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RandomUser0666 t1_j1dllej wrote

Roy Bean was too drunk all the time to ride a horse so he usually rode a donkey when he needed to get somewhere. He also had to act as coroner whenever someone died within his circuit. One day, a bridge being built within his area of influence collapsed on a bunch of people. A dozen people were injured or killed outright, and the foreman had the bodies laid out in a line waiting for Roy to get there and make the deaths official. So he hops on his donkey and spends all day making the 30 mile trip. When he gets to the accident site, he goes up the line and pronounces each and every one of them dead due to heavy bridge spans falling on them. The foreman goes "Uh, Judge, them last three ain't dead."


[deleted] t1_j1cuudb wrote

Ah...Paul Newman.


tbodillia t1_j1d6ju0 wrote

Great movie! I wonder if I can find it streaming since I haven't seen it in decades. Trivial Pursuit was popular the last time I saw it.


BrokenEye3 t1_j1cuylt wrote

That must've made getting out of jury duty a cinch


RetroMetroShow t1_j1czkhh wrote

Phantly sounds like a great name for a dog


rasputin6543 t1_j1d3jde wrote

The Dollop podcast has a great episode about him.


richg0404 t1_j1dke3v wrote

There is a name you just don't see any more. Phantly.


DWeathersby83 t1_j1drkhg wrote

The museum and bar were really neat to visit on my way back from west Texas on I-90. His pet bear and boxing matches on the rio grande, obsession with the “jersey Lilly”. That guy was a character