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Ceratisa t1_jack8k9 wrote

Well, that's not the reality of it at all


Nurisija t1_jackb7l wrote

Somehow China and "open and transparent" seem incompatible. I wonder why that is? /s


shaftofbread t1_jacnge8 wrote

'open and transparent' in Chinese translates directly to 'full of shit' in English, just sayin'....


sportsDude t1_jackpuc wrote

Sharing the most data doesn’t mean it’s ALL the data. Nor does it speak to transparency or ease of obtaining such data


Veginite t1_jacq7j1 wrote

Ah, yes, just like they've been on Uyghur concentration camps and the COVID death toll in China. Absolutely nothing to doubt here folks!


JohnSith t1_jadlrbp wrote

Wow, so transparent that the doctor who first reported it has now disappeared, can't find any trace of him at all, he must have turned completely see-through. Can't get any more transparent than that.

Here is a small list of sources, but not for the person supporter still spouting CCP propaganda, something about drowning stubborn horses. This is for everyone else:

They Documented the Coronavirus Crisis in Wuhan. Then They Vanished.

>Two video bloggers whose dispatches from the heart of the outbreak showed fear, grief and dissatisfaction with the government have gone silent.*


Coronavirus: Why have two reporters in Wuhan disappeared?

>They posted videos online, shared pictures and dramatic stories from inside the quarantined city that has been virtually cut off from the rest of the country.

>Now, they are nowhere to be found.


Chinese Whistleblowers Who Spoke About Coronavirus Have Vanished, Died

>Wuhan doctor Li Wenliang, who died of the new coronavirus, was initially censored by police. He wasn't the only whistleblower to go silent.


Leaked Documents Show How China’s Army of Paid Internet Trolls Helped Censor the Coronavirus

>As the coronavirus spread in China, the government stage-managed what appeared on the domestic internet to make the virus look less severe and the authorities more capable, according to thousands of leaked directives and other files.


All the early COVID-19 stories censored off Chinese internet

>The article translated below, which first appeared in Young Weekly, examined 20 of the most popular and influential media accounts in the WeChat Official Account ecosystem and analyzed which of their reports were deleted. It found that business media, negative reporting, and articles focusing on doctors and patients got the most attention from censors.


Inside the Early Days of China’s Coronavirus Cover-Up

>The dawn of a pandemic—as seen through the news and social media posts that vanished from China’s internet.



Sickboy1953 t1_jadme5f wrote

China has been transparent on zero things, ever.


No_Sense_6171 t1_jadxz6q wrote

Translation: They have completed their cover-up and will say no more about it.


Sickboy1953 t1_jadmb98 wrote

Jesus, they said that shit with a straight face?


2-Legit-2-Quip t1_jad85jr wrote

Didn't they deny access to a bat cave and such to the WHO?


Nanocyborgasm t1_jadlzra wrote

If this happened a few weeks ago, I would believe China, but now they’re trolling as hard as Russia so I find this claim suspicious.


a-flayer t1_jad89f8 wrote

Why is it that the FBI believes "with moderate confidence" that Covid originated in a lab?