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Arrow_to_the_knee1 t1_j9vbm7n wrote

Doctor probably thought he had accidentally released the apocalypse


sksksk1989 t1_j9x44f3 wrote

When he died he left a note that said >I am sorry to have misplaced the trust which so many of my friends and colleagues have placed in me and my work.

It was proved a little while later that her infection wasn't his fault.


Trala_la_la t1_j9xj18l wrote

Do you have a source for that? The article linked here fully blames him.


a_common_spring t1_j9xm4je wrote

Wikipedia lists a biography of Bedson as a source that he was not guilty. Apparently he was found not guilty after his death by a court. No one knows what really happened.


londons_explorer t1_j9xw3l6 wrote

It is highly likely the lab was the source.

And he was the boss of the lab.

Whether it was him personally being careless, or some fault in the procedures of the lab he oversaw doesn't really matter.


a_common_spring t1_j9y7qum wrote

I don't know anything about it. I'm just sharing a source that says he wasn't at fault cause someone asked.

Also I could envision a case where he was the boss of the lab, but had not been given adequate resources to make the lab safe, and had actively been trying to get them? Idk that's a made up scenario, I'm just saying there could be some way he wouldn't be at fault.


hello_hellno t1_j9yflew wrote

If you're the boss, you assume responsibility with the benefits. If you're underfunded and find it a dangerous environment- you either leave or cut into areas not related to safety to ensure safety is top priority over any results. No matter the budget- the big boss is always responsible for workers safety, that's the privilege and downside of that salary.

There is no excusable scenario. Not saying he deserved to die- absolutely not- no one does. But he seemed much more in tune with his responsibility as a boss than you see. I've run several enterprises and also not sure I could live with myself if anyone died due to the negligence of my business- whether staff/customer/passerby. It doesn't matter, I'm paid to make things run in a safe and responsible environment and the only person keeping me accountable is karma/life. If I slack or fuck up- I'm not getting suspended- I'm criminally responsible and that's partly why I'm paid what i am paid.

"Great power Comes with great responsibility "


scootscooterson t1_j9yl947 wrote

Sorry you’re definitely not criminally liable for everything that happens when you’re a boss? Also assuming infinite responsibility with something outside of your control is both honorable and misguided. I don’t think it’s what anyone wants in a leader.


hello_hellno t1_ja1y6o5 wrote

Yeah I don't think I worded that quite right- more that as the boss you assume responsibility for any failings within your sphere of influence- which does include behavior of employees, safety issues etc.

But I see what you mean in my wording, there can Def be things outside your control no matter what- which is why these things are deeply investigated by governing bodies. But any finding that finds a failure in procedures etc is the responsibility of the boss.

Like if lightning strikes someone at an outdoor festival it shouldn't be blamed of the organizer of that festival. But if there's multiple overdoses, criminal acts etc- then yeah- that's within their sphere of influence from a procedural standpoint, and they need to be held accountable for failure to put safety over profits.

Don't know if that makes more sense on my viewpoint, but thanks for correcting me. I do see how I worded that wrong originally, and I appreciated that being pointed out to me


scootscooterson t1_ja28shc wrote

For sure! Nobody wants their friend to take responsibility for a situation where they did everything they could. It’s somehow right and wrong at the same time in a way I think you understand.


MattyKatty t1_j9y861m wrote

>Apparently he was found not guilty after his death by a court

I was going to say this makes zero sense, but then I realized British


a_common_spring t1_j9yagvd wrote

Well I haven't read any details of the case. It did say a court, but I'm thinking there would have been some kind of inquiry into the case. Perhaps a criminal case against the lab owners and operators too. Idk. I'm thinking of reading that book.


CelloVerp t1_j9xisrc wrote

Can you say more about that? How was it proven?


w0mpum OP t1_j9zwdlr wrote

the prevailing theory was originally airborne infection but they proved unequivocably she could not have gotten infected upstairs from it.

It was either by contact with a surface or person to person... rumors flew but most likely would be someone irresponsibly handled something in his lab, which couldve been Bedson himself. Either way it is his responsibility ultimately.


singularineet t1_j9yio45 wrote

He was not found guilty in a court of law, posthumously. That is very different from it not being his fault or his responsibility.


Cetun t1_j9wxjq3 wrote

I mean I'd give it a week or two


Complex_Construction t1_j9yylzn wrote

How did we get from that level of personal responsibility to it’s-everyone-else’s-fault-but-mine today as a people?


intangible-tangerine t1_j9wdd7n wrote

Her father died a few weeks after Janet from a suspected heart attack caused by stress so he was also an indirect victim of this outbreak.


Roadkill997 t1_j9v0oe3 wrote

She should have had the chance to be vaccinated as a child (routine vaccination against smallpox stopped in the UK in 1971). I guess her parents never got her the jab?


tyty657 t1_j9xp246 wrote

No she probably got it but it requires booster shots too.


w0mpum OP t1_j9zwi25 wrote

she was vaccinated 12 years before


DrJawn t1_j9ulua6 wrote

If you were working on smallpox, wouldn't you get the vaccine?


drhunny t1_j9um6mg wrote

Article says she was working in an office near the lab, not necessarily working on the smallpox research


w0mpum OP t1_j9zw07b wrote

and she was vaccinated 12 years prior, but the smallpox vaccine doesn't hold up over time


Brocephus31 t1_j9xdm3d wrote

Always remember this from house haha it's sad the stupid things we pick up from shows.


[deleted] t1_j9ujlzm wrote



HPmoni t1_j9uo6bh wrote

Your hiking but he did the honorable thing. Kind of went overboard.


Beaglescout15 t1_j9ut7i9 wrote

> Confronted with a ticking clock, Bedson rushed ahead with his experiments, despite warnings from a WHO inspection team that his facilities were outdated and potentially unsafe.

It wasn't just honorable, he was directly negligent.