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stryderr t1_j5b8rnb wrote

I grew up 2 blocks from there in Tsawwassen. Before 911 you could just walk across the border with no repercussions most times. Beer was a lot cheaper in Point Bob. :)


IAmDavidGurney OP t1_j5b32y4 wrote

Its interesting situation was caused by the USA and UK deciding that the 49th parallel would be the border between the USA and Canada.

Students from fourth grade onward must be driven 40 minutes into Canada and then into Washington state to go to school. Imagine crossing two international borders just to go to school. That's four border crossings a day and twenty crossings a week lol.


Potatoe292 t1_j5b69j9 wrote

In reality most of the kids fourth grade and up just go to school in Canada in Tsawassen as international students.


kanye_best t1_j5b48of wrote

John Tortorella used to live there when he coached the Vancouver Canucks. I guess he didn't want to go through the hassle of getting Canadian residency.


stryderr t1_j5b8ixg wrote

Alex Mogilny lived there too when he played for the Canucks. I used to see him when I worked at the White Spot in Tsawwassen.


threemilesfinal t1_j5bd25u wrote

Went camping there once with friends. We picked up Molson Canadian there and had quite the laugh as according to the label, we were drinking an "Imported" beer.

Yeah, imported about 300m. lol


PM_ur_Rump t1_j5b7dqf wrote

Hyder, AK is accessible by sea, air, or driving several hundred miles across BC.

Worth it though.


turniphat t1_j5celkm wrote

They got pretty screwed really hard by covid restrictions. The border closed to non essential travel, business dropped by 80%.


westernmail t1_j5co12j wrote

I've always said if the U.S. gets to keep Northwest Angle, Canada should have Point Roberts in exchange.


KindAwareness3073 t1_j5d4c0i wrote

Angle Inlet, Minnesota can only be reached by land from Canada.


r_sharon t1_j5eohsu wrote

I found a local history book about Point Roberts, WA at the reference section of the Blaine, WA library. According to this book, Point Roberts, WA was originally land owned by the Federal government and was to be used for a military base that was never constructed. In the lat 1800s and early 1900s, there were coastal artillery bases Washington, like Fort Warden in Port Townsend, WA. Originally, a few civilians lived in Point Roberts, WA. They were employed by the Federal government to clear land a long the 49th parallel border. They stayed in Point Roberts, WA during the winter months. Over time, squatters became illegally living in Point Roberts, WA and this increased during the depression. The Federal government gave the land to Washington state and here we are today.