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mw_37 t1_jecylcz wrote

Most sane individuals would stop an unhedged NQ postion at like 10-20 points. 600 points and this dude still holding


hud07177 t1_jedqh0i wrote

hit my 10-15 points stop around 20 times on Wednesday shorting nq and down 40k. Glad to hear that i am sane.


Upper-Chemist-7435 t1_jeds2hp wrote

Have you considered making a one stop of 100-150 points instead of 20 @ 10? Just an idea - does wonders for me.


[deleted] t1_jedswyr wrote



Upper-Chemist-7435 t1_jedt37x wrote

Double down and change the direction - best way to loose all the money


eddie7000 t1_jefzh8d wrote

Do the same thing every time and always expect a different result. People will think you're crazy, but when you tell them the market is also crazy it will blow their minds.


hud07177 t1_jefesuh wrote

Didn't place stop loss today for 10-15 points today. A 100 points stop loss will be at 13250. Currently down $16k. Save a lot of commission. I did it!!!


MaverickGTI t1_jeds5kj wrote

10-20 pt SL is not a winning strategy and most people lose money. The stop loss tells you almost nothing about the strategy.


Bronto_Chad t1_jefzoe4 wrote

You will be like the squid game guy if your stop loss for NQ is 10-20 points


Intellect_Invest t1_jecvhor wrote

iM dOWn $22.6k aSK mE anYThInG


flexapotheker t1_jecxyxm wrote

When lambo?


Curiousdude925 OP t1_jectmr7 wrote

So I’m kinda stuck in a short position on these futures contracts… not sure what to do. I can ride it out right?


Bright_Kaleidoscope5 t1_jecuz1n wrote

Wait, did OP just post an AMA, then ask us a question? Not how this works OP!!


Dornauge t1_jeea1ag wrote

Just like with the Nasdaq position, he wanted to go long on the AMA, but accidentally went short.


BePositive_99 t1_jectn18 wrote



Curiousdude925 OP t1_jectt96 wrote

I was trying to inverse Jim Cramer on “shorting the Nasdaq will send you to the grave” tweet that he sent a couple weeks ago… unfortunately this time he was right


ch4m4njheenga t1_jediq1c wrote

Jim is reading this. He is going to brag about it tomorrow on his show.


2buckchuck2 t1_jed3skb wrote

I fucking did the same but with minis though so that means I’m you’re mini me


aeplus t1_jedsspw wrote

Same boat. I actually averaged up from 12250 to 12500. Two short contracts on mnq. Should I double down?


livelearnplay t1_jed85le wrote

Where you up at any point in this position? I was glad i exited my qqq puts on Tuesday at 20% loss. But then decided to bet against baba on Wednesday with 96puts only to get clapped by the bulls once again. In hindsight I should have followed my own plan and get calls, idk why I inverse myself


mrcrescenzi t1_jedh0i0 wrote

You had ample time to take profits the literal day after that tweet


PCBFX t1_jedj9pg wrote

Since the stock market only goes up long term, literally any man woman child or animal that says "short index, bad" will be right if you wait long enough.


greenskew t1_jeculbh wrote

Yay! I am not alone. Already booked $300 loss this week on /ES PUT options. And to top it all I have soybean /ZS CALLs. I was not thinking in short.


vorrenthlk t1_jed44g6 wrote

it happens man, you fucked up. now pick up the pieces and get your shit together. come back stronger


Loose_Mail_786 t1_jed49wp wrote

Il fuckimg drunk after drinking 4 white claw . Lol


patriots317 t1_jeczl26 wrote

Have you always been a R-word?


Trulyhennessey t1_jed1e37 wrote

Good job when Ndaq just entered to a new bull market 😂


livelearnplay t1_jed8hp0 wrote

Can’t make this shit up, our timing is indeed impeccable. But honestly the volume has been crap on this pump so there’s not much conviction as you would think. So it’s a tricky area to trade, where we could continue to grind slowly up before another black swan event bring us down


UnwelcomedTruth t1_jed4f73 wrote

Dearly regarded: at least in the short term there’s nothing but bullish signals blaring. You need to just sell and get as much back as possible.


1000bctrades t1_jedrr4c wrote

I remember my first futures paper trade loss.


[deleted] t1_jecve5n wrote

You are cool and popular now.


Unlucky-Prize t1_jeczyev wrote

2 contracts never hurt so much. I once did this with 25 on a +3 day. Not recommended.


4memLeaks t1_jecw7j0 wrote

I shorted the /ES qty 2. The market left 2 gaps, they will come back to fill them.


EotEaH t1_jecxff2 wrote

I’m sure if you just stare at long enough something will happen


banana_buddy t1_jed1pev wrote

What is the anti-de Sitter/conformal field theory correspondence of quantum gravity under M theory to AdS7 X S^4 ?


tuckinstocks t1_jed32jy wrote

I scalped some spx puts today lol .53-.80 but I’d have loved if it was actually a good move lol


SmoothConfection1115 t1_jed46r5 wrote

Did you consider buying puts instead of shorting?

And do you have that kind of cash lying around?


Braaapp-717 t1_jed6cwd wrote

What level of regard have you achieved?


Meekzyz t1_jed7v5j wrote

Atleast buy yourself a nice dinner tonight. Go to a good restaurant


sate9 t1_jed8496 wrote

bro.... I been in that spot before and there's no more pain every point upwards until completely blown. but when it starts to reach breakeven and go green that dopamine hit harder than anything


nedfromcal t1_jee305m wrote

Is your wife’s boyfriend a good kisser?


nigerdaumus t1_jegxyo4 wrote

Question. I also shorted the market. Fuck You for not shorting harder. Now we're ruined img


Fawkinchit t1_jeh54oa wrote

I bet, that if you wait until the end of the year, you'll come out with profit. But you're going to have to hold your balls for a while.


scwelch t1_jedbodw wrote

Why didn’t do micro mnq first?


etrimmer t1_jedbyj3 wrote

How's it feel to be a gay bear?


thejunes t1_jedcaqr wrote

Should tweet this at Jim Cramer and see if he will attend your funeral


tehLife t1_jedcyfz wrote

Hyperinflation says hi


[deleted] t1_jedd5ez wrote

Bit new to the sub what website or app is this?


G25777K t1_jedgfly wrote

That's a real cowboy right there!!!


icbint t1_jedh9ll wrote

Why are you a silly billy


dazark t1_jedj18b wrote

lmao i shorted tqqq a while back too still holding like a true regard. takes one to know oneimg


nexxcotech t1_jedjmdx wrote

Dw bro I’m also short /ES, we ride until market dumps img


Flossin_Clawson t1_jedmkku wrote

Man… your wife’s boyfriend gonna be mad. 🫡


vaxul t1_jedrxu1 wrote

This is why you use a stop loss, make it a bet instead of a death spiral. Are you going to ride this until 15k?


Due-Employee9272 t1_jedu19t wrote

What is your margin requirement to keep the position open? How high does NAS need to go for you to start sweating?


[deleted] t1_jee3akk wrote

The irony of losing money in a retirement account. This guy makes koala bears look like warren buffet.


chev327fox t1_jee3kt5 wrote

How do leaded paint chips taste?


whodoithinkuR t1_jee6kia wrote

After tasting this small defeat, do you plan to go bigger next time?


DaddyChiiill t1_jee88sl wrote

Hurts like a mf.

Who knew rising interest rates makes a bull? Even Mr Big Short came to admit he was wrong..


maxinstuff t1_jeechnw wrote

Tell us about the time your mother dropped you on your head 🧐


TheGeoGod t1_jeefh7f wrote

Good job. It’s going to tank today when inflation data is released.


jayyyzus85 t1_jeeh19q wrote

What kind of rope are you going to use??


EarningsPal t1_jeelwul wrote

The news kept everyone building up short positions. So the prices can go up.


rp2012-blackthisout t1_jeeoxjy wrote

In your IRA account too. Broke retired you in the future thanks you.


p12qcowodeath t1_jeer6fq wrote

What is the first law of thermodynamics?


schizm98 t1_jeet7zk wrote

Did you invite cramer to your funeral


spraypaint2311 t1_jeetcby wrote

What’s your plan to make money when you’re homeless? I heard Wendy’s is full


GibFreelo t1_jeewpxc wrote

This guy trying to retire with negative money.


Mrtooth12 t1_jeez6yp wrote

Bro was hoping for a crash


Random_Guy_47 t1_jef352i wrote

How much are you charging for handies and what time does your shift at Wendys start?


Curiousdude925 OP t1_jef39s9 wrote

My shift starts at 4:20 and is a $4.20 special. Now down 25k on this position


Random_Guy_47 t1_jef3hy5 wrote

That's 5953 handies to pay back your debt.

Might wanna invest in some knee pads.


Triplexxx501 t1_jef9lad wrote

You managed to lose in one day what I lost in 5 years :0


Sweaty_Bird481 t1_jefew0l wrote

Shorting the entire market lol. Bears getting what they deserve.

Heres a question. Why don't you quit being a contrarian? You know you can just ride the train instead of constantly getting run over by it.


YaBastaaa t1_jefld7n wrote

I did not know it was possible to shorten the NASDAQ as a complete market 🤷🏻‍♂️


1stmikewhite t1_jefuvor wrote

Does anyone have a credible discord group or a stock/option trading team? I'm hoping to join one. Let me know, please!


xmustangxx t1_jeg0svv wrote

Makes sense after it had already fallen 30% last year. Smart.

I was on the opposite side of this trade but with a lot more $$$


Rd21Bn t1_jegrefd wrote

thank you for your service, ser

you are the fuel we need in this bull market


Hot-Unit808 t1_jegw3zw wrote

This is why I short TQQQ. One pullback and wa la I am at break even!


Odin1367 t1_jegxj2m wrote

How red is your bunghole


Curiousdude925 OP t1_jegz5e3 wrote

Update: Now down nearly 30k… guess I’ll just go bankrupt 🤷🏼‍♂️


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whitekatana t1_jed67ed wrote

hmm looks like you close the trade and move on before you lose everything and go into debt