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slayer1am t1_iusrwbp wrote

It's astonishing how many people can't figure this out.


garydancer t1_iustay9 wrote

me too, although i have to admit i did just learn this recently


TranquillizeMe OP t1_iut7x3z wrote

yeah, who doesn't know this already? buncha idiot losers, not knowing about sushi. i'm astonished at how little people know about sushi. sushi was originally raw chicken on a piece of green paper, it's incredible how stupid most people are about real sushi. sashimi is the orange stuff you see in chinese buffets next to the "lo mein", whatever the heck that is. people are just making up different food groups like we don't already know what a hamburger is. like the fish group and the chinese food group. it's nuts, can you believe this?