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So i left my pc at this repair shop for a few days cuz of a random issue with its motherboard. Today i went there and got it back without even getting it repaired, i got home, opened it up and i see he has replaced my i7 7700k CPU with a (probably broken) i7 7700 CPU. But thats not even the worst part, because i don't even have any documentation to prove there was a i7 7700k on the motherboard when i gave it to the repair shop. So here i am, just fuming at my own stupidity cuz i lost something around 450€, not to a thief but to a scammer who i know even if i confront, he'll just deny everything and i can't do jack shit. But hey at least i learned a lesson, always take note of exactly what you're leaving with a repair shop, so they cant do the same thing...

Tl;dr : i got scammed becase i was too trusting of a random computer repair shop and got a expensive computer part stolen from me...

Edit: im an absolute moron who accused people of something they didn't do. One of you guys told me to check the logs on your motherboard and after i did i realized there was never a i7 7700k on this motherboard, it's always been a i7 7700. Im just glad i didn't go to the shop andmade fool of myself there...



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EndHawkeyeErasure t1_ixdyxkk wrote

Let's give the shop the benefit of the doubt. Check the CMOS log for a change in the processor - there's your proof it was changed. Next, call the repair shop. "Hey, I had my PC in the other day, and I think yall might have put a different processor in my PC by mistake, and I need my processor back." If they say they didn't change it, kindly call them out - "Actually, the log files indicate there was a change on this day at this time, while it was in your shop." If they're smart, they'll take that as a hint that you know what you're saying and relent, or go, "Oops! Found it!!" And try to save face. If they don't relent, make their lives hell in the reviews. Make it very plain that they stole the part and lied about it even though you have proof. "Buyer beware" in big bold letters are always great buzzwords.

I hope for your sake it was an honest mistake. We're all human. But in the event that these guys are shady, best of luck to you.


VexingRaven t1_ixf96su wrote

> Check the CMOS log for a change in the processor

Is thing a thing on consumer-level motherboards? I have seen this sort of logging on servers and workstation-level hardware but with consumer boards in my experience you're lucky to get any logging at all.


Tifoid t1_ixdrvwi wrote

Call them and talk first. It’s possible they changed processors to try to diagnose if the processor or main board was bad. They could have just screwed up.


pointsouttheobvious9 t1_ixdylri wrote

this is it. bet he ignored a phone call that was like hey your motherboard is bad gotta replace it tested it with a known working cpu and same issues repair coat $150 to 300$ depending on what new motherboard you want is. he showed up and had to leave with it them and so they assemble is as fast as possible and forgot to swap the cpu back.


System0verlord t1_ixe1nck wrote

As an IT guy, this is incredibly likely. I’d do the same thing to diagnose.

And I’ve had clients do this.


Variable-moose t1_ixeue0s wrote

Also could be he never actually had a 7700k and thinks he did. Depends how tech savy he is.


mtgguy999 t1_ixebhum wrote

Even if he was really scamming you he likely thought you wouldn’t notice. After all if you’re bringing your pc to a repair shop you’re likely not a pc expert. When you notice he will probably play it off as a mistake and give your back to you. Easier to just scam the next guy who likely won’t notice


theAndrewWiggins t1_ixf8e3v wrote

Pretty useless scam for the level of risk too. As the k version probably is only worth $20-30 more lmao. It's much easier to inflate the cost of repairs...


FurballFather t1_ixfxaqj wrote

>the k version probably is only worth $20-30 more

But OP said he lost 450 euros...?


111111911111 t1_ixgdhlv wrote

That's the cost of a new 7700k, not the difference between the 7700 and the 7700k. He was emotional and exaggerated a bit.


lpbale0 t1_ixdt4ka wrote

As long as the OS wasn't reinstalled you can still see devices in Device Manager that are no longer attached to the system by enabling an environment variable (set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices = 1), then enable view hidden devices. Once you do this look at the properties of that ghosted out proc, then on one of the tabs (details?) See if it lists any proc specific identifiers like a serial number or CPUID. This will give you something at least. Best would be something like a receipt of purchase, but the issue is not if you have, or had, or ever purchased the processor, but rather proving that the specific proc was in fact in the computer when you turned the device over to them.


BrandGSX t1_ixdof36 wrote

Ask for your parts back. Worst that happens is you don't get them. After that contact the better business bureau or your local equivalent if things are not resolved to your satisfaction. If you purchased the part online you should be able to print a receipt.

While it sucks you need a new processor the up side is a 7700k is very cheap used. Though now would probably be a good time for an upgrade.


crabman484 t1_ixdtbw7 wrote

OP should probably check his local repair shop. They probably have a cheap used 7700k in stock right now!


pointsouttheobvious9 t1_ixdy2er wrote

work at a repair shop. random motherboard issues I'd probably put his CPU in another motherboard and or another CPU in his motherboard so I could get it diagnosed. I'd probably stop what im doing at that point and call him with repair options and prices. sometimes they don't answer and walk into to the store instead and say no i don't want it repaired but I want my computer now now now. if it's my day off someone else will have to put it back together. they might not know that I had another CPU in their case for diagnosing if it's the motherboard or cpu as it could be either.

this senerio isn't common probably had it happen to me once a year or so. the senerio is usually we gotta reassemble it and you can grab it in an hour or 2 or tomorrow when the repair person is in but sometimes people don't want to wait.

an i7-7700 instead of an i7-7700k isn't worth the hassle of this to make be make 25 to 50$ extra.

it's probably a misunderstanding or mistake and OP isn't even reaching out to them.


NortWind t1_ixdzn51 wrote

Time for Hanlon's razor: "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."


cardcomm t1_ixdusn1 wrote

>After that contact the better business bureau

If you want nothing at all to happen.

The BBB is so last century.


Malumeze86 t1_ixdw093 wrote

The BBB is a toothless organization looking to sap money from clueless business owners.


blaine1201 t1_ixe4yjx wrote

All correct except for the last part.

As a small business owner, I know the BBB is toothless. What they are though, odd the YELP of the older generation.

The older people use them to find businesses to use. We get leads from the BBB all the time.


626c6f775f6d65 t1_ixdzrpw wrote

BBB is a scam organization that won’t do anything. That step is worthless frustration.


DTS_Sanchez t1_ixe6a56 wrote

YES! All they do is guilt you and collect $600 a year.


Blu_Thorn t1_ixe0ryz wrote

The BBB is a company, not an organization.


MowMdown t1_ixegw9i wrote

BBB is a facebook mom group, not a company. It's where you can ask Karen to speak to the manager for you.


individualizada t1_ixenrxu wrote

The BBB is not a US government organisation, they just pretend to be (similar to TV Licencing in the UK), and OP probably isn't even in the US because they gave their price in Euros.


JudgeGarry t1_ixey9pw wrote

Agree with you about the BBB. If anybody decides they want to try to take a chance with an organization WITH teeth, your state Attorney General's office may be able to help out. Rember, every business must be licensed before they operate and maintain the "permission" of the government to keep their doors open. It looks like he might have jumped the gun and finally found that he fooled himself. Ny message to him, Have you learned anything about your trust issue? All's well that ends well, yes?


Redhook420 t1_ixegu7x wrote

The BBB is a paid membership. They literally do nothing for consumers.


Bruh_lolo OP t1_ixdx99h wrote

I actually did upgrade to 11th gen becase of this incident.


Kevo05s t1_ixe0xc2 wrote

Oh no. Not 11th gen


Bruh_lolo OP t1_ixe4vf6 wrote

Why not?? Are they bad??


reynoldswrap108 t1_ixe8lgb wrote

There’s nothing wrong with 11th gen. 12th gens were just a substantial improvement over 11th gen; probably one of the most major improvements in some time. I’ve got a 11th gen i9 and it’s solid. Your i7 will be great.


Kevo05s t1_ixec5m0 wrote

There's nothing specifically wrong for 11th (other than the i9) but you seem to have kept an amazing tracking record of buying the "pointless" generation. Both the 7th Gen and 11th Gen were "pointless" as in they made little to no improvement. They were just slightly overclocked previous gen chips sold as "the next best thing".

The i9 exception was the fact that the 10th gen core i9 had 2 more core and 4 more thread than the 11th gen i9. The 11th gen core i9 is an overclocked 11th gen i7.

So the idea here was either save your money and go 10th gen or go to 12th gen


laffer1 t1_ixg3y0v wrote

11900k is awesome but also not worth the msrp.


Kevo05s t1_ixh3lid wrote

11900k is exactly the cpu I was talking about being a total ripoff...


laffer1 t1_ixhg8z0 wrote

Yes I know. Was clarifying it is a good cpu and if you get one at a good discount it is worth buying. If you can get a newer chip obviously do that


ReyvCna t1_ixe6czk wrote

Lol everyone jumped on the bandwagon without proof, OP somehow thinking that a 7700k is worth 450€ more than a 7700 (while an entire 12700 is like 330€).

This is why I would nearly never help anyone with their PC.


virtikle_two t1_ixf00jq wrote

Yeah, OP is just dumb enough to be dangerous. Frustrating, at least they admitted fault.


towerfella t1_ixfapnt wrote

He owned up to his mistake and learned something in the process and was kind enough to share it with us all.

I think he did well with managing emotions.

  1. got angry at a supposed slight
  2. shared that frustration with other humans
  3. was advised by other humans that there might be something he CAN do to justify his emotions
  4. OP thought about the advice, decided it was good, and acted upon it, and discovered that his emotions were due to a simple misunderstanding between the reality he thought and the actual reality we all share
  5. decided to share the experience with us to the betterment of the human race.

I honestly think we all could use the OP as an example of what to do when you feel slighted: 1) wait and talk 2) verify that your version of reality is the same as the shared (read: real) reality.


RandomUsername12123 t1_ixfb5mv wrote

The k variant is just unlocked version of the normal variant, the cpu are as similar they can be.

And the k version usually costs like 30 bucks more and useful only if you overclock lol

Where unlocked means you CAN overlook and gain minor performance while consuming more and risking a unstable system.

And yeah, a 7700 k or not is hardly worth 100 bucks


dryingsocks t1_ixgqvyg wrote

the K variant is also probably a higher bin so you might be getting slightly better performance per watt and stability


Illum503 t1_ixhv15t wrote

>The k variant is just unlocked version of the normal variant, the cpu are as similar they can be.

Not true, the K version has higher stock clock speeds and TDP even if you don't overclock


RandomUsername12123 t1_ixjifaf wrote

That performance is the maximum you can achieve.

The 7700 has a 65w TDP and the 7700K has a 95W TDP


Illum503 t1_ixk6w5b wrote

The maximum clock frequencies just refer to the turbo frequencies, which is a stock feature, nothing to do with overclocking. There is no fixed "maximum" clock speed for overclocking. 7700Ks have been overclocked higher than 7 Ghz. But they don't need to be overclocked to be faster than the non-K version. The stock speed of the 7700 is 3.6 Ghz without turbo, 4.2 Ghz with turbo. The stock speed of the 7700K is 4.2 Ghz without turbo, 4.5 Ghz with turbo.


bobbyfischermagoo t1_ixdhou0 wrote

You gotta blow him up on google reviews, yelp, Apple, all the places


[deleted] t1_ixdihr3 wrote



nyrB2 t1_ixdinqo wrote

And my axe


harikaribluntz t1_ixds9gy wrote

And my sword


KatTheKonqueror t1_ixe05vt wrote

>"I'm telling you, Molotov cocktails work. Anytime I had a problem and I threw a Molotov cocktail, boom! Right away, I had a different problem."


Equivalent-Dirt7883 t1_ixep3gd wrote

this is entirely why I don’t believe most of these review sites. Op just made an edit and realized he was wrong, that the part never was in his computer. He was clever and caught his mistake but the average person is dumb as hell and would’ve blasted all the sites giving an innocent man a bad review due to false accusations.


Deathmonkeyjaw t1_ixdwmjx wrote

Have you even tested it? You say its probably broken. For what its worth, unless you were overclocking the 7700k you literally wont notice any difference with a 7700. And there is no way a 7700k is 450 euros. That's the price for a brand new 12th gen i7, not a used 7gen lol.


pointsouttheobvious9 t1_ixe1g5n wrote

this is what I bet the answer is. I have had a customer do this exact same thing to me. they didn't know what parts they had denied the repair estimate. picked it up and told me I swapped out their CPU.


Dumpsterstyle t1_ixdjya1 wrote

Did you buy the original processor?, you may also find a log change in the cmos, file a police report and blow them up online too


BadDogEDN t1_ixdwxiv wrote

how do you even know you had a 7700k to begin with? The major difference is the K is unlocked so you can overclock it. If you were having issues and you had increased the clock speed, wile troubleshooting its they likely set the clock speed back to default. So either you had a non K version, or you are judging it by what the clock speed is showing and they may have set it to default?

Follow up question, if you knew enough to know what exact cpu you had, why don't you do the work yourself next time? I'm sure with a little help from the internet you could have replaced the motherboard yourself.


Snoringdragon t1_ixe3j8n wrote

Your edit is gold! Thanks for not leaving us thinking bad things. My motherboard has frozen twice and my computer repair guy is like a wizard that spells it back to working and I throw him 45 bucks, promise to buy a new one soon, and go back to the magic picture box. The less technologically skilled are terrified of those words and numbers on the little lego bits inside the magic box. I read your whole story as my lego piece was a blue four dot square, they replaced it with a green lego four dot square, and surprise! They DID put in a blue four dot square, and I thought I had RED! Roflmao! Talk about ELI5 brain...


cam31954 t1_ixexfqv wrote

I’m impressed that you fest up. Proud of you. We all make mistakes. How else can we learn?


TheRealStepBot t1_ixe1gtv wrote

Delete this stupid post you fucking rube.

Your only tifu was making this Iamverysmart post


trackdaybruh t1_ixdp7le wrote

Jesus, a 7700k is 450 euros still? It’s old and obsolete especially when compared to new generation of cpus


RandomUsername12123 t1_ixfcb4s wrote

Probably just checking Google, and took the first result, not a lot of places stock a 7 year old cpu lol


Minymioke t1_ixdw3zc wrote

This is a 5y old CPU, in 2017: I7 7700 msrp is 303$ I7 7700k msrp is 339$ (Source: Google) On second hand market you can find both for under 170$ or equivalent in euro. OP: I lost 450$

Also OP: complains in Reddit instead of going to the store and talk with fellow human


DayanNight t1_ixe1923 wrote

I sell my old parts for sticker price energy.

Saw someone with a 1080 for $500 on CL a week or two ago.


Phighters t1_ixe4dap wrote

He thought he was robbed, and you’re doing net price conversions for what you think the market rate is to convince him he didn’t lose as much as he thought. Ever think to figure he was factoring in the money he paid the repair shop?

Real helpful guy.


seabae336 t1_ixf3hd5 wrote

He didn't lose shit anyway, dipshit didn't know what parts he had in the first place.


RandomUsername12123 t1_ixfckes wrote

Even if he was "robbed" the difference between a normal processor and k variant is like 30 bucks.

And the performance is THE EXACT SAME

The k variant CAN give a little more performance only if the user chooses to overclock and the difference is still slim.


Phighters t1_ixfhyh1 wrote

None of that matters. If someone stole your Acura TLX and replaced it with a Honda accord, you don’t get to wash your hands of it just because you got most of the value back and they are functionally identical with the same performance.

I don’t disagree with anything you said tech-wise, but swap it out to a similar situation, and it no longer feels right.


RandomUsername12123 t1_ixfj5rc wrote

No man, the processor is basically the same.

Think of it like a Tesla that could unlock a 10mph speed boost for 1000€ and and identical one that even if you paid could not do that.

Apart from the POSSIBILITY to do that if you ever wanted they are the exact same and if op wasn't aware of what kind of chip had i dubt he was overclocking it.

And, even if, the value difference is absurdity slim, both these chips are under 100€

I would just find a situation like that oddly funny.


Egosuma t1_ixdueqa wrote

Maybe they tested if the cpu was malfunctioning and forgot to put the original back.

Give em a chance to behonestly mistaken.

But yeah, i can completely relate to the helpless amger you go through


PooperJackson t1_ixelbil wrote

Ain't nobody scamming a 6 generation old K for non-K cpu. The amount of hassle involved for this like $20 scam lol..


randomname1561 t1_ixetwhp wrote

This edit makes this the best post I've seen so far in November


Edwardc4gg t1_ixe1d32 wrote

oooof, you're lucky you didn't get this viral. they would have sued you bud, next time let's stay off the internet.


Jlock98 t1_ixe94pd wrote

Yeah the company he didn’t name would definitely be able to figure out he posted this and sue him


danktuna4 t1_ixe7151 wrote

But the internet is what made him realize he messed up


heroofhylia t1_ixecav8 wrote

Good on you for admitting your mistake op!


UsedDragon t1_ixeuj1x wrote

Good on you for admitting you fucked up. It happens.


StricteMortem t1_ixf2ec0 wrote

Op learned a few lessons. Learned how to check logs, never assume the worst from people because the whole world isn’t out to get you, and the original: take note before you go in the shop.

Glad it didn’t turn out bad and you kept your cool.


anerdscreativity t1_ixfc7qc wrote

Lmao OP, after your edit this is reading like a near double TIFU. At least you figured things out


randyfromm t1_ixdr1sf wrote

In California, repair shops are required by law to return the parts that were replaced. Perhaps it's the same where you live?


zidey t1_ixdvfs5 wrote

Please don't "blow them up online" like people are saying... If you have no evidence of them taking parts from you and the place is as scummy as they seem then I doubt they would have issues with taking you to court for defimation.

To those that down voted me the edit OP did proves why you shouldn't just blast people online..


igglesfangirl t1_ixeeggr wrote

Yay to being a moron and not robbed of something something something that's expensive to replace!


[deleted] t1_ixdnu78 wrote



[deleted] t1_ixdp1ki wrote



GodOfNSA t1_ixdpawp wrote

Is the store innocent in this case?

EDIT: I should’ve worded my original comment/question above better - I was trying to point out that we don’t know whether or not the info in this thread is legitimate, so it’s best to do nothing until we have any form of verification on what happened other than hearsay

Ultimatelt, it’s better to do nothing at all (beyond maybe avoiding the store if the claims are proved) UNLESS something like this happens directly to YOU (ie if a company replaces a part without YOUR permission on YOUR device, leave poor review for them. Everyone else that hears about this should, if the claim is proven, just avoid the place - no need to repeat bad reviews for something that happened to someone else)


BowzersMom t1_ixdq96h wrote

Well we have no neutral fact finder, indeed no evidence at all except for OP’s unsworn testimony. That should ABSOLUTELY be enough to be certain beyond a reasonable doubt that this shop stole OP’s CPU, did so deliberately, and would lie when confronted with the accusation. It’s a completely fool proof case and we should bring swift internet justice on this unsuspecting small business owner. It was the business owner, right? Not an unscrupulous employee? Or they at least know about the thefts


touching_payants t1_ixdqbua wrote

No offense to the present company but all we have to go on is OP's word. Someone said so is not justification for mob justice.


Otfd t1_ixdqylp wrote

Maybe? Do you trust everyone on the internet because they can post a reddit post? We have no idea if OP is confused about what happened, lying, or actually the victim of theft...


kicos018 t1_ixdtwh4 wrote

How do we know? All we have is OPs story with vague claims like „probably broken CPU“. How is a CPU probably broken? And even if so, get the fuck back to the shop and talk to them about it.

If the shop indeed is at fault, contact the police.


lnodiv t1_ixe6aij wrote

According to OPs edit, they sure are.


GodOfNSA t1_ixe7bkn wrote

Great! Glad to see nothing went wrong.


ShiibbyyDota t1_ixdr7ae wrote

Good thing they don’t sound innocent


kicos018 t1_ixdt73s wrote

I believe there is quite a difference between sounding innocent and being innocent


thro3away t1_ixefsks wrote

Lol your comments are the reason witch hunting is banned on Reddit.

Read the edit in the OP.


lnodiv t1_ixe6dc9 wrote

Might wanna check the edit.

This is why people shouldn't be eager to gather torches and pitchforks.


other_usernames_gone t1_ixdys3w wrote

Lol how can they "sound innocent" or not we literally have a single Reddit post to go off.


ryanq99 t1_ixds8a3 wrote

Stop cancel culture. You may be hurting someones business when you dont know all the facts. We have no facts, just a few sentences on an anonymous message board, and youre willing to risk someones livelihood on what could just be a mistake by OP?


reimancts t1_ixh0tqx wrote

I am glad he was able to find out he was wrong and didn't do something stupid. I see people all the time who get mad about someone doing something and confronting him with no proof they did it. Always make sure before you accuse someone.


catch_the_next_train t1_ixdq27b wrote

Ah, man this sucks. I work at a repair shop, and our entire philosophy is honesty and transparency, and we actually had to fire a dude who was claiming people had several viruses slowing down their device in order to justify charging then a small fortune for the repair. Truly despicable, as these were older customers.


405134 t1_ixes0x3 wrote

Yeah , small businesses depend on word of mouth so screwing you over really isn’t in their best interest (unless they are really just out to scam you) but I was always told 1 bad experience (like yours) will be told to others about 10x (since you talked about it on Reddit maybe that’s like 10 million times) but if you say something good is only gets told half the time. So it’s really really bad businesses if they don’t want to fix this issue, their business depends on it!


Ashahoy t1_ixeyg25 wrote

Why would you own a k processor if you don’t overclock?


iama_bad_person t1_ixf3a2g wrote

And people wonder why I got out of the tech repair business lmao


winyawinya t1_ixfene2 wrote

The fuck up here is the accusation


kent3334 t1_ixg1xt1 wrote

Good for you! Admitting TIFU on your TIFU. Most would delete and walk away... We all make mistakes.


Smirkydarkdude t1_ixhgfjq wrote

Bahahah... well... ok... so the real FU was all in your head. No actual FU occurred. I think this is the first time a post in this group prevented an actual FU. Well done.


UncleDad_AuntMom t1_ixdsdfq wrote

Go back and find your receipts from when you purchased it. Hopefully you have an email somewhere. If you can show Police that you at least had purchased it (even though it doesn’t prove it was in the computer at the time) it may bring some validity to your case. I’d still give it a shot regardless, its good to have some documentation. Furthermore you should write an accurate and complete review of his business on every website possible.


Aegon-VII t1_ixdzwdz wrote

  1. go to the shop and nicely explain that they accidentally replaced your parts and you need it to be made right.
  2. if they ask for reciepts say you have them but the only way you’ll provide them is if you have to file a police report for theft.


90% chance they make it right to avoid the police


supagirl277 t1_ixe0l0d wrote

Maybe even initial your parts


seabae336 t1_ixf34tr wrote

Did I time travel back to 2017? A 7700k is barely worth 450 pennies much less pounds. A 7700 non-k less.


darthbasterd19 t1_ixf46za wrote

Glad you came out ok but it reminds me of stories I’ve always heard of jewelry shops pulling high grade diamonds out from rings and replacing with lower quality when going in for resizing.


RandomUsername12123 t1_ixfb6oy wrote

The k variant is just unlocked version of the normal variant, the cpu are as similar they can be.

And the k version usually costs like 30 bucks more and useful only if you overclock lol

Where unlocked means you CAN overlook ane gain minor performance while consuming more and risking a unstable system.

And yeah, a 7700 k version or not is hardly worth 100 bucks.

If you don't belive me my ryzen 2600x is like 30% faster and i would have a hard time selling it for 120€

The first number of a intel processor indicates the generation

Yours is the 7th gen (we are in double digit realm now but eh)

And the generation is REALLY important in the performance of a CPU

A i7 from two gen ago ia maybe as fast as a last gen i5 for example


Dull_Dog t1_ixfh6rc wrote

What a good lesson. The edit was invaluable! Thanks.


RobieWan t1_ixfk8m7 wrote

If it is running Windows I can tell you how to see what other chip has been in it, unless this guy is really stupid fucking good at covering his tracks...

Pm me if you want to know.


chack87 t1_ixfqa8z wrote

You can do the nice things ppl are suggesting or....


Babstana t1_ixfql7w wrote

I supervise other auditors. Whenever they come to me with a finding, my first question is "Are you sure?" Many times people develop tunnel vision and can't see other possible explanations.


Oaklandsmokin510 t1_ixfy5x0 wrote

Ive learned to try to do my own maintenance until i run out of having the correct tools. Repaired my xbox red ring of death 3 times and a laptop twice with some simple googling


Visualize_ t1_ixgeoi4 wrote

OP is a moron. Not only did he never have a 7700k, he acted like the difference in price was $450


markwell9 t1_ixgo5cw wrote

Respect for owning your mistake


AdWild6753 t1_ixh69fa wrote

I see you already edited… but I wanted to comment I work at a tech repair shop and can tell you this is not a thing. No one is trying to steal your parts.


xandia193 t1_ixhczap wrote

TIFU By believing OP's story Then realizing many seconds later that he messed up.


Endvine t1_ixi43wa wrote

Delete this post idiot


Kemerd t1_ixdv9v2 wrote

Contact police and file a report for theft


glassrook1820 t1_ixeai69 wrote

Call the cops for theft if he won't talk to you Also theft for the failure to repair the laptop and charging you


Bruh_lolo OP t1_ixeas9f wrote

The dude didn't actually charge me. Also read the edit


TheLionlol t1_ixg3isj wrote

It would be a real shame if homies knees stopped working.


voodoopaula t1_ixhvyzr wrote

Hunter Biden, is that you?


datDANKie t1_ixds59e wrote

i don't think you got scammed. they could care less they got computer parts all over the place


pasiutlige t1_ixdutav wrote

This is ususally where violence comes in... Not kidding.


The_Slad t1_ixezcsl wrote

Check your ram too. If he stole one thing he probably stole more. Not uncommon for scummy repair shops to swap out ram sticks if they think nobody will notice.


guest758648533748649 t1_ixecbx4 wrote

I have no idea why no body is suggesting you report it to the police


Wdrussell1 t1_ixdt9pc wrote

You have recourse. But it will require a lawsuit.

EDIT: Also do as others have said. Blow up all the review sites.


hamsterwheelin t1_ixerzy3 wrote

How are PC repair shops still a thing?


michymcmouse t1_ixeyxti wrote

you think everyone who owns a PC knows how to repair it themselves?


msnmck t1_ixe02xa wrote

Leave a negative review online, report to the BBB, report to any agency that will accept business reports, even tell your local news. This is not okay and doing nothing will do nothing.


individualizada t1_ixeohih wrote

The BBB is not actually a government organisation, and OP doesn't even seem to be in the US anyway. Other countries don't have the same sort of "local news" the US does.


HarryHacker42 t1_ixdk3zn wrote

Hunter Biden, is that really you?


News_Cartridge t1_ixdql2q wrote

  1. It's not a laptop. 2. Stop shoving politics unto everything.

Otfd t1_ixdr69u wrote

Would agree. But I have yet to see a post without atleast a handful of trump posts.


Otfd t1_ixdxlxg wrote

Can't even CRACK a Hunter Biden joke on reddit.