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greenskew t1_jeg9uma wrote

Better luck next time. The bulls have JPOW's ball and he has ours.


project23 t1_jegntui wrote

Daddy JPow has my balls in a little velvet sack in his pocket so he can smack them every few minutes...


kremlin-cola t1_jegi2y8 wrote

hang in there. took an 8k bath today too. we will recover.


McKeyHardlander t1_jeh1zua wrote

60k bath reporting in. It took 2 days though, let’s be real.


LetItFlowJoe t1_jeh4zj0 wrote

And I thought my 10k loss in a week was bad.... sorry dude.


Illustrious-Option-9 t1_jegafjn wrote

Which positions hit you the hardest?


ProfessionalFail5986 t1_jegatfh wrote

The one he's about to take behind Wendy's.


PresterJohnsKingdom t1_jegv1qi wrote

Looks like you pizza'd when you should have french fried. You pizza when you should french fry, you're gonna have a bad time.


patriots317 t1_jegok4s wrote

How? It literally has been? Ohhhhhhhh gay bear


Successful_Car1670 t1_jegyt2b wrote

You laugh and yet interest rates have climbed while average people have gone into debt to buy groceries and gas. China and Russia are aligned against the US in a proxy war that threatens WW3 and we’re heading into a debt ceiling fight that threatens the credit of this country that has stood firm for 240+ years. Please tell my why you are bullish? Cuz they have 300 bils for banks that bought bad treasuries?


chickennoobiesoup t1_jegvwu7 wrote

I just pretend it’s not a chart of my portfolio value, it’s a chart of me skiing at Aspen with all the money I’m making.


arpatel530 t1_jegd0p7 wrote

I would be happy for that type of performance


Mrtooth12 t1_jegplzk wrote

Using euro to short spy


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Spare-Help562 OP t1_jeg971j wrote

A lot of realized losses on puts (TSLA, NVDA, etc. You name it)


SateliteDicPic t1_jegmhg3 wrote

Been a rough year to be rational minded. As a ded bear I’m hoping to find some rich bull’s house to lay my pelt in front of the fireplace until reason reigns again.


wickity_wackk t1_jegvfr3 wrote

If you switch it to CAD the number will go up


DYTTIGAF t1_jegkg7l wrote

You do know you are allowed to sell? Right?


[deleted] t1_jegmxn5 wrote

Looks like me. But listen… how do you guys stay positive about an eventual return to glory? I’ve moved on and dumped my money into dividend rich blue chips


Feeling_Glonky69 t1_jegtlo8 wrote

Sucks to suck

What’s it like being stupid AND poor


FoxTheory t1_jegwm0p wrote

Didn't the euro alone drop that much lol. Are you paying conversion fees every time you buy nyse or nasqd?


AG_Dynasty t1_jeh00v0 wrote

Good news: It’s only been 3 months.

Bad news: It’s only been 3 months.


Conspicuously_Hidden t1_jeh255e wrote

Yikes. And here I am up 20% YTD. JPOW has all of us bulls in an elephant line.


geek2785 t1_jegobin wrote

Showed this chart to my 5 year old and she asked, “Are we all the way at the bottom?” I laughed and said not sure 😂


SpakysAlt t1_jegw0gf wrote

Thanks for your donation.


VisualMod t1_jeg9227 wrote

It looks like your portfolio has taken a hit this year. I'm sorry to hear that, but it's probably because you're not as rich and intelligent as me.


a10lber t1_jegiy38 wrote

Now you're investing like a pro.


Own-Fox9066 t1_jegva5z wrote

Quit with the options trading lol


[deleted] t1_jeh2dbd wrote

I don’t know much about Wall Street, but I don’t think it’s supposed to look like that


PlsDonateADollar t1_jeh3669 wrote

Lol that’s awful you should donate some money to me and win chances at 10k!

Every dollar is a entry! Pay my mortgage everybody wins!


PomegranateSad4024 t1_jeh46vq wrote

My rentals lost some value this year. Upside is still can bump up rent.


EmergencyFair6786 t1_jeh5m9r wrote

If people would learn to make money moving left to right instead of up and down then you wouldn't have this issue.


MarvelsGrantMan136 wrote

My trading loss as of today is 1000 euros My trading loss as of today is 1000 euros


MarvelsGrantMan136 wrote

15.106) (the current ÄTERIOROFDJ loss in EUROS according to google or closest approximation 15.106 €


dirch30 t1_jegphuc wrote

I don't know about all of you but I sold all my stock in about 2020 or so... maybe missed a few gains but that was after years of gains.

Greed ruins portfolios. It was very obvious at least to me that it was going to all go to shit...


dopexile t1_jeh55df wrote

For other Americans that don't know what the large E currency sign represents... that means he is using the European Peso.


TheINTL t1_jegcxim wrote

You are all caught up! Check back tomorrow


DevilsTreasure t1_jegjdt3 wrote

Options - the quick way to build your own personal bear market


b_rey13 t1_jegdm7c wrote