start vomiting shortly after eating these.


Dapper_Weekend8391 OP t1_jcwwhwv wrote

The ones i ate were infused with pure capsaicin crystals, literally a death sentence


InnocentTailor t1_jcx1f3i wrote

Speaking as a spice lover, that burns like hell and tastes horrible. To me, it has a chemical tang aftertaste after setting you on fire.


MrBanballow t1_jcxw08i wrote

To be fair, the box it comes in has several warnings. I've done it two years now... not gonna trick me again.


iamjacksreply t1_jcv4c7m wrote

They've done about 6 different variations, each one hotter than the last. I challenged my teen nephew and niece on the 3rd one cuz they both have an affinity for hot Cheetos. It was pretty intense, and they both suffered a bit for it, but it was fun to film.

Me and some friends at work decided to try the last chip a few months ago. All of us can handle some spiciness, but DAMN! this chip was on another level. Had some stomach cramps for the next 24 hrs, although I was lucky to be spared and serious bathroom issues. I attribute that to the classic Mexican breakfast of refried beans with some eggs that I believe coated my stomach well before being pummeled with Satan's fire.

The only thing that kinda creeped me out is, the next morning, when I had my regulatory morning urination, I could feel an extra tingly warmth in my urine stream. But it was only the one time. All systems went back to normal functions shortly afterwards.


Dapper_Weekend8391 OP t1_jcv5gt5 wrote


iamjacksreply t1_jcve0p4 wrote

Didn't know another company was doing these now. The brand that I tried is Paqui. 1.6 to 2.2 SHU. And it turned your tongue blue. One of my peeps almost lost his guts, but kept it together for the 5 minutes we all decided one. Didn't think it was necessary to go any longer than that.


Dapper_Weekend8391 OP t1_jcveml5 wrote

Don't ever try the one I did. I still feel the side effects after those hours despite throwing it all up.


Explorer335 t1_jcv7uw8 wrote

I'd imagine that "chip" is pretty close to just emptying a can of pepper spray into your mouth.


ChuckRocksEh t1_jcuok83 wrote

A coworker gave me the chip, and I actually do love spicy things, everyday. I knew better, one tiny nibble, and into the trash. Even the nibble was hot, but I’m not a dumbass, when someone gives you something BECAUSE it’s hot DON’T eat it.


FizzySpew t1_jcvafh8 wrote

Yeah, my best friend did the one chip challenge and I'm pretty sure he threw up. Then he bought me one, I ate it and threw up a few hours later while going through pretty much everything everyone else does when eating that godforsaken chip. I enjoy spicy foods a lot, but I wouldn't eat that thing again if you paid me.


Dirty_Hertz t1_jcvio0i wrote

I did the one chip challenge the second year they released it. I'm sure they've made it spicier since then. My mouthfeel was fine (I've eaten raw Carolina Reapers before, so my datum is a bit skewed compared to the typical person). However, I stupidly ate it on an empty stomach and I had terrible cramps for the rest of the day. Do not recommend.

Paqui, the company that makes it, has a normal spicy chip called Haunted Ghost Pepper. I use those to make microwave nachos.


Capable-Site-301 t1_jcvm4c6 wrote

I love those paqui ghost pepper chips. They are seriously tasty.

I've never tried a one chip challenge though.


Presto123ubu t1_jcwqfob wrote

Oh man those are soooo spicy but decent. They do lack something and come up a bit flat, so I bet the nachos would fix it.

If you love the flavor of ghost peppers, try the Blue Diamond ghost pepper almonds.


Duffmanlager t1_jcvkxsc wrote

I watched a video of Brian Shaw and Robert Oberst doing this. It’s amazing seeing something so small incapacitating people of that size. They powered through, but still crazy.


putrio t1_jcvo68r wrote

It made me throw up too, and that revisitation was definitely unpleasant. I was fine for like 5 hours after eating it then all of a sudden I felt sick.


Dapper_Weekend8391 OP t1_jcwworh wrote

I'm still going strong, just woke up after sleeping for 5 hours, and I'm okay surprisingly 😁


RosieQParker t1_jcvy9lh wrote

Kinda disappointed in your friend, there. I mean, knocking you on your ass is funny and all, but if you're gonna do that, at least stick around to make sure grandma's cake gets finished.


Dapper_Weekend8391 OP t1_jcwxgdk wrote

She wanted to, but she had an private emergency. At least she brought me milk and ice 😆


InstantClassic257 t1_jcv3dhg wrote

Did you do the version that turned your tongue blue? That's the one I had. I'd do it again because I'm a sadist.


_thegoldsheep_ t1_jcvsadz wrote

Enjoying pain would make you a masochist… enjoying inflicting pain makes you a sadist. Enjoy.


hooverme t1_jcvexfa wrote

Lmfao! Good one!


SnakeBeardTheGreat t1_jcvjcy8 wrote

My daughter said to never ask her if anything is hot or spicy. she did the challenge with some of the guys at the game store and wondered why others were puking their guts out. she said yeah it was hot but not bad.


Zech08 t1_jcvkk7y wrote

This is why you dont multitask in a panic.


lobo_locos t1_jcvm5c2 wrote

>immediately after that thought I felt like I was being facefucked by the satan himself.



Artanthos t1_jcvph30 wrote

The chips from the one chip challenge taste like dirt.

Would not recommend.

Also: they give me horrible hiccups, which is not a good thing when trying to keep a straight face.


Dapper_Weekend8391 OP t1_jcwww1x wrote

For me, they taste more like a very old dried chilli pepper, it's so bitter and leaves you with an disgusting aftertaste.


LurchSkywalker t1_jcvyduf wrote

I am well off with spicy foods, but the one chip challenge had me hallucinating.


Wazootyman13 t1_jcvzdw0 wrote

I've done it 3 times. First 2, I lasted the 60 minutes to claim the prize. Third one, I accidentally drank some water 45 minutes in, because I like water and wasn't even feeling heat.

The one that messed me up the worst was some sunflower seeds that were referred to as something like Atomic Snowballs

They came in a 5 pack with intensifying heat.

The first 3 were fine, even tasty. Then the 4th started messing me up (plus, they tasted terrible). After having the 5th level, I knew I was messed.

And, since I'm a dumbass, I did this while on Jetty Island in Washington State. I mention this because there's only one bathroom on that entire island, and we were a half mile from it.

After finishing, I desperately needed to journey there, and, it was a half mile away.

And, I had to drive the 30 miles home, which was also terrible.

So, in conclusion, the one chip is fine. The Atomic Snowball is one of my largest regrets


Wazootyman13 t1_jcvzxib wrote

This is from the third time I did this.

(I'm the guy, my friend Ema is the woman, and her wife is filming... soon after we stopped recording, Ema pounded milk)


GnowledgedGnome t1_jcwd88y wrote

The one chip challenge wrecked me and like 5 of my friends. Honestly is it not only definitely not worth "bragging rights" the chip tastes like cardboard. Not even salted cardboard just cardboard and burning


Tekunjo t1_jcwkk3x wrote

My friend gave me a small corner piece of that chip. It was only death and pain. So dumb.


Presto123ubu t1_jcwq20m wrote

I tried The Source once that hits 7.1 million Scoville. They only allowed you to dip a toothpick in the bottle to try. They say one drop can spice up an entire pot of chili. Once it hit, it took 15 minutes for me to think straight. I don’t envy the next morning poop you probably had.


Dapper_Weekend8391 OP t1_jcwy2gd wrote

I'm still going strong, just woke up. Surprisingly I feel okay, I'll update though.


jswitzer t1_jcwqfr6 wrote

Never heard of the brand you're commenting on but if it is in fact 16m, that would be the upper end of pure capsaicin. Essentially, that's not a pepper and not meant to be eaten raw. This can cause extreme physical harm. Either they're lying about the scoville rating or they're inviting lawsuits.

I love hot foods but ingesting something 3x that of pepper spray is asking for a trip to the hospital. Or they're lying.


Dapper_Weekend8391 OP t1_jcwy85c wrote

It's made with pure capsaicin crystals and from what I recall, Carolina reaper powder.


Noisechild t1_jcx95i7 wrote

Yup, you officially fucked up today.


Quake2Marine t1_jcy4704 wrote

I did the one chip challenge last year, honestly it was extremely hot but manageable.

What killed me was the taste, it was absolutely revolting. Tasted like you would imagine melted plastic and battery acid does. Was way worse than the heat.

Did have bad cramps for a couple days but my insides are fucked anyway.


One_Science8349 t1_jcy66pi wrote

I did the death but challenge at work and posted about it here too. That poisoned peanut damn near killed me. I wound up puking and shitting my brains out in the office bathroom and almost blacked out.

Your experience, by far tops my own. I did not get pepper vomit in my eyes and no loved one’s birthdays were ruined. Still I know what you experienced in that bathroom and I stand with you in solidarity.


Dapper_Weekend8391 OP t1_jcyxngg wrote

I'm feeling better today. Had some stomach pain and headache at morning but I'm good.


Interesting_Put_33 t1_jcym4o0 wrote

Was it the blue chip. God Damn the blue one from 2022 was insane, way hotter than the previous years. Luckily I have a stomach of iron, so other than some heartburn I was fine, but the amount of discomfort from that chip is making me think twice about doing it next year


Clashman320 t1_jcv64da wrote

The chip was like eating mint chocolate chip ice cream for me compared to the Death Nut Challenge.


Dapper_Weekend8391 OP t1_jcv6qci wrote

Which one did you try?


Clashman320 t1_jcwaq9c wrote

I've done the most recent chip and one from a couple years ago. I did the Death Nut 3.0 and the final stage of that is like 16 million or something that. It's brutal.


Wazootyman13 t1_jcw14iu wrote

Yeah, the same company does the Solar Flare Sunflower seeds, and those absolutely wrecked me (I've done OCC three times and eaten a Nashville Hot sandwich where I had to sign a waiver)


JazzmanRob t1_jcw2c99 wrote

Y'all... if you aren't used to super hots, don't do these challenges! I grow reapers, make my own hot sauce with them, and regularly eat that stuff... and even I have only done a few of these.


ElectroStaticSpeaker t1_jcwdwij wrote

Has nothing to do with super hots. It’s concentrated capsaicin. Which nobody is meant to handle. This whole thing is dumb. I love spicy food including reapers, this is just meant to punish people.


JazzmanRob t1_jcwn8zx wrote

I'm not saying it's the same. I'm saying that if you don't regularly consume ghosts and reapers, then these challenges are only going to be painful instead of fun.


ElectroStaticSpeaker t1_jcworsl wrote

Ok but I’m saying regardless of whether you consume ghosts or reapers this is only going to be painful. It’s not meant to be fun. It’s meant to hurt you. It’s chemical poison.


Electrical-Ad-1798 t1_jcwxyn1 wrote

Notwithstanding the questionable decision about the chip challenge, baking a cake at the last minute isn't a good idea. It's not something you eat while it's hot.


Dapper_Weekend8391 OP t1_jcwyeb9 wrote

That's why I bought a cake for her later, but I'm glad she had fun.


Electrical-Ad-1798 t1_jcx0bo9 wrote

When did you have time to run out and purchase a cake? It sounds like you did this chip challenge in the last hour before the party and it left you in no condition to go get one.


Dapper_Weekend8391 OP t1_jcx0mcg wrote

After vomiting I felt much better. So I didn't want to waste any time, and since the bakery is only 4 minutes away from me, I went there.


[deleted] t1_jcy19b3 wrote



prayboi-carti t1_jcy1l1u wrote

Oh, and let me add that it came with two of them as it was supposed to be shared with someone else, and I ate both. So, that's probably my fuck up. I would've done fine with one.


80H-d t1_jdx21hk wrote

i did this nearly a month ago.

intense burning in the mouth, as others have said. then an hour or so later, i had the same ripping feeling in my gut. i was googling shit like "spicy chip tear stomach lining" and stuff, doubled over in the bathroom.

i could not get anything to come out of either end, so i had to sit there for about 15 minutes while it passed. in that time i sweat more than i ever have in the gym. literal puddle on the tile.

wife ran and got me a little bottle of pepto (we were at a restaurant hanging out with a bunch of friends when this all went down) and some tums when i came back out. i downed half the bottle in a gulp and ate 5 or 6 tums.

because of this i did not shit until about 16 hours later. i had a workout the next morning and it was horrific wondering if it was about to be that time while i was doing my lifts.

i think i lost about 3 pounds from this experience.


No_Love_1353 t1_jcu221a wrote

Why are you weak enough to ruin your grandmother’s birthday?


Dapper_Weekend8391 OP t1_jcu9r86 wrote

I made it up to her. Forgot to update the post. I went shopping and got her a cake from my local bakery that she loves to eat. Beside that, my grandma got her gifts, ate the cake and I'm sitting next to her right now.