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jokes_on_you t1_j12fzl2 wrote

To clarify, this was not due to supersonic flight but because of all the required construction


MustacheEmperor OP t1_j12geto wrote

True, although worth noting that the only justification for the airport’s construction was the expected demand for supersonic intercontinental flights which looked promising at the time but never materialized. It would have been the biggest airport in the world - like six JFKs.

It’s crazy, they were going to pave the Everglades into six JFKs worth of airport!


jokes_on_you t1_j12ii66 wrote

Would've been based as fuck. Sigh... another win for the swamp lobbyists, another loss for the American people. Most people don't even know why DC is called "the swamp."


kthulhu666 t1_j12n0vj wrote

Cheer up mate! No land is ever truly safe from environmental desecration.


Dawnawaken92 t1_j12jetc wrote

It was the alligator I tell you. Damn lizard people.


gingercomiealt t1_j1rzhsp wrote

Yeah fuck our wetlands

America was meant to be a big parking lot


IRatherChangeMyName t1_j12hf40 wrote

I'm glad. Canoeing in the everglades has been one of my favorite experiences


Leading-Garage-8749 t1_j156qjb wrote

The same situation happened in New Jersey during the same time, a plan to build the worlds largest airport in the Pine Barrens, which at the time were mostly unprotected, alongside a plan to build a planned community to support the jetport with a population of about a quarter million people.


postsuper5000 t1_j15q56g wrote

I took flying lessons as a teenager in the 80s when I lived in Miami. My instructor flew us to that landing strip in the Everglades to practice touch and go's a few times. Last time we went, we landed and then took the taxiway down to the end of the runway and arrived there just as a PanAm 747 was coming in for its own touch and go. I assume they were just practicing or something. Great day.


nightwing12 t1_j13u4ew wrote

Never change Florida , never change