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reddit455 t1_iqnf7zy wrote is being worked on, and Sandman Act 3 (audible) [literally dropped this week.]( they'd been doing post production for *months*. ​ took 2-3 years for the ***audible


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happen? [here’s an article from Jordan peele himself (the director and writer of the movie)]( Do a bit of reading before you blindly speak up so you can tell yourself


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people would look up themselves, but I guess people can't read and/or look up information. []( []( []( []( If you need more 'official' links


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mastery of grand, portentous, earth-shaking moments that pull us toward the screen. [Entertainment Weekly]( (B+): > And while a Black Panther without Boseman is undoubtedly nothing like the film's creators


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meaty hand grabbing your collar; it works because they work it. -[Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly]( A- > For all the genuine thrills provided by its pioneering pageantry, Way of Water ultimately leaves