AhhBisto t1_je9rfza wrote

I'm enjoying it, the bid to reunite the clans and retake Mandalore is really interesting to me and I can see the massive issues that will arise from it eventually and how Din will likely be forced from his own clan too.

The Grogu situation feels like it has reached an impasse currently but that's fine as the show doesn't have to be solely about unearthing the mysteries of Baby Yoda.

I do wonder though given the cameo in the new episode and the bit in the first episode with Grogu if they may alienate people who haven't seen Rebels but that's probably the only thing that occurs to me.


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They didn't need a cast of stars, they just needed people who could act and they got exactly that.

Given the size of the show and the multi-season commitment it got from Amazon, it would probably take an actor like 7 or 8 months of the year to film an entire season and big stars probably don't want to dedicate years or their careers to a show like that.

Just look at Henry Cavill, he binned The Witcher pretty much so he had time to do new Superman movies.