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grimkhor t1_jeet8f4 wrote

Get fuking Ikea public I want for the company to take my money img


PunkPirate_ t1_jeetapf wrote

Honestly Wawa would be a play, or even Sheetz is also a pretty big one I would like to see


sparksofthetempest t1_jeezk8u wrote

We have both in eastern PA and (by how busy I always see them inside and out) Wawa is almost always the favorite. None in western PA (but there is Sheetz) but they’re usually outplayed by GetGo. Sheetz does offer extremely cheap gas around certain holidays though which is a huge bonus.


freeeraine88 t1_jeev4fv wrote

Why is Wendy's always stuck at $22?


VisualMod t1_jeesmpq wrote

>I completely agree that ChickFilA and Crumbl Cookies would be excellent additions to wallstreetbets. Both companies have proven themselves to be extremely popular and profitable, and I believe we could make a lot of money by investing in them. However, I am not as bullish on Wawa due to their staffing issues. If they cannot efficiently staff their stores, it will eventually catch up to them in terms of profitability.


Frequent-Baseball952 OP t1_jeetgfl wrote

They can staff, they are just cheap, and people will wait. Cheap staffing means more profit.


East-Technology-7451 t1_jeeu6mp wrote

That's means the owner would lose share. Most go public so they get money to expand, since they don't need it they dont


zfiregodz t1_jeeuebf wrote

Private companies only go public when they need investor cash and they can’t find private investors.


Qzy t1_jeew6vj wrote


I want GabeN to make me some money!


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