AWrenchAndTwoNuts t1_jdtq5pf wrote

Ya we blew past 24 hours earlier today. They are apparently sticking to the Monday at 8pm thing pretty hard, we are still without power.

It's not like the pipes will freeze or anything but the house is at 51 degrees and we are heading into night number 2 without heat. Everyone is bundled up, I think every blanket in the house has been deployed at this point. Even that really ugly one that someone's great aunt gave us as a wedding gift 10 years ago.

Sorry Aunt Edith, even if we never loved the gift we certainly appreciate it now.


AWrenchAndTwoNuts t1_jdrzezc wrote

Sigh......... I will have to ferry everyone to the grandparents later today for baths and showers. My wife and I both have staggered 10 hour days tomorrow and neither one of us work at a place where we can just call off either......... Well I mean we could but she does taxes and it's the busy season for our customers so while I could call off the only person we would be screwing over would be ourselves.


AWrenchAndTwoNuts t1_jdrvns3 wrote

Ya the Monday evening estimate was pretty awesome. That would be more than 48 hours for us.

We also have electric hot water and the house is on well water. The natives are already getting restless, I can't imagine what another day of no heat or water will be like. Especially getting ready for school and work.