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Attempt101 t1_iydibnf wrote

I’m not asking to be smart, but what about people who are prescribed meds? Do you think that’s an issue?

My personal opinion is that meds are over prescribed and overly abused, HOWEVER, there are some people or situations where the benefits of using medications outweigh the risks. I, personally, think it’s the same with weed—despite me not smoking at all. I mean, there is medicinal marijuana so it’s technically a medication too….

Idc if I get downvoted to no end—-just curious what your stance is…


Reznerk t1_iye0ciy wrote

Depends on what meds. Benzos have a high dependency risk, SSRIs are notably not addictive and safe. They take some trial and error which is tough, but I had a successful time with them. I used benzos a total of 10 times over 3 years to deal with panic attacks and pursued exercise, therapy, and breathing exercises to deal with day to day anxiety. Just my experience, I'd be weary of taking certain classes of drugs every day but I'm pretty familiar with which ones can be hard to get off of if you get too comfortable with them.