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OK, keep the "hustle," but skip the yard work. If cashflow is your goal, focus on any special marketable education or skills you have. Graphic design? Programming?

If you don't have any particular educational or professional background, I'd recommend sales. If you're good at that, you can always make money. Car lots are almost always hiring sales people. The sales world is pretty aggressive and very much "I don't care what you did last month, how have you made me money lately?" But if you can handle it and be as aggressive as they are, there's a lot of up-side.


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A Barbour waxed canvas coat will last forever. They require some care unlike anything else I own, y'know, 'cause it's the only garment I own that needs wax reapplied periodically, but it ages like a fine antique and is built to last.


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People who send a message in Slack/Teams/Skype/WhatsApp that just says "hi" then wait for me to acknowledge before continuing. Biatch, it's an asynchronous messenger. All you're doing is making me watch InconsiderateBiatch999 is typing... for a minute to find out why you messaged me.



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Probably parent's account. 21 year olds aren't well-known for their wisdom. Besides, even if I don't make my kid directly wealthy, I can solidify my own future so I never become a burden on them. Then I can use any extra to help where I can.


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I'm fine doing rounding for the final total. Cheese can still be 6.99 and lunch meat can be 7.49, then when we add it all up, maybe $1 is close enough for a cash transaction. Or maybe we want to still use quarters. Electronic payments can stay ±1¢ because there's no additional cost or inconvenience.

The point is: pennies are stupid. In 1900, they made sense, but that's because in modern terms, you could buy as much for 3¢ as you can for a dollar today.


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"Follow your dreams" is too simple, and it can lead to some pretty bad and unfulfilling outcomes. The problem is "Define your dream, then carefully articulate what you're willing to give up to get it and for how long, then follow your dream, but note what developments should cause you to immediately stop" can't be stitched on a pillow as easily.