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Complex_Construction t1_ja7gj4e wrote

Just private corporations doing private stuff. Nuthin to see here.


MC_chrome t1_ja8cxeb wrote

>private corporations

…which are staffed with state officials, but China doesn’t want anyone talking about that!


forrealnoRussianbot t1_ja8vtvr wrote

Private in China? Lol. You mean companies controlled by CCP.


Complex_Construction t1_ja8wp0m wrote

Sarcasm, mate, sarcasm! They were deflecting by using “private corporations” language to deny the balloons were for some kind of spying. They’ll do it again.


forrealnoRussianbot t1_ja8x15o wrote

Sorry, I have countered some naive people in Reddit lately. I believe some CCP companies will give weapons to Belarus so they don't get blamed.