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Gabi_Social t1_j8q69iu wrote

Sideshow Bob said it best:

“You want the truth? You can't handle the truth! No truth-handler, you! Bah! I deride your truth-handling abilities!”


doctor-rumack t1_j8sg0m4 wrote

"Convicted of a crime I didn't even commit! Attempted murder, what is that? Do they give a Nobel Prize for Attempted Chemistry?"


RonyTheTiger t1_j8rldpv wrote

Simpsons are undefeated with their pop-culture references.


Gabi_Social t1_j8t8bmo wrote

You can use facts to prove anything that’s even remotely true.


10kLines t1_j8q4yy9 wrote



AngryCod t1_j8q62qz wrote

That's a pretty personal question, but yes. A landing strip at the moment if you must know.


minister-of-farts t1_j8q7uiv wrote

I got the full amazon down there


ScaryBluejay87 t1_j8q9tbd wrote

So … intense logging operations?


phobosmarsdeimos t1_j8qjirk wrote

Slash and burn mostly...mostly.


friedstilton t1_j8ruvxc wrote

Came here for some interesting chat about cinema history.

Leaving with scars that not even industrial-strength mind bleach can deal with.

Thanks reddit!


neelankatan t1_j8yu0mb wrote

How did this thread degenerate to a discussion on forestry? Or am I missing something ?


Zkenny13 t1_j8sh4b5 wrote

It looks like I'm sitting on Jerry Garcias face.


Beiki t1_j8sxpig wrote

Leslie Nielsen would be proud.


fuckfuckmyfuckingass t1_j8q89x7 wrote

I too am confused, if anything it's a longer sentence and the meaning is different.


InterMando5555 t1_j8qs294 wrote

It's actually one syllable less, no? But trimming is definitely not the right word to use. It was a significant change in meaning and that's what makes it famous. Not that it's shorter.


Maatix t1_j8qvx2w wrote

It both does and doesn't change the meaning. It literally changes the meaning, but in context it means the same thing.

"You already have the truth" and "You can't handle the truth", in this context, tell them they already know what the truth is - They just have never been willing to accept it to this point.

But truthfully, it is shorter, and it flows a lot better in the revised version. "You already have the truth" just sounds so robotic.


InterMando5555 t1_j8rbmgv wrote

Disagree. You can't handle the truth more squarely puts the onus on them ignoring what's before their eyes. It's an accusation in itself. The context that comes loaded with that accusation is what gives the line its power.


davtruss t1_j8rhgiq wrote

This. You know the truth, but you can't handle it, because you've never been on that wall. I ordered that boy beat half to death with soap wrapped up in towels because his departure would be bad for morale.


WalkerBRiley t1_j8sirhr wrote

I seem to recall the Legal Eagle review of this had the guest military lawyer, who had served at Gitmo I think, say that wall is probably one of the safest, and subsequently boring, places to be in the world and absolutely nothing ever happens there.


davtruss t1_j8sxcx3 wrote

But not in the mind of the dude who ordered the Code Red. What he considers a philosophy others might consider a sickness or an obsession. It's that belief that none of us are safe without the mean bastards. Of course he got what was coming to him.


Traditional-Pair1946 t1_j8rpcr3 wrote

It seems to me that for "You already have the truth" to be delivered effectively, it would need to given in a resigned manor. It doesn't fit the scene or the character.


Alexstarfire t1_j8shz21 wrote

Interesting. I always took "You can't handle the truth" to mean I'm deliberately not telling you the truth because you can't handle it. Sure, they've got all the evidence that points them to what the truth likely is, but it's not the same as being told the truth directly which confirm everything.


disneyvacafacts t1_j8sd8ji wrote

It is 1 less syllable and 1 less letter, so what do yo mean by longer?


MrNumberOneMan t1_j8rq1av wrote

There’s a couple of weird word choices here. “Boasted” is another. I blame ChatGPT


Sloloem t1_j8sn6ty wrote

Saved one whole syllable. Astounding efficiency.


Ruleseventysix t1_j8snkf4 wrote

Yes, except the same number of words, one of which is now a contraction.


MysteryRadish t1_j8q4dk2 wrote

Another little known fact: if you say this in an actual courtroom, people don't appreciate the reference as much as I thought they would. Instead, they get angry. Dude, lighten up, your honor. LFMF.


shed1 t1_j8q7kyl wrote

I served on a jury once, and the defense attorney came out and said, "You're not going to hear anyone in here say, 'You can't handle the truth!'"


Typical_Balance3892 t1_j8q90av wrote

>You're not going to hear anyone in here say, 'You can't handle the truth!'

Of course I know they will, it'll be me.

"... B-but sir you're just a jury memb-"



_do_ob_ t1_j8qgxak wrote

Remember me my favorite judge quote: "Mister, we are not here to determine what is true or not."


somniumx t1_j8qzw9v wrote

I mean, it was the food court, what did you expect? They only judge taste. Maybe presentation.


Vordeo t1_j8r6mgs wrote

>the food court



_do_ob_ t1_j8rd3np wrote

Na, it wasn't such an important court or case.

It was just about children custody and whether one parent allegations of abuse were forged or not.


kthulhu666 t1_j8q6r4x wrote

You need to follow up with, "You're out of order! The whole trial is out of order!"


UCLYayy t1_j8qw9nc wrote

That movie is a really bad example of courtroom behavior, let alone courtroom behavior under the UCMJ. The judge would not have allowed a fraction of Caffey's shit.


TheTayzer t1_j8sac5l wrote


Kaffee... I know, it's not important. :P


Decabet t1_j8qeupy wrote

I have to wonder if it even became annoying to him once it became an endlessly repeated cheap punchline like it did to the rest of us


OtisTetraxReigns t1_j8rkcuw wrote

I can’t imagine Sorkin was too stoked about the most memorable line in the movie not being in the script either.


barrywcarry t1_j8uos02 wrote

I’m sure he’s ok. And the most memorable line was clearly “…You? You Lt. Weinberg?”


Skythewood t1_j8qh9dx wrote

I guess he will have to learn to handle that truth


detumaki t1_j8qlwlf wrote

Not one comment about the movie scene depicted? No one, really? When Harry Met Sally


DatDudefromWI t1_j8rwrk0 wrote

I don't know...I always felt that Harry scene, while funny, was so out of character for Meg Ryan's "Sally." I honestly don't know anyone that would do that in a public place just to make a point. But Sally in particular struck me as way too prudish to do it. '

So it actually makes sense that it wasn't written in the script.


ColonelKasteen t1_j8s7gir wrote

Yeah that was weird- great scene but didn't they just spend like 20 minutes establishing that Sally has a huge stick up her ass at that point in life?


Snowbirdy t1_j8sdkl4 wrote

What I like about it is it established dimensionality to her character. She wasn’t a one note prude, she just wasn’t going there with Harry.


DatDudefromWI t1_j8uv37n wrote

But there was also a scene where they were exchanging anecdotes about their (terrible) first dates following difficult breakups, and she was mortified when he casually mentioned that he slept with his date anyway. And of course when they slept together when she was upset over her ex getting engaged, she thought it meant much more than he did. So to me she was portrayed as a "one note prude" ... except for that single "I'll have what she's having" scene.


Snowbirdy t1_j8v916n wrote

No, she was just portrayed as someone who doesn’t have sex on the first date. I have friends who are long, happily married, and very faithful, who have filthy sense of humor. Heck, my last serious relationship, she would not even kiss me on the first date, and then ended up being the best sex of my life.

But the humor also comes from the incongruity. So if we set aside the real world and just look at the comedy, the fact that you spend the whole movie thing and she’s a prude and then she has this scene makes it funnier.


FindTheRemnant t1_j8s5itr wrote

Trimmed? More like changed the meaning of it entirely.


Scottland83 t1_j8rbafv wrote

It was adapted from the play by Aaron Sorkin. And with that line becoming better known than the movie or the play, I wonder if it has been inserted into the play now. It wouldn't be the first time something like that has happened. I actually missed a local production not too long ago so I can't say.


Eroe777 t1_j8s72jw wrote

It’s kind of like “Failure is not an option.” From Apollo 13. It’s possibly the most famous line from the movie, yet Gene Kranz never said it. Didn’t stop him from using it as the title of his autobiography, though.

(The other famous line, “Houston, we have a problem.” was also never said in real life. Jim Lovell actually said, “Houston, we’ve had a problem.” or something very similar.)


Scottland83 t1_j8s7n1j wrote

If you listen to the recordings from the mission it’s remarkable how calm and collected the astronauts were. I know it’s hard to overemphasize how much training they go through but still, I can’t imagine being understated while flying through space in a metal can that’s falling apart.


substantial-freud t1_j8tfqnm wrote

People stay calm in an emergency when they have something to do.

YouTube has a bunch of ATC recordings with lines like “the cargo is on fire” and “the pilot’s dead” said in near-monotone, because the people saying them are too busy trying to not die to get all emotional. If you were in that situation, you’d be the same.

If you were sitting in the back though, with nothing to do but hope the people in the front solve the problem and wonder if maybe you should have driven, you’d be freaking the fuck out.


Jackieirish t1_j8ruvu3 wrote

I heard Jeff Daniels on a podcast talking about how you do not change one word of Sorkin's dialogue (I guess when he's the director as well as the writer) because he doesn't allow it. He said, and I'm paraphrasing, the only time Sorkin allows an actor to do that is basically once they've been working with him so long their changes are basically the way Sorkin writes anyway.

Of course, Jack is Jack, so . . . what are you gonna do?


Eric-Fartmann t1_j8sa7gr wrote

That’s not really trimming, it completely changes the meaning


shutz2 t1_j8scs88 wrote

Wasn't this a play before it was a movie? What was the line in the play? The written line seems so weak-ass compared to the improvised one that I wonder if that written line is only from the movie script or if it's actually in the play.


RonSwansonsOldMan t1_j8su2u1 wrote

And in real life, that little tirade would have landed Nicholson in the little lock up room behind the courtroom.


krusty556 t1_j8tnk7i wrote

Improvised, or got his line wrong?


SplendidPunkinButter t1_j8zmgw4 wrote

The movie is based on a play. In the play that character says “Because you can’t handle the truth.”


Lch207560 t1_j8sgbr1 wrote

Worst judges EVER!!


Suq_Madiq_Qik t1_j8rn3vq wrote

Wow. Is he a genius? For fuck sake, it's like celebrities are something special for doing something so menial.