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Is it the “FUCK BIDEN” guy with the YouTube channel? If so I want his YouTube URL if anyone has it. Would like to see if he has me on there because he filmed me once


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Also lived in NYC. I didn’t like all the honking 0.00001 seconds when the light turned green, but at least enough people understood the rules of the road.

Richmond is just filled with a bunch of really inconsiderate drivers (and Virginia in general).

Henrico police are more strict and it just seems like police that surround VCU campus are just…not there.

First time I moved to RVA in 2013 I saw someone get hit off their bike so hard [GRAPHIC STATEMENT AHEAD] that their torso was twisted 180 degrees (their butt was facing the same way their face was).

Gruesome and the first time I had ever seen anything like that.


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Also for anyone who has issues with beard growth, minoxidil (keeps’ active ingredient) can stimulate beard growth! I went from not being able to grow a beard to a big fluffy boi.

And being a guy in Richmond, a beard of some kind is a must