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Critical_Bet_4662 t1_iycsfam wrote

Wait till you grow up and find out three whole hours of free time is a damn


GirlsAndChemicals t1_iydo0ke wrote

That's incredibly depressing and I don't think we should be impressing it on young people as the norm that they should expect and prepare for. People deserve time to relax, time to explore our passions, time to spend on relationships and projects and things that matter to us. It's very true that many people don't have nearly enough time to themselves, but that shouldn't be lauded as some marker of "real adulthood" because it fucking sucks and we really ought to at least try to do better for ourselves.

I'll get off my soapbox now, but damn. Just makes me so sad sometimes, the shit we accept for ourselves.


Critical_Bet_4662 t1_iye5bvp wrote

Oh lord. Where is that small violin??


XiaoRCT t1_iyevq8v wrote

Yet I'm willing to bet that even a hard worker like you who like to say things as they are hasn't stopped to think about how as a teen you didn't have to deal with any of the issues he's dealing with right now and most likely had more than 3 hours for himself a day.

You think you are being real but you are just being foolish


VegetableAttorney651 t1_iyf4j3b wrote

It doesn’t have to be an “adulting” activity, it’s more healthy for teens to be involved in structured hobbies or activities like sports, music, art, or hobbies of some kind. That would still technically take away from free time but be immensely more productive and formative than smoking weed every day. Everyone I knew in high school only had a couple hours of free time everyday because after school we all went to practice or rehearsals of some kind. @JrthrFool If you could find something you like doing, and can invest your time and money into getting better at that, I’d imagine you could replace therapy with that and your parents would likely endorse you doing so.

Also, depending on the reason for therapy, I recommend investing more effort into it. Most people could benefit from therapy of some kind, whether they realize it or not. It’s an opportunity that many people need and most people don’t get. Take advantage of it.

All in all, set healthy habits now so that you can use these formative years of brain development to build a strong foundation for the rest of your life


Critical_Bet_4662 t1_iye5fdb wrote

Oh lord. Sorry, I'm not going to tell lies to children. No question, adulting is hard.