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My parents force me to go to group therapy every day 4 days a week. It is very invasive and takes up most of my time only giving me 3 hours of Freetime a day. I decided to buy some weed to treat myself because I haven't had nice things lately, you can imagine how pissed I was when I opened my bag and my weed was gone. I showed a person I thought was my friend the bag of goodies I brought hours before it was stolen and she was the only person I had told. We have to put our bags in another room when we do therapy so anyone can go through our stuff. When I tell you I was shocked to find out the weed I worked so hard for was now gone, I was pissed. I asked my plug if I could buy more today and his not answered his phone. I am going to confront my "friend" today and hopefully get revenge in some way idk.

TL;DR I got my weed stolen from me by a fake friend a group therapy. You cant trust anyone.



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Reznerk t1_iycsl80 wrote

If you're a teen in therapy you really shouldn't be using weed as a coping mechanism. This is coming from someone who smoked for most of his teen years, find better ways to reduce stress. It will emotionally stunt you and is all around a bad decision.


mrSalamander t1_iye0o7v wrote

As a mostly daily smoker in my 50s, I really wish I had laid off in my teens.


amazingsandwiches t1_iyewj0r wrote

Would you have listened to an older person's advice regarding such? I would have not.


mrSalamander t1_iyf24ae wrote

valid point. I'm pretty sure that even myself visiting with a dire warning from the future could knock any sense onto my 16 y/o brain.


zeft64 t1_iyeof2p wrote

Your brain isn’t finish developing. Smoking is fine AFTER your brain is done forming.


sweetorsum t1_iyeezys wrote

I used to smoke a lot of weed to cope with what I went through, everyone is different and there was no need to say that. Everyone copes in their own way


Reznerk t1_iyet5da wrote

There's no need to give medically sound advice to teens who shouldn't be using drugs that inhibit the development of the part of their brain that helps them make good decisions? Ooooookay chief.


Legitimate-Tear3019 t1_iydn2w7 wrote

Man be quiet don't tell other people how to live their lives move on worry about yourself also there's people who can control stress and depression and other stuff with exercises or other coping mechanisms but some people that have it severely sometimes do need to be medicated and weed is alot better and healthier then going to see a doctor for pills like Xanax or other anti depressants or other medication for anxiety, depression and stress. So yea mind your own d*m business.


Squigglepig52 t1_iydp9qk wrote

dude gave solid advice. Maybe you should mind your own business.


RudeSprinkles1240 t1_iye17v2 wrote

Teenagers shouldn't use cannabis. It hurts the development of their brains. Maybe you should try to get some business, instead of telling people to mind their own.


49264028 t1_iydwvtn wrote

it's not good to smoke every day as a teen. you're gonna feel like you have dementia in your 20's!


SiriSpoonz t1_iyett7g wrote

Ur brain lays connections untill ur an adult, still lays them then but almost none. In the age of 1 to 6 I think you lay the most connections in ur brain because you learn a lot! After that it is less and less. Teenagers still lay connections and cant do that when intoxicated. That means they wont be able to use their brain at full capacity how it shouldve been (and thats why we have a minimum age for drugs). A lot of people wish they stopped as teenagers and you shouldent kind of encourage this behaviour with this comment. Some of my friends use it and I feel like they aint getting smarter of it.


shakana44 t1_iycvfmh wrote

nothing wrong with smoking weed for stress, anxiety and depression. sometimes it helps more than medications that have horrible side effects.


Reznerk t1_iycvsjo wrote

It inhibits frontal cortex development and is widely viewed as a poor choice for people who's brains are still developing.

Edit: also I'd wager that using Marijuana for anxiety or depression has the potential to be irresponsible. Those were the same talking points I used, and frankly I don't agree with the sentiment that it's anything more than an excuse for continuing to self medicate. I've taken SSRIs, Anxiety meds, and smoked weed. Finding the right SSRI was far more effective for my depression, using prescribed lorazepam for the few panic attacks I've experienced was way more effective, and I didn't have a habit that I felt I needed to do regularly to feel balanced. Weed can totally be helpful for stress release and IMO, is less harmful than alcohol but most of the medicinal effects come from CBD which isn't the primary compound in almost all of the weed you'd buy. I don't agree that Marijuana is the miracle drug that cures common cold style mental illness that most of us experience, for me it was a crutch I clung onto for a while. These days I smoke rarely, I don't need any prescribed meds, and I don't experience debilitating depression or anxiety. It took a few years of therapy and introspection to get here, but when I look back weed was frankly something that held me back more than it helped me personally.


goatedmomoshiki t1_iydcb7w wrote

Preach! Can attest. I used to smoke a lot as a teen and I started to notice a lot of negative effects. Specifically with my memory and focus. I took a good long break from it to develope better coping skills and to hopefully help my brain recover, which I don’t think it did. Do I think weed is fun? Sure as long as it’s not in excess and it’s not used to cope. Do I think young teens should use it? Nope.


Wallaby-Visible t1_iyd3n81 wrote

Just adding to your comment - I personally felt like dying having anxiety attack on weed. Felt like someone was sitting on my chest; wanted to throw up and seen black spots; No regular coping mechanisms worked and i couldnt calm myself down; it was the worst anxiety attack i had in my life and i was struggling with anxiety for years;

I mean sure, there may be people that weed helps, but if you use it for medicinal purposes, you should use it with a guidance of medical professional.


Reznerk t1_iyd434e wrote

Common experience, weed is really strong now lol. When I started smoking you'd just get a calming buzz, but potency is kinda through the roof on average so some people can take a puff or two and get sent into a panic attack.


Sea_Catapillar t1_iydmav8 wrote

Me starting off not even liking weed 7 years later stoner don’t do it I have to smoke so much now to be high


shakana44 t1_iyd3ww0 wrote

everyone is different. meds help some people but not all. I've tried countless meds and nothing helps me. marijuana is what helps me. you found what works for you, that's awesome. I'll stick with what works for ne


Reznerk t1_iyd4e09 wrote

Generally speaking your goal should be to develop coping mechanisms that don't involve substances. I'm not knocking people who use it but I stopped reccomending it as a healthy option for people to treat depression and anxiety, but I'd never tell a teen that it's okay.


Attempt101 t1_iydibnf wrote

I’m not asking to be smart, but what about people who are prescribed meds? Do you think that’s an issue?

My personal opinion is that meds are over prescribed and overly abused, HOWEVER, there are some people or situations where the benefits of using medications outweigh the risks. I, personally, think it’s the same with weed—despite me not smoking at all. I mean, there is medicinal marijuana so it’s technically a medication too….

Idc if I get downvoted to no end—-just curious what your stance is…


Reznerk t1_iye0ciy wrote

Depends on what meds. Benzos have a high dependency risk, SSRIs are notably not addictive and safe. They take some trial and error which is tough, but I had a successful time with them. I used benzos a total of 10 times over 3 years to deal with panic attacks and pursued exercise, therapy, and breathing exercises to deal with day to day anxiety. Just my experience, I'd be weary of taking certain classes of drugs every day but I'm pretty familiar with which ones can be hard to get off of if you get too comfortable with them.


49264028 t1_iydwh3j wrote

ive been smoking dab pens every day since I've been 17, I'm 22 now and my memory is seriously fucked and I struggle to remember simple things and forget what I'm saying mid conversation so easily

ik you don't wanna hear "dont smoke weed as a teen!!!" but it's better than feeling like you're gonna end up dementia in your mid 20's


zeft64 t1_iyeohoi wrote

It can make depression worse depending on the strain….


King_Dippppppp t1_iyf6k24 wrote

Ya man... I have a good memory but when i got a little too involved with it in high school. My memory was shot for a bit. On top of that weight gain and overall laziness.

Weed has plenty of side effects just none that has been critically health related.


ken-d00 t1_iydhn14 wrote

You said the bags are in another room so its possible some other stoner smelled the dank in the air, followed it to your bag and just robbed it while both of you were in the session. You could be attacking a friend for no reason.


ZeroPoint1988 t1_iydaf5r wrote

Maybe it was your therapist teaching you a valuable lesson, if you bring, bring enough for everyone.


Usof1985 t1_iydcqg0 wrote

Dude your bag probably smelled like weed from a block away. Anybody could have smelled that and gone looking.


Critical_Bet_4662 t1_iycrxo2 wrote

??????. No school,no work? It's just weed dude.


JrtheFool OP t1_iycs3pq wrote

I go to school lol


Critical_Bet_4662 t1_iycsfam wrote

Wait till you grow up and find out three whole hours of free time is a damn


GirlsAndChemicals t1_iydo0ke wrote

That's incredibly depressing and I don't think we should be impressing it on young people as the norm that they should expect and prepare for. People deserve time to relax, time to explore our passions, time to spend on relationships and projects and things that matter to us. It's very true that many people don't have nearly enough time to themselves, but that shouldn't be lauded as some marker of "real adulthood" because it fucking sucks and we really ought to at least try to do better for ourselves.

I'll get off my soapbox now, but damn. Just makes me so sad sometimes, the shit we accept for ourselves.


Critical_Bet_4662 t1_iye5bvp wrote

Oh lord. Where is that small violin??


XiaoRCT t1_iyevq8v wrote

Yet I'm willing to bet that even a hard worker like you who like to say things as they are hasn't stopped to think about how as a teen you didn't have to deal with any of the issues he's dealing with right now and most likely had more than 3 hours for himself a day.

You think you are being real but you are just being foolish


VegetableAttorney651 t1_iyf4j3b wrote

It doesn’t have to be an “adulting” activity, it’s more healthy for teens to be involved in structured hobbies or activities like sports, music, art, or hobbies of some kind. That would still technically take away from free time but be immensely more productive and formative than smoking weed every day. Everyone I knew in high school only had a couple hours of free time everyday because after school we all went to practice or rehearsals of some kind. @JrthrFool If you could find something you like doing, and can invest your time and money into getting better at that, I’d imagine you could replace therapy with that and your parents would likely endorse you doing so.

Also, depending on the reason for therapy, I recommend investing more effort into it. Most people could benefit from therapy of some kind, whether they realize it or not. It’s an opportunity that many people need and most people don’t get. Take advantage of it.

All in all, set healthy habits now so that you can use these formative years of brain development to build a strong foundation for the rest of your life


Critical_Bet_4662 t1_iye5fdb wrote

Oh lord. Sorry, I'm not going to tell lies to children. No question, adulting is hard.


DefiantCondor t1_iydogbr wrote

Dont get further down by reddit people . Nobody knows what therapy you are doing, who you are etc etc etc. If you left the therapy part out people wouldnt be that judgementful about you but say hey...shit friend and upvote you blah blah. See it as a vent post and ignore the noise/switch of from this post and try to relax/do something you enjoy to feel better buddy. All the best to you and your progress. One day at a time :)


KanoWavewalker t1_iyfceyv wrote

You're a teenager who obviously is struggling with something. Maybe participate in therapy for once.


R3DSH0X t1_iycs36g wrote

You need help.


JrtheFool OP t1_iycs9hb wrote

Im getting it obviously


SaxyOmega90125 t1_iycvawb wrote

No, you're not. You're there where help is available, but you are clearly not getting it. You need to quit whining about having to go, quit buying drugs thinking that's an easy out for stress, and take advantage of the therapy being offered right in front of you.


GirlsAndChemicals t1_iydp56c wrote

"Quit whining" is rarely if ever helpful advice to someone who needs help. As someone who was in a similar position as a teen: you have absolutely no clue what this person is dealing with, or why they're not comfortable with the therapy that's being offered. Assuming that all of the blame is on them and they're just being lazy and ungrateful is not only unhelpful, it's actively damaging. You're telling someone they need help while going out of your way to be hurtful to them. That's a very shitty thing to do.

ETA I sincerely do think you're trying to help and I don't mean to be aggressive, I've just been on the receiving end of this type of advice enough to know that it absolutely is not helpful.


SaxyOmega90125 t1_iydpzna wrote

Well, the reason they gave is as follows, quoted directly from the OP:

>It is very invasive and takes up most of my time only giving me 3 hours of Freetime a day.

If they gave some reason they were uncomfortable with this therapy then you'd be absolutely right, and I'd never accuse someone of whining about that. That is not what this is.

I also would never criticize an adult using marijuana under legitimate medical advice, or even an adult using it recreationally. Again, that's not what this is.

You make a perfectly valid point, and there are plenty of cases where deliberately belittling someone's perspective on the situation would be counterproductive. I simply don't agree that this reads like one.


GirlsAndChemicals t1_iydsh5c wrote

"Very invasive" has a meaning that could very easily be connected to discomfort and feeling like they're expected to be vulnerable in an environment that doesn't feel safe to them. This is also a teenager who may not even recognize that that's the issue they're having, or may not want to share that readily with a bunch of strangers on the internet. Generally people who have therapy forced on them rather than presented as an option aren't too open to it, especially if it's forced on them by the very people they're having issues with, which could easily be the case here. We don't know.

What I'm saying is that it's not helpful for you to jump to negative conclusions about this person without knowing any of the details. People don't refuse needed help for no reason, so the fact that this person needs help and still isn't open to the help that's being offered to them means there's a barrier there. We don't know what the barrier is, but just assuming it's a character flaw isn't helpful. It places blame without offering any solutions (other than arguably "stop whining", which is really just telling this person to shut down even more rather than open up). My suggestion to you is to hold back on the judgements in the future and assume the best of who you're interacting with unless they give you legitimate reason not to. Advice given from that perspective is so much more likely to be helpful than advice that comes from the assumption that there's just something wrong with someone and they need to fix their attitude.


SaxyOmega90125 t1_iyfceud wrote

I already did assume the best of the OP: I assumed that they simply do not grasp how unproductive and, frankly, stupid their choices are, rather than that they are making them out of pure carelessness or outright malice. They made it clear that they would prefer to simply blow off therapy and instead self-medicate using unprescribed drugs, underage, which will stunt their neurological and psychological development and simultaneously present a significantly higher risk of psychological addiction. It's a stupid decision and I am not ashamed to treat it as such.

As to the other circumstances, we are simply not going to agree, unless the OP provides more information. That's fine.


sweetorsum t1_iye7vgb wrote

I would be so pissed if someone stole a bag of weed from me, I hope you smoked the fattest joint ever after that