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mean by sex and gender]( [The idea of 2 sexes is overly simplistic]( [Scientists create human embryo without sperm]( [Language and trans health]( ... victims of violent crime]( [Trans Girls Belong on Girls’ Sports Teams](


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willing to give up meat, however [giving up or decreasing *red meat* consumption benefits everyone.](,are%20converted%20to%20grazing%20land.)


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razed. That's absolutely devastating to our planet and is [directly making climate change worse.](,are%20converted%20to%20grazing%20land.) The reality is red meat consumption is terrible for the environment


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here's an article detailing the many barriers preventing animals from linking sex to pregnancy]( It even gives another explanation for why silverback gorillas are likely to wipe out infants


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masked up. Lip reading is a critical part of their ability to comprehend and mimic speech.


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hearing amazing things about MSC derived exosomes. Scientific American did an excellent article on exosomes edit: There's actually over 200 clinical trials in the USA using mesenchymal stem cells


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heard about mesenchymal stem cells or exosomes? Here Scientific American did an excellent article on exosomes This is how I first learned about umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells There


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currently headed into clinical trials in the USA. Scientific American did an excellent article on exosomes. []( Now I need to make a point that umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells can literally cure


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their careers, when women are completely free to go for any job they still have preference. []( []( [](


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fundamental things we understand about the world are engrained in us at birth. A good article:


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time where they were studying if you could train bees to do things. [Bee Soccer]( was the thing I first thought of when I saw this. The cool thing is that


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made from scratch. In fact, batteries with the recycled cathode both last longer and charge faster. > The materials do not simple come from all over the world and “mainly Australia


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Scientific American did an excellent article on exosomes check it out? For those who are curious []( And in this podcast they interviewed the scientist who treated these spina bifida babies with placenta


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glove on their dominant hand while they to set up dominoes. Sources:


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Sorry, for some reason I thought this was linked to in the comment we were threading. > How could such tales survive hundreds of generations without being written down? > “There


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most states water rights are use it or lose it, the system is geared towards waste. []( [](


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This is so easy to debunk I truly wonder why you bother