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It's the only city I've ever been to where you can't ask someone for directions on the street. People talk about NY, Boston, Philly, etc. I've found those people to all be perfectly helpful. People in DC walk right by you like you're not even there. I don't even stop people! I ask them in passing out of respect for their time! And I've heard horror stories about the social scene there.

Great place to visit though.


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I'm sorry to hear that, but you've got the inner resource to do your own thing until your tribe comes along. Honestly, I feel the exact same way in Richmond. Just kind of isolated. I have met many people but they've all got their own tribes going on and it's just not the same.

Edit: I'm an Aquarius as well and I think that may be part of it. We're kind of known for doing our own thing. Still better with friends though!


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I kind of get it though. Rents and home prices have actually been skyrocketing, certainly by Richmond standards. And while the Baltimoreans on here may laugh when I mention crime...RVA really is no slouch. I hear gunshots all over the city all the time. Just in my experience I can tell you. The prices are getting to that tipping point where I'm beginning to question cost vs what you get. Another reason I'm looking at Baltimore. Yeah it's a little more expensive but it just seems like a better deal.


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Ahhhh gotcha, that makes more sense. From where I'm coming from, at least there's *something.* The driving ain't even that big a deal to me just because of the spread-out Sunbelt areas where I've lived, but I also understand that it can get taxing after a while. Thank you for the advice!


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It is but I've also done it on a few other occasions so I'm not super intimidated by that. And thank you for the offer! I'm still in the researching phase but my lease is up this summer so by then I'll know if I'm going to pull the trigger. I'll also be in the area fairly soon to scout places out and I'd love to meet up!