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NickXIV t1_ixhn34p wrote

I mean an hour away is really not that far, you could easily spend time on the weekends for starters.


Writemenowrongs t1_ixipf82 wrote

This. And ask her to your school prom.


mathuin2 t1_ixkbkp8 wrote

Thirty years ago I met a girl at summer camp and I fell hard for her. She lived in another state maybe three hours away and I asked her to my junior prom a year later but she was busy with a drama production. She was my senior prom date and it was amazing and exactly what I could have hoped.


Mechanists t1_ixkbxa9 wrote

That's the kind of memory that could be a painful "what if" had you not got the courage to ask her to prom. Small but critical details like that are everywhere in our lives and they as a collective make up who we are. As you get older you realize you can't miss your opportunities in life. OP, at the very least try and keep in contact with her so she's not a fleeting "what if" memory in 30 years and maybe you have a wonderful one like this.


Ethan0pia t1_ixjaosu wrote

An hour away is very far for a teenager.


NightGod t1_ixje60n wrote

Depends on where you grew up. I was in a rural area and an hour was a trip to the mall after school


right_foot_creep_ t1_ixjkglu wrote

Kinda depends on how exactly far it is and if he has a car or access to public transportation that can take him there. If all else fails he could bike for 4 hours to get there and stay the weekend. Definitely not ideal but better than being away for super long imo


albyagolfer t1_ixjr50e wrote

OP is in Canada, I’m assuming Quebec based on the French comment and their syntax, in the winter. They’re not cycling 100km in -20 weather.


right_foot_creep_ t1_ixk1r14 wrote

Ah true. He could always wait till spring or something like that or invest in hella expensive winter gear for the journey loll


Jdogg4089 t1_ixjqcc5 wrote

Yeah, good way to burn some calories too.


acs730200 t1_ixjawiq wrote

Lmao I was sad for OP before realizing this was Europe and “exchange student” to them is closer than the college I deliberately picked to be close to home

Edit: totally just realized that it’s not France/Germany, it’s Canada and Germany but they’re in French class which makes so much sense. I said a dumb thing


Thrawn89 t1_ixjfva0 wrote

It's also possible OP didn't mean French class, but it was taught in French and the student had trouble due to the language barrier. There are parts of Canada that mainly speak French.


Yeah_Nah_Straya t1_ixkhoo2 wrote

My girlfriend lives an hour away… We see each other almost every day. Also I drive an hour to work each day


hayzeus305 t1_ixjps4m wrote

Lmao that how long it takes me to get to work


Ashe_Faelsdon t1_ixhn5qo wrote

Do yourself a favor and take this for the win it is. You learned, you grew, you became MORE. Are you going to be with the cute German lady? Likely not. That, however, doesn't preclude you from using what you've learned to manage an even better result the next time you try.


Kitchen-Arm-3288 t1_ixi9ppb wrote

Germany has some great university programs - it's not out of the question for OP to study in Germany and increase the chances of getting together with "cute German lady" - Plus get some great experiences!

(I only did one semester in Germany - but - I am quite fond of that experience)


trafalmadorianistic t1_ixjzfib wrote

Do your research on free education in Europe. The fact that it's also free for foreign students blows my mind. Australia uses foreign students as cash cows to fund it's education system, instead of allocating more of the budget.


famished_armrest t1_ixie0hm wrote

I wish I had a award to give you. This is the perfect answer. I wish teenage me would have heard this and actually listened to it.


AllThePrettyPenguins t1_ixjt59u wrote

Don’t forget, it sounds like she’s feeling a similar kind of connection which means that she will feel a similar sense of loss. Also learning and growing opportunities for her. No doubt one day she will be going about her everyday business and she will see or hear something that reminds her of you and her heart will be filled with joy.

Be the kind of person who can create joy from old memories.


michelobX10 t1_ixhnasu wrote

It's high school, my man. Trust me, you will have plenty of time to reconnect with her again or maybe someone else who is even better. I didn't even really have my first real relationship until I was already 18-19. Had other girlfriends after that, but didn't meet my future wife until I was 28.


_off_piste_ t1_ixhss04 wrote

This kid is so young. “I’ve been waiting my whole life”?!


Twinmakerx2 t1_iximnrx wrote

That's a long time to wait for something.

It's all relative. I remember how long a school week lasted, and how summers felt like years.

Perception matters.


Happyberger t1_ixj7jim wrote

Someone once complained about a baby crying endlessly about something they perceived as minor. It was explained to them that this is literally the worst thing that's ever happened in this babies life.


michelobX10 t1_ixhx2kt wrote

Yeah, seriously. Nothing is the end of the world when you're that young. Must've been looking for a wife since he was 5. Lol


xkoreotic t1_ixikbxj wrote

Never forget that r/kidsarefuckingstupid

We all were there in some form or another lol


mishlufc t1_ixjg867 wrote

Their emotions are perfectly valid though. Let's not make fun of them or belittle their problems when the stuff they're going through now is (probably) the most serious stuff they've ever been through in their life.


dezrat t1_ixjjkc3 wrote

I legitimately met my now fiancee of 2 weeks on accident, after I stopped looking, 7 years ago. Proposed on the 7 year anniversary of our first shift together when she was my boss.


michelobX10 t1_ixjm494 wrote

Congrats, my man. Yeah, no one knows what the future holds. One connection ends. Another will open up. Live life for yourself and don't make it your life goal to find a spouse asap.

Since we're talking about interesting histories of how we met our S/O's, my wife is my friend's sister. Lol. My buddy's sister moved back into town. I met her one night when my friend invited her to hang out with him. They're very close since they're barely under a year apart. She and I were clicking the more we hung out with each other. It took me a long time to actually pursue her because, you know, she was friend's sister and didn't want to make things awkward in any way. Well, in the end I received my friend's blessing. He knew that we liked each other. We met 16 years ago, got married 8 years later, and now have a 5 year old son together.


JaccoW t1_ixjtc32 wrote

Dude, I didn't even start dating until 26. But when I did I was certainly in a groove for a couple of years.


beesandsids t1_ixi2p7x wrote

>I talked to her like she wasn’t just a German exchange student, but a person

Life advice... You should treat everyone like they are a person. It's kinda just polite, ya know?

Also chill dude, you don't even know this girl. You're 18 and horny. Even if that's not what you think is happening, that's the truth. Get her socials, potentially even be a good friend to her and see where that leads to but seriously all this angst over some chick you barely know is not going to help you.


Volasko t1_ixihwpx wrote

Seriously this guy is planning the wedding and naming his kids and all he did was have a nice chat and a small lunch date. This kind of forecasting only leads to disappointment, especially when the history with them is so minimal.


BlondeBobaFett t1_ixhn21n wrote

An hour isn’t that far apart… why not still see her?


alittlebrownbird t1_ixj9h4z wrote

I met my husband on a ship on which he was working. It was challenging bc not only was he out of the country, he was out at sea and I never knew where he was going to be and when. But I knew I would regret it if I never tried to see what there was between us. Now we've been married for over 18 years, so, where there is a will, there is a way.


CondensedRiver t1_ixho6p8 wrote

I can’t really go into details but when I say I really can’t, I can’t. Sorry for being kind of broad.


Oakislife t1_ixhqwd3 wrote

Bro, I married a girl from the states and used to drive 16 hours to see her for a weekend before she moved to in with me, where there’s a will there’s a way.


rmprice222 t1_ixjc6sy wrote

Dude is like 17/18, may not have a car and most likely lives with their parents.


Sajomir t1_ixipozj wrote

I dated a girl from the other side of the US. (Wisconsin vs Arizona). We met for a couple weeks in high school when she was visiting a mutual friend, and hit it off.

We emailed constantly with occasional visits and when she was ready to move to my state (she was already planning to for other reasons) we finally got to date more regularly.

While that relationship eventually ended, I met my wife when we were a two hour drive apart.

Point being, a distance relationship has merit. Even if it's by phone or emails. Later on make the trip. Maybe she will be able to come see you until then.

Be honest with her. At least ask if she'd be willing to come visit and that you wanna keep seeing her, but you have trouble traveling right now.


LazyChemist t1_ixiwppy wrote

I'm going to tell you this from an older guy who's been through the wringer. Of all the people who ever said "I can't" it's always been an "I won't". I won't put in the time and effort to make it happen. I won't do the homework to get it done. I won't.

This is your first life lesson as you enter adulthood. How much do you want it? This theme will repeat ad nauseam through out your life.


454vette t1_ixkhpgo wrote

This from a parent who with my wife were host parents to 7 exchange students from all over the world . We also had 3 teenagers during those 8 years we hosted . No matter the country, teenagers are much alike the world over. Of the 7 students 4 have made return visits years later and some have made several return visits, one with her parents first and then with her husband twice and we have visited her twice. Next year another one is making a 2 nd visit with his wife and 2 children. What I am trying to say is you can maintain relationships regardless of distance. Save some money and visit her in her country. It doesn't have to be a love relationship just be friends whether it amounts to more so be it. One of things the exchange students taught us is they get to know people the world over and they visit one another. The have found it is cheap way to travel- just a plane ticket and a free place to stay. So you can maintain relationships regardless of distance if your willing to put in the effort.


Vast_Reflection t1_ixhyeqb wrote

But unless she’s leaving because you creeped her out (which it doesn’t sound like it is) then why not send her a postcard, letter, text, or phone call?


CondensedRiver t1_ixi2kdz wrote

When she switched from advanced to regular, her coordinator strongly advised against it and so she requested a move, we met afterwards and the move just came into affect. But yeah I don’t have a full liscence and so fourth. I’m going to stay in contact of course but I just can’t fathom only having digital communication. Either way it is what it is.


Lampadaire345 t1_ixic8ma wrote

You can most likely buy bus tickets or train tickets to visit her. There's always a solution


OMGoblin t1_ixidg6t wrote

She will probably have friends in her new school to be honest, lets be real this guy needs to chill he's known her for a hot second and it's literally high school lol. Like you said, public transportation exists but it's just not worth it for this fleeting acquantance, honestly the dude is already building a future with her after one lunch, it's a bit creepy.


Lampadaire345 t1_ixieg1q wrote

Bro if they get along I dont see why they wouldn't see eachother. Let the kid live.


Nilgnohc t1_ixhrn2s wrote

Try harder dumbass, or regret.


lucissjustiss t1_ixknk5a wrote

Yesss bullying a high schooler for having feelings


Nilgnohc t1_ixko9f0 wrote

That's bullying? You must have a glass heart.


iClawuCryV2 t1_ixhtdi4 wrote

Did all social media disappear in the 5 minutes I took a shit? Instagram, snapchat, discord, idfk. We live in a digital age and you can’t somehow keep contact? That’s the only tifu I’m seeing here lol


OpenRepair4390 t1_ixja8xf wrote

No offense but I think you are kind of putting this whole thing on a pedestal and overly fantasizing about it because "waiting your whole life" isn't that long when you hit puberty in the past like 3-4 years lol

If you guys are meant to be it'll happen no matter what and you won't lose touch if there's really something there. I liked a guy and we lost touch, ten years went past us, we reconnected and we're married now.


Rymanbc t1_ixj53fh wrote

>I talked to her like she wasn’t just a German exchange student, but a person

I lol'd at this. How insightful.


rain_clouds_ t1_ixi3bhk wrote

I drive an hour sometimes just to get groceries from a particular store. An hour isn’t that bad


dirtdueler t1_ixikyfs wrote

Right? I have 50 min drive one for work everyday.


rain_clouds_ t1_ixil58u wrote

Yeah definitely doable


GingerCherry123 t1_ixj7agy wrote

You need a car and a license to do that. From the tone of this post, I’m assuming driving isn’t an option for this kid.


AcrobaticSource3 t1_ixi2pkd wrote

She can still be your girlfriend, and she legit “goes to another school”


Edwardc4gg t1_ixih4r9 wrote

lol are you 10?

edit: based on post history....yes.


CondensedRiver t1_ixii7jd wrote

Why are redditors so condescending though, Edward?


schmitty9800 t1_ixiw3go wrote

You posted in "today I fucked up" not "gentle teenage relationship advice"


Komiksti t1_ixjpfzh wrote

Because most of em are neckbeards, don't worry about it I remember my first love and all your feelings are valid!


AlreadyAway t1_ixk4dct wrote

With age comes perspective, you learn that your feelings as a teenager often are over the top and bot really "valid". Is it okay to feel them? Yes. Are they over the top? Also, yes.


polywha t1_ixhtcwf wrote

Where I live I often have to travel an hour or more to see my friends. It's not that bad of a trip.

Otherwise, get her address and write letters to her. You will gain a pen pal and keep in touch. And pen pals are a lot of fun.


KillerSwiller t1_ixhmfyb wrote

It's understandable to be emotionally put off by this, but take courage, declare your intentions(it's worse having to agonize later or what-if's), and if things turn out well keep in touch as best you can. High school only lasts so long(for the better and for the worse) and when that time is up you two can meet up again and (with hope, effort, and enough luck) continue where you left off. Best of luck to you, OP and I hope that no matter does happen, that things turn out for the best for you.


Effort-Firm t1_ixj56sw wrote

I’ve been on Reddit over an hour today, wtf are you talking about, grab the bull by the horns ask her out, travel to see her, make an effort or you will always have a what if in your mind and ain’t no body got time for that! Oh and also keep us updated please, thank you kind sir!


ooglieguy0211 t1_ixitd60 wrote

All the things that you think are important now while you're in high school are only important NOW. They wont mean a damn thing after you graduate. Nobody in the adult world cares if you were popular in school, nobody cares if you were the prom king/queen. None of that matters outside of high school. What DOES matter, is people. The relationships we have with people, the connections with that special person. If there is a connection, the school has no bearing on what happens between the 2 of you. YOU make it work, take that chance, keep that connection. An hour away is not very far. If it becomes an even deeper connection, even the different countries becomes only a hurdle, not a brick wall. Make the time count, don't sit around and mope or play the, "What-if" game. There are only hurdles in life, find a way to overcome them. The only inescapable thing in life is death, aside from that, you make your path in this world. Make it a good one.


HopOnTheHype t1_ixjfs8b wrote

High school is overrated due to teen movies, college is the better years


Dads101 t1_ixkapru wrote

I drive an hour to work every day. If you really are feeling her - go for it man. Don’t let ‘what ifs’ become a norm. Take the risk


NickWanderer23 t1_ixhndvd wrote

I understand how hard the hit must feel, and excuse me if I sound overly-optimistic, but I dont think this means you wont be able to see each other again.

I strongly believe you should talk with her about this. I know that you might not end up on the same page, and it may be a bit sudden, but everything has been and it's better to try than to let go of the chances.

Even if it's not an easy thing, you can stay in contact, maybe even have a long-distance relationship (it's not ideal, but a possibility). Also, given time and if things go well, one (or both) of you could move to be together.

Whatever the outcome, I advice you to share your feelings with her. I think that you'll regret closing that door beforehand more than taking your chances and finding out what happens next.


shyllo t1_ixi6657 wrote

Shit like this is going happen in life.

Go for that lunch and make the best of it. Be honest that you enjoyed talking to her and it's unfortunate you didn't have more time.

Don't let your shitty feelings ruin her day.

It's not necessarily over, get her Facebook her number whatever. Keep it fun and accept what is happening.


VonFunkenstein t1_iximnrl wrote

Ouch. Let me tell you, that I understand where you are coming from. The same damn thing happened to me 25 years ago, and it sucked back then, as I am sure it still sucks now.


Swiss girl studying in the US, her parents came to visit, and took her home early. The last time I saw her, I didn't even know it was going to be the last time we hung out. We had cut out of class, went to the mall, played at the arcade, taking pictures in the picture booth. She bought me a Bruce Lee T-Shirt I still have, despite it no longer fitting.

Make sure you get her contact information, stay in touch through social media (you're lucky you have thing, as Facebook, Instagram and all of that didn't exist when I went through it, but we kept in touch through letters)


onebadmex66 t1_ixioynx wrote

You're in high school. Trust me when I tell you, in your lifetime, will meet "the ONE" dozens of times (sometimes you'll meet "The ONE" multiple times in a week end... If she is "The ONE" serendipity will find you.


Jimithyashford t1_ixjew4v wrote

It sucks, wallow in it, embrace the suck, feel the pain, wail and pound fist at the loss of a young love.

But ultimately you'll get over it, and once you are older you'll look back on it a bit wistfully and kinda laugh at yourself for being so attached to someone you barely knew, but also kinda sad that the ability to fall in love that easily evaporates with age.

Bitter sweet man, that's life. you'll be ok.


heavywether t1_ixjgcsq wrote

Bro you can drive an hour on the weekends, at the very least for prom, fuck I'd ask her if she wants to go like asap lol


YouKnowYunoPSN t1_ixjutxt wrote

Reminds me of something I read somewhere. How life can play the cruelest joke of having you meet the right person at the wrong time.

Good luck OP. Time is fleeting and you’d do well to make the most of it everyday.


fortheshadeofitall t1_ixjxvqw wrote

I love the OP is from Canada, where all the US girls’ summer boyfriends are from….


Princessena t1_ixkfemf wrote

1 hour away. 1 hour. Literally 1 hour and I had a boyfriend that was 14 hours away from me.


VaderNova t1_ixkgdfl wrote

Your still in high school, None of this will matter in 10 years trust me. Don't think to hard about it.


willy--wanka t1_ixkxuio wrote

Was going to say an hour away is not too bad, but then saw the words prom.

It happens, and possible to stay in touch, but LDR are something you have to figure out if you like or not.

The good news is this is potentially the first of many heartbreaks in life, so you have that under your belt at least.


steals-from-kids t1_ixl4p74 wrote

No word of a lie, as the exchange student in the same scenario about 20 years back, I feel this still to this day.

Did I love her? You bet I did. Do I still miss her? You bet I do? Do I regret letting it just be a lovely memory from the past? Not at all.


Autiguk t1_ixl9dm9 wrote

>I just don’t know how to deal with this, it feels like I’ve been waiting my whole life for someone compatible with me

Aren't you like 17?


Sasspishus t1_ixl9xk0 wrote

>I talked to her like she wasn't just a German exchange student, but a person

Well yeah, she is a person. What a stupid thing to say.


ZirePhiinix t1_ixlgibk wrote

WTF is this? An hour away? I drive for an hour for fucking work!


MrGiantGentleman t1_ixhojyw wrote

Talk to her and keep in touch. I've learned way too late about the chances I missed. Don't repeat my mistakes.


BillSixty9 t1_ixhoud1 wrote

An hour away is nothing, man. Keep speaking with her, and take the train to see her as often as you can.


Clemmy_style t1_ixhuega wrote

Well I think you should tell her how you feel you’re young and don’t know when you’ll see her again (if you see her again) it’ll suck in the end if didn’t convey what you felt I’m pretty sure she might be feeling the same way as well


Sajomir t1_ixir3m1 wrote

I responded somewhere else in here, but just wanna speak more generally here. I feel you.

Knew a girl in 8th grade, felt really natural when we were around each other. That year we had a class trip where she fell asleep on my shoulder on the bus ride home.

As soon as we got home my parents hit me with the news we were moving. I never worked up the nerve to tell her how I felt.

Life goes on. It hurt then, and I still get a flutter when I think back and wonder what if. But I've met a ton of great people since then, and have been married almost 10 years. I wouldn't be the person I am without having gone through the stuff I have.

You had a great time with this girl right? Cherish it. That's gonna be a great memory years from now.

Feeling pain and sadness is a part of life, too. Even if it hurts, that means you know you had a great experience. For me, I take comfort that I cared enough to feel sad. Knowing I can still feel sad instead of just detached or empty is kind of comforting in its own way.


Xxandes t1_ixit9sd wrote

If you guys keep talking and really feels right being together get a job and save up to see her.


GhostWalkk t1_ixittht wrote

Is there not public transport where you guys are? Maybe meet half way so it’s only a half hour trip for both.


Omnizoom t1_ixive4c wrote

She’s moving an hour away , that’s it

My wife lived almost 2 hours away from me when we were first dating , just means you don’t have weekdays but you plan a weekend together and you take turns going back and forth , you can make it work it’s possible


tigolex t1_ixj8m12 wrote

You wouldn't listen to me if we were friends in real life for the last 10 years, so you damn sure ain't going to listen to me since I'm a stranger on the internet. That being said....

You will get over it. It's high school. Pretty much nobody meets the love of their actual life in high school. It just doesn't happen. It sucks now, it hurts, many of us have been there and we will all tell you that you will get over it and it will get better.


coupl4nd t1_ixj905t wrote

You never know she might want to come and see you... if she doesn't she prob isn't the love of your life. Let her go and move on. See if she comes back.


engineerFWSWHW t1_ixje4kb wrote

It's so easy to connect nowadays through Facebook, and other digital means. Imagine the struggle of people before the Internet era when people needs to write letters, take pictures and have it developed, go to the post office and wait for few days for the letter to arrive. At least, this is what my mother and father did before when they were still dating and my father goes overseas.

An hour away is nothing and opportunities like this doesn't come all the time.


Cedjy t1_ixjf74c wrote

Dude youre using the internet, keep in touch


DragonLordofErie t1_ixjhtak wrote

Tell her. You have options planes trains automobiles the internet.


ardentArcane t1_ixjkiu0 wrote

,,,Last I checked, telephone numbers, emails, and many, many, many other forms of social media still include. Ask if she's got Discord or Facetime or some other means of getting in touch.

Also, one hour is... really not that much. If you're in North America, odds are good at some point you'll be studying to get a driving license. It's not the end of the world.

"By the way, you mind if I can have your phone number/email/Discord username/social media username of choice so we can stay in touch?"

I get teenage hormones tend to make stuff like that seem way worse than it really is, but still. It's not the end of the world, and it doesn't need to be the end of your friendship, either. Just ask nicely.


ThisIsHardWork t1_ixjkpt9 wrote

Almost this exact same thing happened to me in high school in 1995. I still occasionally think about her. It will only hurt for a little while. Cheers to the ones that got away.


Cielmerlion t1_ixjoa13 wrote

This just means you get to go to prom twice!


shiba_snorter t1_ixjpgkz wrote

Many people here are trying to put down your feelings and make you feel childish, which is not cool. Chances are that since you are young this will probably be an insignificant part of your life, but it doesn't make it any less painful.

If you really think you can't do anything about it then mourn it as long as you need and move on, since you will most likely meet someone later the will fulfill your expectations even more than her. However, I think that there is a lot that you could do to keep the relationship going, even if it's doomed to stay as a friendship.


dogsheep17 t1_ixjq6cn wrote

It certainly sucks that she is leaving so soon. Make the last day as special as you can. If you haven’t already kissed her, tomorrow may be your last chance.


ScubaClimb49 t1_ixjq7na wrote

Okay so first off, I hate to tell you this, but your current girlfriend is banging Matt Damon and literally everybody knows but you. At least you'll get a catchy song out of it though. As for this German girl, what you need to do is assemble your crew - a sarcastic asshole and maybe some twins - and head for Europe before this German chick gets on a cruise ship and you never see her again. Be careful with pot brownies that may not be put brownies, club vundersexx, eastern Europe, absinthe, accidentally making out with your sister, and tunnels. Other than that, don't worry, this is all gonna work out.


ElderWandOwner t1_ixjs7zy wrote

I had 0 dates through high school, I did just fine after. Trust me you'll be fine, and will meet people even more compatible.


plsentertainme t1_ixjtif7 wrote

Hey man, sucks right now but let this be a boost to your self esteem! You were able to pull the cute, german exchange student. That should be a testament that maybe you need to put yourself out there more often! I feel like 95% of the time, used to be me included, guys aren’t successful in the dating world because they lack the confidence to even attempt it. I don’t claim to be a beautiful man or anything but I used to be really hard on myself about my looks and personality. I have come to find out that as soon as I accepted myself for who I was, relationships started coming into my life. So don’t think this is the only girl you ever will make a connection with, it is just the first one.

Pro tip: keep talking to girls like theyre a person and not an object or goal. You did exactly the right thing and that will translate so well into other relationships. Go in with 0 expectations other than you might make a new friend. Also, as other commenters have said, 1 hour is really not that big of a deal and you can still ask this girl to prom.


ProbablyNotADuck t1_ixjtug0 wrote

Dude.. you're not even 18. I promise you that there are so many more opportunities in life than this. Teenage hormones make everything seem incredibly intense because brains are all over the place at that age. It may feel serious right now. It may feel like this is a huge missed opportunity. I can tell you with certainty that it will be a blip in the radar later on.

The future is scary, but it is also exciting. You have so many opportunities available to you. There are so many doors you can open. So many places you can see. So many things you can do, and there are definitely so many people you will meet. However large your high school is, there are going to be significantly more people you encounter if you go to post-secondary. Even if you don't go to post-secondary, take time right now and consider working abroad. At your age, pretty much every single other country will let you get a VISA to work there for several years as part of the youth programs.

It may seem like this is the only girl you've ever clicked with and that you will never click the same way with anyone else again... until you do click that exact way with someone else again. It is probably going to happen to you many times throughout your life. Each time will feel like it is the end all and be all... but then the next time will just as intense when it happens again.

You're totally normal for feeling this way, but as an adult whose gone through the teenage angst, trust that you've got so much more ahead of you and that, while the worry may be pretty consuming, if you dwell on it you're going to miss out on all the great stuff.


Fabio421 t1_ixjx2b9 wrote

This will happen many times in life. Right now your heart has a limited experience with these things so you will feel in more intensely. It sucks in the moment but one day you will look back on these moments fondly. I wish you the best.


weevles12 t1_ixjzyx7 wrote

People come and go out of our lives, that's why it's important to treat others well and enjoy the moments we have. Just relax and go and enjoy yourself. If she wants to keep in touch, it will happen. If you act like anything other than the person she got to know, it will not end well. Keep treating her like a human being and if it's not meant to be, be gracious and kind and move on.


AlreadyAway t1_ixk3veo wrote

>it feels like I’ve been waiting my whole life for someone compatible with me

...what like 7 years?


BuilderJosh t1_ixk5mkz wrote

As a fellow Canadian who asked out a German exchange student in high school...don't.


DK_Son t1_ixk66ya wrote

An hour away isn't that bad if you can commute. Stay in contact and go visit. I live in Australia. It takes 10 hours to get to the end of the garden.


GeerJonezzz t1_ixk8fob wrote

Connecting with a person, truly a massive fuck up.


Toxicsully t1_ixkaqr0 wrote

“Waiting my whole life to find someone I am compatible with” my dude, your life is just starting.

Good news, you can talk to and connect with girls. You’re gonna fall for a double handful of other ladies in your times. You’ll win some and lose some but all and all, life’s probably going to be pretty good.

Stay in touch with her, there’s plenty of ways in this modern world.



Stainless_Heart t1_ixkc74o wrote

Look at the positive side of this; now you know you can connect with people that make you happy and you don’t have to settle for whatever is convenient or easy. I’m sure she is special but remember the expression “she’s one in a million” means there are 7,800 people on the planet just like her. You’ll meet one that won’t be moving away, just be patient.


PerfDawg t1_ixkeiq8 wrote

It’s your final year of high school, looks like you have a lover


mulloregon44 t1_ixkk5w6 wrote

I hate commenting but I met my wife, we’ve been together 10 years now and have a kid. I’d doesn’t always work out. But always make an effort. You never know what the future holds. She was also an exchange student. We did 7 years long distance before getting engaged. It changed my life and we are very happy. Love is love, but you will never know unless you try. Good luck mate!


UematsuVII t1_ixkmznn wrote

Fast crush’s are hard man, some of the most painful experiences of my life. So many ‘what if’s’. The infatuation is because it’s new, if you got to know her longer there’d be flaws or red flags you were blind too at the start.

Stay in contact, though, would be great to have someone to visit in the future.


gobbbbb t1_ixkq4qm wrote

This sort of happened to me, In high school I sat next to this girl for 2 years in most classes, she was the only girl to this day that I got on with so well, we were both really comfortable around each other. I look back on messages that she sent me and back then I failed to pick up on her OBVIOUS liking to me. She ended up moving to Australia and we haven't spoke in like 7 years, I REALLY miss talking to that girl, she was truly awesome and amazing.


Gooseboof t1_ixksusv wrote

You guys are going to have such great sex when you reconnect in your study abroad trip. Just you wait


coiine t1_ixkup24 wrote

I hate to tell you, but this kind of thing is going to keep happening to you until one sticks due to a mix of love and circumstance and that ends up being your partner.


Jaaldek1985 t1_ixkvavu wrote

You, my little boy, are the embodiment of the victim syndrome. Why me ? Life is unfair ! You seem more frustrated with the fact that life changed the perfect plan you had made in your head, than to loose the girl.

You are truly a good representative of your generation.


Dehaka_ t1_ixlckf9 wrote

If you feel like you can talk to her about everything then talk about your feelings dont set her under pressure but be honest maybe she feels the same and you could plan the future somehow together :)


Tribult t1_ixkn8cx wrote

Wow you treated her like an actual person? Well done mate. How do you usually treat people?


CondensedRiver t1_ixknz95 wrote

I meant it in a way that everyone treated her as that German girl, I treated her as an actual person, not just “that German girl”.


rmitch011 t1_ixisjuk wrote

  1. Go to Germany

  2. Talk to hot German girls

  3. The 1st German girl, that you already connected with comes home - sees you hitting it off with other hot German girls...

  4. ASK THEM ALL to come to help you study, individually. Without telling any of the others. When they get to where you live (or one of the richer German girls' houses, whatever works) tell them all about your story like you told us, and make sure the first German girl comes last. All the other German girls will think you are adorable and be rooting for you. Get one of them to try to make the one you're already interested in 'jealous' by flirting with you. Ask them to help you practice flirting. While they are teaching you, put the moves on BIG TIME! THEN -

When she gets there - you will either:

A. Gangbang B. German girl gets weirded out and leaves, at which point - gangbang with the rest.
C. The mom comes home and catches you. D. Then you get to gangbang the mother too. E. When the older sister gets home, you should know what to do by now.

Do you?

Do you already know what to do? what?


  1. $$$PROFIT$$$

This can apply to all areas of life. You're welcome, and have a safe trip! Don't forget to get your shots, and remember, never go ATM unless they do it first.

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