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Ian_Moone_ t1_j6m30xo wrote

Maybe, just maybe you're putting too much into this?


coffeebuzzbuzzz t1_j6o9hmj wrote

For real. This definitely reads like someone who isn't mature enough to be in an adult relationship yet. Total infatuation and lust.


__babyslaughter__ t1_j6m4wxy wrote

Girl everything about this story is bad. The nicotine is the least of it.

I hope you’re seeking treatment for the BPD though. It’s really important to manage that, talk to a therapist regularly who is knowledgeable etc


supper828 t1_j6mebb4 wrote

as soon as I saw 18F 32M…


machiasme t1_j6mq711 wrote

You pushed on the chair as you slowly rose up, and began to swing those hands together?


Wholesomeelijah t1_j6m2vef wrote

Dudes a creep. 32!??


Question_Few t1_j6m31to wrote

Op is either a senior or fresh out of high school and he's 32 and been out a decade and some change


coffeebuzzbuzzz t1_j6o8xyx wrote

She should still be in high school since it's only January. Unless she dropped out and got her GED. She's still technically high school age. Not sexy imo.


minitaba t1_j6m4mlg wrote

Wtf you are a teenager! I am 31 now and cant even imagine having a relationship or even just sex with a teen at all. This dude is a creep and you really should get over your addiction


__babyslaughter__ t1_j6m4ue3 wrote

I remember at 27 hanging out with my 21 year old coworker, whose family I had known forever, and realizing how young even his 21 year old friends were. I can’t imagine being so much older and dating a literal teen. Wtf


theladybeav t1_j6mxyvz wrote

Oh you sweet summer child. There is less than a 1% chance anything he has said is true. He's not out of town. He doesnt own a business. He's just sleeping with a lot of barely-adults from tinder.


Sea-Slip598 t1_j6olhed wrote

He might own a business but he’s definitely not out of town for months haha.


theladybeav t1_j6p9yba wrote

If he does, he started an LLC for his door dash business


_COVA_ t1_j6m9ed7 wrote

Jesus Christ… it has nothing to do with nicotine and smoking. It has to do with being 18 and infatuated.


OkVolume1 t1_j6mhoh6 wrote

Girl, you got daddy issues.


chocolate_milk_dude t1_j6m5pw7 wrote

I think that's a mental thing. You're young and in love, and you're going to think about him often, that is just what happens. Scent, as you know, is closely tied to memory so smelling cigarettes might trigger you to think of him, but I don't believe that you got yourself addicted to nicotine from secondhand smoke or kissing him.

PS: Stay focused on school and yourself, you're young and so is this relationship.


Imagine_Reality25 t1_j6m77lx wrote

You were a girl, then you were sure you were a boy and now a girl again? This post plus your previous post really show you have some mental health problems you need to work out. Find yourself first and do not be taken advantage off by a 32yo creep


Shadowlance23 t1_j6m3bju wrote

There is so much FU here that i feel this should be split into multiple posts, but to sum it up I'll just say it's not to late to fix this if you get out NOW. Even if he's a nice enough guy (who leaves but doesn't know when he's getting back?), there's clearly alot of toxic stuff here and nothing good will come of you trying to stick with him.


NotNateDawg t1_j6mdi7w wrote

it was kinda awkward ( he’s fucking 14 years older than me and i just turned legal ) lmfaooo yea this a fuck up alright


doctoremicat t1_j6m4q92 wrote

He’s too old for you and is taking advantage. You might be 18, but as you acknowledged he’s lived a whole life and it seems to me he’s interested in the sex and you are interested in something more. With your issues (that I fully relate to) I think you should cut this guy. Cold turkey. I doubt he’s going to realize an 18 year old is the relatable love of his life and choose you. You deserve someone who’s more relatable to where you are in life and a relationship without unequal power dynamic.


NungaFakeer t1_j6mc3bz wrote

This. And i do absolutely love hanging out with the young ones in small doses perhaps a couple of times a month. As someone in their 30s, i get to learn a lot, and imbibe some of that youthful enthusiasm. But any more than once or twice a month and that selfsame youthful enthusiasm is, more than likely, going to become annoying to the point of gouging out my eyeballs and giving myself sensorineural hearing loss.

The brass and tacs here is that OP is, perhaps overinvested, and for him, OP is perhaps slightly more than a form of assisted masturbation.


Empire2k5 t1_j6mgayr wrote

Couldn't get past first couple sentences. Wall of text, using tinder to find friends? Educate each other? Nope.


mook1178 t1_j6mxafp wrote

This is called LUST, not LOVE. You need to learn the difference, especially at 18.


koryuken t1_j6nbg8q wrote

There's almost zero reason for 32 yr old to hang out with a 18 yr old, huge red flag. There is almost nothing in common and you are basically a kid who thinks they are an adult. Sorry if this sounds harsh.


eidhrmuzz t1_j6mgrph wrote

Sounds like he uses the Dennis system.



RabidWolf-1 t1_j6mszdw wrote

Ur just dickmatized u will be fine


Causualgaymr t1_j6m4coy wrote

Go buy a pack of smokes and get over it welcome to the adult world kid


thebluemorpha t1_j6m8uno wrote

I seriously doubt his smoking habit has anything to do with your addiction to him, it's the thrills and feel goods you get from him, but you gotta keep it together! You know you have mental health issues and becoming obsessed with a partner is never good for anyone, don't go all in on this, live your life for you, and try to think of your thing with him like an amusement park, it's super fun to go to every once in a while, but you can never live there.


Chalkarts t1_j6nr8ws wrote

This is going to end terribly for you. 32 is a creepy age to be hooking up with 18s. You’re hooked on him because you don’t know any better yet. Infatuation is a powerful intoxicant. When he breaks your heart and tosses you aside for the next 18 year old, you will have learned a valuable lesson about creeps. Be safe.


samsharksworthy t1_j6nw5xy wrote

You sound like a bit of a nut. Also the age gap is creepy. Also I think this is made up.


Gloomy_Narwhal_719 t1_j6ogfzi wrote

I thought this was going to read "He seemed nice and then I kissed him and realized he was a smoker from the kiss YUCK" ... this went a whole different direction.


dogsonoverhere t1_j6mknp7 wrote

Meet other people. Do not commit yourself to one person right now. You're so young.


NOT000 t1_j6nb0qm wrote

if u date a smoker u will stink like a smoker

hopefully u dont start smoking too


Devil_May_Kare t1_j6nkguq wrote

If you think a nicotine addiction is pushing you to make unwise relationship decisions, get some nicotine gum or lozenges at a store or online. Then you can have enough nicotine to answer your cravings without doing something unwise in your relationships.


DUNGAROO t1_j6nl894 wrote

Just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. There’s a long list of reasons why a 32yo shouldn’t romantically pursue 18yos and Vice versa, one’s you’ll probably appreciate more when you’re 32 and not 18. But Caleb should know better, and that should be a good enough reason to avoid him.


Allthewayamazin t1_j6nsbfk wrote

Everything about this post is those new psychological terms kids learn from social media

Trauma , anxiety , healing , etc


Khaadom t1_j6ntuom wrote

Stopped reading at 32m


Lunasixsymphony t1_j6nv3xi wrote

I'm more grossed out at the age difference than the smoking.


run_build t1_j6ob9ra wrote

You hooked up with a married dude in his car and he took you back home. End of story, move on.