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That's true, I'd love to see some real change, like ranked voting. But it's not here yet, so I have to decide whether I'd like to use my vote as a protest, or to try and elect the lesser of the evils being presented.

If I'm going to vote a 3rd party candidate, they'll have to be someone I respect rather than a fool like Gizzarelli. I was always happy to vote for Bob Healey, for example.


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She literally moved here to run for office. It's not like she moved here 5 years ago and wanted to get involved in her new community. It's that she's a blatant opportunist who doesn't care if she's in Rhode Island, South Dakota, or West Virginia, she moved to where the GOP invited her to run.

She's got no political experience, and I don't even know if she can manage her household finances never mind a state budget. I don't know if she's stood up to a home renovation contractor, never mind a labor union.

McKee wasn't my favorite candidate by a long shot, but I'll still vote for him over Kalus. Hell, I think I'd vote for Carcieri before I voted for Kalus.

And no, I'm not voting for Gizzarelli. John Anderson taught me (and I wish he'd taught Ralph Nader) that all a 3rd party candidate does in the current system is spoil the race. But beside that, the only sign I saw for him had something about bringing back flavored vapes. Not something I'd have made a main plank of my platform, but there he is.

Libertarians piss me off anyway, because things just fall apart. I recently saw Billy Bragg, and he wrote a song about Grafton NH where Libertarians got elected to a majority of the town council. It's funny because it's true. "Living on logic sounds real good / But people don't always act the way you think that they should"


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I am pumped for this! When I saw that he was doing a US tour, I looked to see how far I'd have to travel to see him. I figured Boston at worst, or New Haven which is only slightly better, but he's right down the street!

I have high hopes for the United as a new venue. I hope the sound is OK.